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  1. Kind of the same thing as passing each other in hallways. Except that most on here advocate for mask wearing in hallways where people are not breathing heavily like swimmers are. Hmmmm Masks are thankfully being done away with in our state as people realize the lunacy of things like mask on/mask off and wearing a mask for a 10 second encounter. Mask and distancing NOT required outdoors in crowds smaller than 500 people, vaccinated or not. Most people have not been wearing them anyway and infection rates are very low. Capacity limits removed for indoor venues and masks will not be required
  2. I am informed and anyone who actually listens to others and reads will experience comments about not wanting to get the vaccine if it means needing a booster every year.
  3. Thanks. I just didn’t have time to go back to it last night. And I don’t think I implied that he said there was absolutely no need for boosters.
  4. Sorry, unable to post a link but here is the title: Why vaccine demand is slowing: Q&A with Dr. Greg Poland published in postbulletin.com. You may have heard of the Mayo Clinic. They also developed a widely used PCR covid test. Yes better to be prepared for whatever comes along but many people hear that and are now convinced it is a given.
  5. In an interview published today with a leading vaccinologist, consultant to—not employee of—the major pharmaceutical companies, it is only big pharma who suggest booster shots. Scientists have seen no evidence of such a need. Perpetuating the booster shot rumor, false information, only supports hesitancy for vaccination. And the only similarity these vaccines have with flu vaccine is that they can both be administered with a needle. Lol BTW, the adjectives you repeatedly use to describe people who disagree with you reveal more about you than others. It’s not a positive picture. Anyone who
  6. Ignoring the snark, what’s your point? I’ve always been provided a breathing tube when snorkeling.
  7. Lol. I see reading comprehension is not your forte.
  8. The soapbox is permanently strapped on and has a loop recording.
  9. Sounds like a good idea. And the mask areas would be about the size of the current smoking areas when people have a choice.
  10. A very good reason not to submit to use of tracking systems (maybe you are required to?). I know of very few people who actually received a vaccine card around here. Just those who may have gone to a small local pharmacy. Not those at the hospital or clinics. It is in your electronic record. Period. I can print it out and call it a card I suppose.
  11. I can 100% guarantee that you are not. All of your past comments will confirm this. Your statements have been sort of like saying “I don’t like peanut butter” and “if I eat peanut butter, my throat will constrict and if untreated, I may die” are all the same. And by the way, serious issue and significant event which you use interchangeably are not the same.
  12. Thank you. The “my opinion is the only right one” folk’s comments are getting old. Not everyone finds mask wearing easy or even sensible in many situations where others seem to think them necessary. Wearing a mask is a “biggie” for many people and no one has a right to deny that. It is how they feel physically and emotionally.
  13. Or as recently has been happening the thread goes so far astray, they move on.
  14. Thanks to those others who replied. I have been offline for a few days. As mentioned, most stops are all day and all of those things can be done there. I loved Dominique for zip lining although I have done it many places. It is combined with obstacles such as cable walking and swing bridge type rope course. The final obstacle was a Tarzan like rope swing from a stand over to where you let go and grabbed onto a cargo net and climbed to the top. I was just under 70 when I did that along with my husband.
  15. I kind of like a mix of activities and we are both very active in our 70s. My retirement gift was to go skydiving. I love the architecture of Europe but museums for me start running together if too many in a short time. To each his own.
  16. Those are the truly boring ones who are unadventuresome. There are multitudes of adventures in the islands. Off reading on a 4-wheeler, jeeping down dirt roads, zip lining, obstacle courses, diving, cliff and rock climbing, mountain hiking, kayaking, horse back riding, motorcycling, just to name a few. There are also plenty of opportunities for museums, cultural tours, ruins, history. D
  17. Or maybe other folk realize where those flies have been walking earlier. They actually are attracted to dung. Love that on my meat.
  18. I would give the stand-in one day to correct this. Then her recourse is the email instructions. Go directly to the head of the agency and let them politely know you expect this to be corrected to your satisfaction.
  19. You criticize the CDC for too much information. Then you advocate for more transparency. Glad to see you are agreeing that more transparency is better, as we have been saying. Let people have the information and draw their own conclusions. Like I said, people need to understand that getting the vaccine does not immediately end all caution. BTW, that does not mean that I continue to wear a mask where it is not required. I continue with intelligent choices as I have for the past year..
  20. If everyone only got the message you want them to have, why would any of them even consider continuing vigilance? No need for a mask. No need to avoid large groups. No need for any precautions because “I am vaccinated and I and my community are fully protected”. Do you think the vaccines are 100% effective? If you only want a simple message by all means read the FDA piece. But please don’t assume the rest of us can’t handle a little more information. I read the scientific articles as well (40 years in medical research) but I don’t have the time to read everything and if someone intelligen
  21. I think a little proof reading is in order. And I think you just proved my point as well but it is hard to tell from that nonsense post.
  22. They have just ferreted out the naysayers referred to. The follow the science but don’t read it folk and those simply unable to change with the science. Travel is “officially” unrestricted in the US for vaccinated people (observing of course the transportation company rules). “Recommending” limiting to essential is simply a tool to stem the surge of travelers. Similar to the reason that vaccinated people are still required to mask up where masks are required of others—simply to avoid confrontations. People ignore how fast things change and how long it takes for a company to restart
  23. It happens all the time when roads are widened or new ones are put in. Farm lands are appropriated all the time in the US. My family had to build a new house because the highway dept wanted their land. My friend just lost their first farm to an interchange.
  24. We have that recommendation here as well.
  25. I guess I would rather be in a pharmacy if I were concerned where a pharmacist would certainly have quick access to an epi pen than a parking lot. How many cars were how many trained people watching over for instance. We were asked if we wished to stay or not. Optional at a huge medical facility.
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