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  1. There are two MDR on the Horizon. The aft (Meridian?) both levels used for YTD. You check in on deck five at a desk not at the dining room entrance and they will tell you which level to go to, or check in on the App. Not sure if you can just go to the dining room and check in--probably. Mid ship MDR (Reflections?) is used for set time dining.
  2. Fair enough but if they have read all the comments, they would know. But, as we know, many people don't read through. Additionally, "passport" means the original (to most people) and "copy of passport" means a Xerox or photocopy--paper or electronic. With birth certificate there enters some confusion as you can have a "copy" or a "certified copy" which sometimes get used interchangeably--or understood interchangeably.
  3. Well of course, Not JUST a copy. In addition to passport rather than taking BC and an electronic copy of BC along as suggested by others
  4. We just take a copy of passport—which also goes ashore with us instead of the passport.
  5. You don’t live in MN where it also took 3 months to get my DL (enhanced—this the ID requirements). Believe me I argued with them about the passport being proof of BC after two months had gone by before they told me that.
  6. Why would you take a birth certificate if you have a passport? Much less also electronic form to have someone print out. There’s over-kill and there’s ..............
  7. You can do it at checkin. Usually no lines either
  8. I say cash account and then add them at check in. Seldom a line for that these days with the instant checkin if using cc. You can always add cc then too.
  9. I find the provided liquid just fine for my hair. But I never use conditioner and use the soap dispenser at the gym. I have straighter hair that doesn’t tangle and I don’t abuse it with perms, treatments, or hot irons anymore. I color it myself which actually makes it softer. Everyone differs
  10. Correct but—women’s swim suits do not have pockets and about 1% of cruisers carry a purse or fanny pack. I hate lanyards so carry my card on a wristlet coil. Very easy to use for the door or remove for purchases.
  11. Didn’t you just ask this question on Thurs and got answers? I’m a planner too but over planning every detail will drive you crazy and diminish the fun. Go with the flow a little and have a good cruise. The other 7 will thank you for it.
  12. After closer look, I am wondering if the price match you suggested would work. Carnival exc says “speedboat for 30 minute ride on the new river lagoon”. That does not sound like what I have heard it was previously or the site you posted. Maybe we will just go to Xuantunich if the river portion has changed for Lamanai. Anyone taken either of these excursions recently and can comment?
  13. Well that would be silly but Carnival rules or Carnival following federal law doesn’t matter. Some people just seem to think they are above it. I’m special, therefore............
  14. This thread is getting WAY off topic. You are not going to change Carnival’s rules about smoking on the ship.
  15. Thanks. Probably easier these days to move between tables as well with gratuities not having to be handed to “your” wait team on the last night. Can’t count on our TA for anything but maybe I can get the bride to push her a little.
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