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  1. We're booked on Feb 21st out of PR. I'm thinking at this point it's probably PR telling Carnival that they won't be sailing from there until Sept 2021. If it's eventually cancelled, this will be the 4th one we've lost to the virus... ugh. Looking at the PR restrictions, the cruise ports are closed with no date for re-opening. All travelers upon entrance need a negative covid test within the past 72 hours to avoid quarantine... facemasks required in public... Not looking good.
  2. Actually it kind of does appear / disappear. There is no specific amount of money that exists in the US or in the world for that matter. It continues to change on a daily basis on bank activity, world financial brokers, Federal Reserve Board, stock market price fluctuations, etc. When one hears of the economy shrinking or expanding, that basically means the amount of money in the system is getting bigger or larger. If we were on the gold standard, there would be a set amount of money in the country.
  3. Not to get into an argument, but the latest CDC and WHO guidance actually says that people should NOT wear masks in public, unless you are a nurse working on a covid patient. With all the misinformation coming from the "world health experts"over the course of this pandemic, I for one, am not going to condemn anyone for not wearing a mask.
  4. No it does not unfortunately. Like everything else with this virus, it is up to the whim of the governor / mayors. Here is the actual text. Travelers from Areas of Substantial Community Spread The executive orders issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis that require travelers from areas with substantial community spread of the virus, including the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area, to quarantine for 14 days, or for the duration of their presence in the state, whichever is shorter, are still in effect. Airport screenings and roadside checkpoints are set up to check for potential COVID-19 cases. The checkpoints do not apply to persons involved in commercial activity or to students traveling for the purpose of academic work, internships, sports training or any other activity or program approved by the educational institution. For more information, see executive orders 20-80, 20-82, 20-139 and this FAQ, or call the Florida Department of Health at 1 (866) 779-6121.
  5. I just looked at the current Florida quarantine and there actually is an exception. The way the rule reads is that travelers into the state are quarantined for 14 day OR until they leave the state. I would assume leaving the state via cruise ship would satisfy that requirement. Presumably one would be required to self-quarantine in a hotel until embarkation.
  6. I wouldn't necessarily put too much stock in the capacity control bucket myself. I am sure there is some truth that certain sailings are almost guaranteed to have reduced numbers of traveler onboard; however, I'm pretty confident that there are some more cancellations coming as well. A poster in another thread mentioned their sailing is no longer available for booking and they cancelled their flight purchased through Carnival, even though the flight itself is not cancelled. That seems like a clear cut indicator that specific cruise will be cancelled. The other indicator (to me at least) is that last week most ships were available, but now there are very few available. If it were due to capacity control, I would expect a more gradual reduction in available bookings, not a wholesale stop. Also just saw in the Norwegian board, the exact same thing is happening there as well.
  7. I get that for sure. There were numerous threads in April / May when the cancellations were occurring about people immediately disputing charges and they were initially successful. I just wanted to point out they may not be successful now.
  8. I can help you with a portion of your question. If you decide to dispute, you can simply look up the transaction on your statement and call your bank. The description shows the party that processed the transaction and the bank knows that. You just need to tell them the amount and date. A dispute / chargeback may not work. I had a June cruise (that I am supposed to be on right now) cancelled and we selected the cash refund option. I disputed the transaction with my Chase (credit card). They promptly issued me a credit on my account. However a few days ago, Chase re-posted the transaction back onto my card balance without any notification. So apparently NCL somehow fought it and won. Bottom line if you do dispute, you may win, you may not.
  9. Good afternoon. A little background before my question. We originally booked a cruise in April for 2 of us which was paid in full. We paid $1,136.94 which included prepaid tips in the amount of $139.90. Right before that cruise was cancelled, we cancelled that and re-booked to an August cruise out of San Juan. When we booked the 2nd cruise, we put an additional cash deposit down of $198.00. So we have put in a total of $1,334.94. After we booked, the price of the cruise went down and we received an OBC for price protection. As a result of the first cancellation, we were offered a $300 OBC (5 days) for re-booking. Looking at my invoice for the August cruise, we are currently showing a $300 OBC but I believe it should be more. Now to make matters worse (or maybe easier) the August cruise is cancelled and we will be re-booking again to a cruise next year. Carnival is now offering $600 OBC for 7 day cruises. I understand I will not get the original $300 offer plus the $600 offer but I think getting shorted some OBC. Am I wrong in thinking that the total value of my FCC, account credit, whatever you want to call it should be $1,934.94 ($1,136.94 paid + $198 add pmt + $600 obc offer)? My August cruise invoice shows $1044.72 plus $300 obc. It looks like they reduced the original OBC cancellation credit from my OBC from the price reduction, even though we paid cash. I hope that makes sense.
  10. he can't because it doesn't exist. He has it backwards.
  11. NOTHING is ironclad. Kids won't even be going to school in the fall full-time in Ohio and they're talking about college football not having fans in the stands. It's Possible.
  12. Thanks for the updated numbers. I wasn't able to read the article and the number I quoted was from a couple weeks ago and was approximate. I know Carnival was $900mm per month. NCL must have made significant changes. thank you.
  13. It is good news, but not great news. Considering that I read an article where NCL stated the cost to keep their ships afloat during the pandemic was something like $500mm a month. This cash infusion would only cover 4 months or so, not taking into account any customer cruise deposit returns from cancellations.
  14. Stock prices themselves have NO impact on liquidity for the company. You're confusing the cause for the effect. The CAUSE of the lowering stock prices is because of the lack of cash. The low stock price does not cause a reduction of cash.
  15. I never said they weren't in dire straights. The comment I referred to was that buying stock in NCL is giving them cash.... it doesn't. NCL doesn't get one red cent of cash from a stock purchase, unless it's an IPO, which they do not.
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