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  1. We were on a B2B in August 2019 in Europe and found the ship in good shape without complaints.
  2. Thank you for your review we have the Edge booked for April. Open minded about the Infinite Veranda, I do think as you described it is actually a Ocean view with a window that opens. I does not seem it is possible like other ships to sit on the Veranda, close the drapes and keep the air conditioning going in the room.
  3. I have inquired if I could use Non-Refundable OnBoard Credit for future deposits, a number of times when I booked on board. Years ago I was able to use NR OBC to buy Passages Certificates for some future cruises. Not sure if they still offer those. I wouldn't buy those certificates again if they did as it was difficult to use them. The most recent time I inquired about NR OBC for deposit was this last summer. Each time the answer was no. If it is possible to use NR OBC, I have not been able to for future deposits.
  4. My thoughts are that chasing points by taking an "Extra" cruise, really is not a goal worth pursuing on strictly a points basis. I would suggest that any cruise that is "Extra" is great. If your in to the cruise experience, then a side benefit of hitting the next tier, and getting a few benefits is nice, yet focus on the points is not anyways for us, why we reached Elite Plus. Chasing Zenith is not a goal either, it would be nice as it would suggest we have cruised more which we enjoy strictly for the experiences. Your mileage or preferences may vary.
  5. Infinity had the paper straws this summer. The quality of paper straw chosen by Celebrity did impart a taste to the drink and if you were slowly drinking they tended to come apart. The previous plastic straws were provided in your drink with the paper still on the sipping end. The papers do not and are just in a bin. Less hygienic. Now that we know, we can decide if we want to bring our own straws. Mirage
  6. We have booked GTY and received a cabin assignment within hours, to a time we received the cabin assignment when we arrived at the pier. So it depends. Mirage
  7. Were on a B2B on Infinity starting July 27th. Infinity is in good shape, well maintained. A bit of wear, but did not cause any concerns. Mirage
  8. Last Month on Infinity Go Pro7 Silver and Black - US retail price. You can do better onshore and use gopro trade up for $100 of any digital camera.
  9. Hertz is close to the train station in Civitavecchia. Same street. Just drop car walk short distance to train station. Buy your tickets in the building next to train station. That is where the city bus leaves from to the port entrance. When you get to port entrance. Free bus from port entrance to your ship.
  10. Just off the ship there a few weeks ago. Take the free bus from the ship to the entrance to the port. Buy a ticket there for the bus to the train station. Just a few Euros if I recall. About 5-10 minutes to the train station. Very easy, have done that many times. Mirage
  11. We have had a GTY cabin, without cabin assignment. Was curious about that, yet didn't worry about it. When we arrived at the pier we received the cabin number and it was the category we booked. Mirage
  12. Just off Infinity CC host is David. Mirage
  13. It is a great sail away when you leave San Juan. Forts are lit up as you pass by Old San Juan. As stated Starboard side as you exit the harbor is the City Side. Mirage
  14. Just off b2b on Infinity. Smoking side of Promenade had the orange overstuffed round seating and a few chairs. Did not look at the other side of the Promenade , so not sure if seating there. Mirage
  15. The headline with the word ripoff – may of caused the consternation. I was in Corfu two weeks ago on Celebrity. May I suggest for others who wish to go into Corfu from the port, here is the summation of the research. If you want to walk along the pier from the ship docked at the end of the pier to the port gate that works. The port also runs an occasional shuttle from ships docked at the end to the pier to the port gate. Go out of the port gate across the parking lot. There you will find the city bus stop. If I recall it is the 2B line. Ticket for 5 Euros each was an all day ticket. You can take the bus to the old city entrance walk around Corfu and catch the bus from San Rocco Square back to the new port. Then walk along the entrance to the port gate. There they have security you go thru, wait for inter port bus or walk along the pier back to ship. If you want offline assistance on your smart phone an app called maps.me works great to help you navigate around Corfu or many other places. Of course google maps works if you have a data plan for Greece and shows you bus stops and routing and allows an offline experience if you have downloaded the maps. The OP was maybe just frustrated and did not have the research at hand. Knowledge makes life easier. Thinking you paid too much – exasperates. Mirage
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