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  1. That is just a dumb statement. Substitute “old” with any other protected class of people and you would get banned.
  2. My question was mostly rhetorical since I know about etiquette now and would not expect people to change. Just pointing out additional problems with the system. I’ll bet you can’t find one person on the Horizon who needs extra space that enters more than one number. Exactly. But I was also pointing out that the way the system was demonstrated, the elevator was announced after each entry. Thus if the system thought the elevator was full, it would assign some in the party to a second elevator. And if there was room to squeeze into the first elevator, do we think they would wait because it wasn’t their assigned elevator.?? Bad system——for a cruise ship. Does anyone here really think this will deter any mischief makers? Kids are not dumb. Just stand at a pad and call elevators for multiple people going to multiple floors. This actually makes it easier in that they don’t even have to enter an elevator to push buttons. That’s why it would work fine in a hotel. One or two people on an elevator. Not 20 people waiting on one floor.
  3. How does the system know if you need room for a scooter or stroller? The video showed him being advised after each entry on the pad which elevator to wait for. So if you have 4 people and the first three entries fill up an elevator, does the fourth person have to wait for another elevator. Can’t see that happening either.
  4. I guess 20/20 Vision wouldn’t work. 😊
  5. Lay the largest piece flat on the bed and continue stacking others on top. Then start folding by turning in the sleeves of the top piece. Continue with the piece under that and fold the sleeves over the first piece. When all are folded in this manner, fold up from the bottom to make a small bundle which will fit into a space bag and expel the air. Very hard to explain without pics but really easy and wrinkle free if done properly. Back when formal wear was expected on a cruise, my family went to AK for a tour/cruise. Using this method, this bag was sealed and carried around for 10 days in a suitcase before getting on the ship. When opened---not one wrinkle. See method above and enough formal wear for a family of four will fit in two of those medium size bags. That used to work occasionally if someone arrived with a personal item which was the size of a carry-on plus their carry-on. They would be asked to check one free of charge. May still happen if crew feels there is not enough space for all carry-ons but with the addition of fees for bags, I have read airline policies which state they will charge for gate checking bags. This would probably be true on any airline when they realized you were doing it on purpose to escape fees. It is not acceptable in that case. You can volunteer but they can still charge you.
  6. I can accumulate points by logging into aarp but still cannot log in to rewards to enter promo codes or redeem. Was wondering if I needed to call them again but if others are still locked out, I’ll wait a while longer.
  7. “Dismiss every incident......”. Those are your words, not mine! But based on personal experience roughly 90% of those claims reveal a belligerent “victim”. Yes, probably most people in Denmark can make a rational decision but the previous poster from Denmark did not.
  8. But don’t you see—-this is the way to do things now. Then you can claim brutality and profiling. Too many young people are being taught to act this way. Then people in Denmark read the news and think law enforcement is evil.
  9. Everything you read on here will be contradicted at some point. I read just as much that crew does indeed receive these tips, as well as those paid on board. There may be some question as to what happens when you tip one crew member in person. It is mind boggling to me that random cruisers (not aimed at you for asking) seem to think they are better suited to determine distribution of tips than the cruise lines who know exactly what each crew member does, as well as their base salary and face to face interaction with guests. It does remove the incentive for better service, but equalizes the playing field for those behind the scenes workers. Stories of crew accounts are just that—stories. Many crew members will tell you what they think you want or need to hear. If they didn’t get all those tips the company says they do, do you really think they would continue employment? Tip extra if you want for special service. Nothing against that.
  10. Mine came with card orders. I don’t need more emails so haven’t signed up for them
  11. My point total also reduced and still locked out. However, I had about 425 points before and now have 2800 so maybe I get points every time I check? Whatever. Just unlock it. I don’t need any cards probably in the next year but I have 3 new codes they have mailed me to enter and too many other stresses in life right now to deal with them too.
  12. I called just to ask if they had inventory not yet added to the availability. They did check and told me to keep checking as they may add in cancelations. Also told me no fee to cancel on board. All good to know.
  13. Normally do it all myself also as I do the research anyway but this time required I use that TA because of point usage. It would also have been a couple days after final pmt (I booked just before final pmt and don't cruise often enough to have cards on hand) so that may have been the reason. Just wish ecards had been available at the time. Got enough to use onboard and for excursions though so some savings.
  14. Unfortunately my TA said no. Can’t transfer since it is a membership and I used points for a reduced fare.
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