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  1. Then change appliance to airline ticket. I know one airline that will give you credit (to be used within 1 yr of original purchase) if you notify them you found they offered it for a lower price. Most airlines I do not expect do this. Not in my experience. Since one can lock in the price of a cruise with a deposit, and not have to pay more if it goes up, why should you also get the benefit if it goes down. You can cancel and rebook if it is that much cheaper.
  2. Not everyone who is exposed to something will come down with it. That is the nature of different immune systems. Otherwise everyone would be sick most of the time. My husband had the flu. I did not. No special precautions taken. I have good genes. 🙂
  3. Carnival is what I was referring to with “purchase option to get a better price”. While I have not used it, so could be incorrect, I understand there is a separate fare for early saver which entitles the buyer to any price drops in exchange for partially non refundable deposit.
  4. Complaining bitterly and aggressively is a sure way to NOT get what you ask for. Civility and courtesy will get you much further. If I buy a washer and a month (or a year) later it goes on sale, should I get the sale price? It is ridiculous to think the cruise purchase should be any different. But in fact it is for many people who purchase with the option to get a lower price, or who find the lower price before final payment. If the rules are different for cruise pricing in your country, I still doubt you would get a different consideration for any consumer purchase. Do you also complain and pay the difference when the price increases?
  5. Neither do the posts predicting doom which could happen but has probably not. Can you point me to your source where this has actually happened. How often. Do those of you who consider what is the worst that could happen and plan for it now plan for quarantine? More than taking extra meds. BTW we have passports but I consider what is the worst that could happen and how likely is it to happen and already had a passport for foreign air travel so not a problem.
  6. Absolutely true. Does that mean they should? Lots of people never pay their bills. File bankruptcy and move on. Live off our taxes when they get old. It costs us all when people don’t have sufficient retirement funds to support themselves. Yup. A few people have learned how to turn things around after being up to their ears in debt but as you said the number living in debt is quite high. I guess I have just seen too many people I grew up around being supported by the state in retirement homes while my parents saved enough to be able to pay the nursing home before they spent on extras. Apparently they were the dumb ones. Self respect is worth a lot.
  7. If they are consistently living in debt (and we have established that your primary residence does not factor in), they shouldn’t—at least not spending what a cruise costs. I think the travel industry will do just fine when you realize the higher discretionary spending now allowed by people who did not spend their lives on borrowed funds.
  8. Have only been on Horizon and was hesitant to go due to large number of passengers. Found the lanai so deserted I thought we had a private yacht. The only place we ran into crowds more than on any other ship was the comedy club. Yes, there was a long line but all the people in line got in. Usually waited 15 minutes and got choice of seats. Could have come in later and still decent seats. Very few bad seats. I would much rather wait in line a bit and have the fantastic comedians they had than walk in anytime like we recently did on Legend. There were four different comedians, one of which was really good. But they all did just one family and one adult show. They repeated the same shows the next evening. The usual lines anywhere else
  9. You need more than your good looks and regular ID. Legally.
  10. But you would not know for sure that you were not infected until the end of the quarantine/incubation period. Testing done too early can be negative and become positive later. And if you were truly not infected, why move to another quarantine facility? If the quarantine is not for the benefit of those onboard, and not trying to stop infection on the ship (absolutely ridiculous statement) why confine to cabins and separate people. Sure, it will stop all the infected from going ashore but do you think they are just keeping everyone on the ship until everyone gets it? If they were not trying to stop it on the ship, there would be no quarantine. They would want it to spread as quickly as possible. Way too many people do not understand about incubation periods or testing timing. As evidenced by all the comments whenever there is a new case diagnosed that quarantine will need to start over with another 2 weeks. New cases a few days into quarantine and so many start their tirade of “quarantine doesn’t work!!!” Good point.
  11. Sorry, it is not reforming someone to tell them what you will not put up with. They can still act as they want, but you will not be there. It is amazing how much difference it makes when one uses “I” statements, as in “I get uncomfortable when you do this”. Rather than “You make me uncomfortable when you do that”. It does work but most people put up their defenses before speaking and wonder why people continue doing what they do. And you have already lost half the argument when you call them an idiot.
  12. And some of us try to solve problems and get along with people. Not just toss them aside. Speak to them before the cruise then.
  13. You can deal with people like that constructively, without cutting them out of your life forever, or even for the length of a cruise. It can be effective to positively but quietly state that you love them but are not comfortable being in their presence when they speak about XYZ——unless they are willing to listen to other opinions. Tell them the confines of a cruise in particular exacerbate the problem and you will walk away if they continue after being asked to stop. Then do it! You might be surprised how effective that can be—-even if you might have to leave the dinner table. It is amazing how much even the thickest of heads notice and change. Now some of you will ask “why should I have to leave the table”? While that doesn’t exactly seem “fair”, you can’t really expel them and it does work. Miss one dinner or spend the entire cruise, and after, feeling resentful.
  14. Sorry. Apparently when I read NBT saying any mode of contact should be considered, I was still thinking about the comments of others feeling transmission could be accomplished in ridiculous ways such as traveling through ventilation systems. Direct contact is one thing while third hand or days later is less likely. And yes, I am somewhat informed from spending years in a virus research lab.
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