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  1. Even though most people tip on the total amount, your in-laws are correct
  2. But OP did NOT ask for medical advice. They asked for experiences on a cruise. Notice no one has experienced the problem from a cruise ship water source in spite of all the warnings of how awful and unsanitary they are. People just started making up their own medical advice. I would guess that first hand experience would be as informative as a Guatemalan physician
  3. OP asked a simple question because they didn’t know the answer. No need to attack. Yet several responders gave tips for how to skirt the rules to make it happen. Lie about an early flight, take someone else’s platinum tags, etc, etc.
  4. Our balcony for Jan 4 people $2474. Booked in June
  5. Thanks. Guess I'll have to be patient and wait for the bride to notify us of the procedure.
  6. We will be wedding guests for a wedding taking place on the ship before sailing. I know we are to be able to board early for this. Will there be notification of this on the boarding info we print so we will be allowed in the proper line at the port? Or do they have a list of names and you have to ask? I was just assuming it would be printed on our passes but it is not there yet. Wondering if bride has not yet submitted list of names to Carnival and if that will trigger notification. Still 90 days out. What have been others experiences?
  7. If the hook isn’t working for you and you want to hang it on the outside of the bathroom door——loop a piece of string in the hook and loop/tie the other ends over the door and attach to the hook on the inside. Piece of string takes up much less space/weight than command or magnets. Store sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, S&S card
  8. Hopefully it will be up to the Carnival planner to get it noted on our checkin paperwork so we are allowed in the proper line. TA not so reliable.
  9. Just checked in at 11:01 last night CDT for our Jan 5 cruise out of Tampa and the earliest time was 11:30. We are supposed to check in with a wedding party so should be earlier but I wanted to get a time locked in just in case the TA continues her lack of attention and doesn’t get us priority boarding.
  10. They are in a balcony so interiors would be a huge step down. We have four in a balcony coming up. First two fares were $700 plus each, 3 and 4 were $139 each. Worth it to us. Agree you need to check fares both ways as sometimes two interiors are not muck more than four in one.
  11. I was referring to my gym which requires swim suits. I usually don’t wear a suit on the ship but don’t flaunt it either. I’ll walk to the shower naked but wrap a towel around waist and another draped over neck for sauna. I’m female and, yes, over 65. 😀
  12. That might require a degree in common sense.
  13. We have always sat with strangers in the MDR at a large table. People would move around every night. Couples still sat together but sometimes wife on one side of hubby and sometimes the other. Much easier to converse with others this way. No one ever complained or left because of it. But then we were not the rude self centered people who had to have the same chair every night.
  14. You have no idea how up tight most women are about nudity. At my gym, I frequently see women enter the shower booth fully clothed, shower, and dress before coming out. Me? I have no problem and don’t worry about what others think. I bothers me though that we must wear a swim suit in the steam room—even if you cover up with a towel. Prudish.
  15. OMG! I had no idea the gravity of the situation. If the guide asks people to return to the same seat—do so. Otherwise sit where you want as it does not matter to the guide. So there is a chain reaction. Doesn’t bump someone out the back door and as you said, you will arrive at the same time.
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