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  1. Why is it that people smoke when the science says it's bad for one's health? why....why...why? Every one of us takes certain risks that other people wouldn't dare take. Some people pay money to mitigate some risk, others don't think it's worth it. It is not the end of the world if a person gets left in a mexican hospital without a passport. They will get home. It'll take a couple days.
  2. Not disingenuous at all. When you buy a passport, you pay for the entire cost upfront. For a family of 4, that is $600 out of pocket right now.... plus the cost of the cruise. My point was not to argue that a passport is not ideal because it is. My point is 1) There are situations where it might not make sense to get passports and 2) the fee is upfront and can be cost prohibitive for some.
  3. You can't pay $15 this year, $15 the next.... etc. It's $150 up front for each person. It's a little ridiculous for a family of 4 going on a quick 4 day cruise to the Bahamas costing $800 to put out $600 for passports for one trip. Everybody has a different situation. A passport is not a one size fits all thing.
  4. The article is VERY poorly written. The mother said she wasn't leaving the ship because she didn't want to be stranded then turns around and says they went to the US embassy. She made the decision to not go to a hospital. The lack of a passport had nothing to do with it. The US embassy would have gotten her and her child clearance to travel when he was better. It would have only take a day or two. I agree that a passport is the best way to establish your identity, but it's not the end of the world if you don't have it. There will be an inconvenience but it's not like you can never get back into the US without it.
  5. It's not $15 a year, it's a one time $150. there's a HUGE difference to some people, especially when you have 3 or 4 to buy.
  6. Washing your hands and not touching your mouth is great advice, however; the masks are virtually worthless with this virus and the coronavirus is spread airborne also. Washing hands won't help that.
  7. I'm not sure I understand the need for the spreadsheet. Just figure general drinks are about $10 a pop and beer around $6. That'll get you close enough to determine if it's worth buying the package.
  8. Never seen it open for embarkation day. NCL does though.
  9. This is incorrect. US citizens are not required to have the Real ID by 10/1/20. It is required only for domestic air travel. When i renewed my license, I was given the option to go with standard DL or the Real ID. I opted for standard. It expires way after 10/1/2020. Either way I personally think it's ridiculous to require (basically) a passport for a domestic flight.
  10. As a couple said, I don't think you can do the caves. They are guided tours that take off at predetermined times and can get quite busy at times with extended waits for tours. The rest is doable. One option if you're taking the ferry to Hamilton is to take a taxi or mini-bus from Hamilton over to Horseshoe Bay Beach. It is absolutely beautiful and they did have refreshment service when we were there in May. Don't forget that the dockyard area has some nice shops and restaurants. It also has one of the coolest putt putt courses I've ever seen. I don't play putt putt at all but that place is pretty cool.
  11. Let her be a no show. Do not cancel the 2nd person. Even though you originally booked as a solo and paid double the rate, you are no longer in that category. According to Carnival, each of you paid half of the total cost. If you cancel her, they COULD charge her a penalty for the cost of her portion of the cruise. Now you are solo and they could come back and charge you for the solo supplement. The chances aren't high that they would do that, but legally they could. I've also read about someone it happened to.
  12. Do NOT cancel the person. If you cancel that person, Carnival will keep that person's cruise fare as a penalty. Now that you are solo, you would be subject to the solo supplement, which would be the same price as the person who cancelled. Basically if you cancel, they could end up charging you again for the 2nd berth. The best option would be to see if you can get a different person and do a name change, even for a fee.
  13. Oh come on.... There is no question that dangling a baby out a window 150 feet above pavement is criminally negligent behavior. Comparing the tossing of a baby in the air to dangling the baby out a high window??? That's ridiculous.
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