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  1. 9 people get sick instead of 23. That is a 60% reduction (effectiveness). Makes no difference if it is 9 in 1000 or 9 in 50. The reduction is the same.
  2. Good. Let’s set aside a day next week and do that. You know that your plan would need to have EVERYONE tested at once or you still would not know. We test asymptomatic people here. And if you also want to know who has had it, that is another test. So two tests per person. Maybe we need a day and a half.
  3. Not everyone needs to have access to a vaccine for the cruise lines to require vaccination to cruise. As long as a vaccine is available and some people have gotten it, they would be allowed to cruise under that requirement. When enough vaccinated people were interested in cruising, the ships could sail. It doesn’t mean that you or I would have to be able to get vaccinated before cruising could resume. Vaccines will be available before 2022 but how many will get them is questionable. That isn’t the only way cruising can resume either, unless people with higher powers than CC posters decide so.
  4. That is what the headlines would have people believe, and most do. But the article in our paper with the headline that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally caused 260,000 cases contained these details. That number was arrived at by a study which tracked phone data and all the subsequent positive cases in the resident counties of attendees were attributed to them, even if they hadn’t yet returned home. The article goes on to give actual numbers attained through competent contact tracing. When I add those up from the individual states, it came to 287 cases almost a month after the rally ended. Off by a factor of 1000 but a great sensational headline to get people up in arms. We need to blame someone.!!!
  5. Nor 12 apparently? What day did they test positive and had they left quarantine before that? It sounds like at least three people all tested neg twice before all three tested pos?
  6. That was just right. Pick out what you need in a complete sentence—or more. Agree with you especially when a quote includes a bunch of pics.
  7. July report says as high as 350 but that is still only .7%. I would bet a normal year sees at least half that. It is sad but our city of less than 100K saw 7 closures in the few months before Covid. FYI it would help if you quoted more than a word or two when responding to keep things in context. You can underline or bold if you think necessary.
  8. Or you could get vaccinated too and statistically cut your chances to 25%. Funny how some will say they have a RIGHT to not be vaccinated and go anywhere will claim someone else has no right to forego a mask.
  9. The absurdity of the 1 in 71 is about as believable as the tooth fairy. I have seen more evidence of a tooth fairy though. As I read that reference, you are right and their authors reviewed 52 studies but only included results from 25 using inactivated influenza. The studies were from the 1969-2009 time period. Pretty suspect using that to support a reason to not vaccinate today. I don’t believe that influenza vaccine was only 1.4% effective from 1969-2009. And even if it were, that has no bearing on today when effectiveness rates vary from 50-over70%. Add to that the fact that of those vaccinated people who do become ill, the symptoms are usually less severe.
  10. You’re right and that covers most of everything. Even the long lines at guest services that with distancing you will never be able to tell where the end is. 😂 Maybe the balcony experience will be unchanged?
  11. As I said earlier, the link YOU posted. Done with this questioning by you and NBT of quotes from printed material being told they are my erroneous opinion. The CDC may be correct or incorrect but as I said, I quoted them. It is not my opinion. Our local expert is not publishing on the current vaccines as that would obviously be premature. Info based on interviews and common knowledge in the labs here. Good night. Sleep well.
  12. Desperate belief? I said I don’t know one way or the other. Same can be said for you. I quoted the CDC. Sure, they seem to contradict themselves but no more value can be placed on one statement than on another in that case. Again, they said it, not me. I pay attention to the world renowned vaccinologist at my place of employment. He’s kind of a medical expert!
  13. Read to the end. I didn’t make up that quote.
  14. The quote you are questioning was from the CDC TODAY. No reason to put a date on it 8 or more months in advance if there is not reasonable expectation of a vaccine. We all know pigs will never fly but no one knows that millions of doses of a viable vaccine will absolutely not be available this year. Maybe there won’t be—maybe there will. I don’t really care. I’ll get it when I can and live my life building my immunity until then. Too many Debbie Downers around here.
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