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  1. It is very easy to find quiet and calm on any ship. Not so easy to find more lively activity on ships that are basically low key. Just returned from Carnival Caribbean cruise and barely even met the “fun squad”. We had family on this trip and spent lots of time with them while avoiding the crowds—except for the deck party dancing. Did not partake of the activities we usually do when we are alone. We are in our 70s and I think the OP would have a great time on Carnival if they want to.
  2. Please don’t call me a liar. I was stating what has happened to me. We did not search for or get a group rate. We had a few who chose a cruise and invited others to join (the group). I did not choose the TA. I would love to be able to cruise enough to get recommendations from others but that is not a reality. Consider yourself fortunate both in being able to cruise and in getting good deals. Enjoy. I’ll keep searching.
  3. Thank you for reposting this info. I was thinking I would have to do a search and find where you stated this previously but you beat me to it.
  4. Different entry points and even different inspectors at the same point will allow/disallow differently. Wow! Is that enough differences to explain all the above contradictions. 😉 Now, back to cruising.
  5. It is not dependent on nor an option of the cruise line. It is dictated by space and each ship is told what they need to do.
  6. Yes, either night as others have posted.
  7. Has anyone who sails once every couple of years for less than $2000 every gotten that 7-10% back? Those of you who are getting those breaks usually go on to indicate frequent cruises. Sure if you are going on several a year, even if some are low cost, you will get breaks.But I have talked to many TAs and not found one yet who will give a break on a single cruise. Did get $50 once though from a big box. Just returned from a cruise for which the TA booked 44 people in a group and we received a cocktail party from her on the last day of the cruise. They offered pre mixed rum punch, sex on the beach, and screwdrivers. That was it! I did not choose this TA but was forced to use her because of the nature of the group and she made many screw ups in spite of her claims of having booked lots of cruises. She will not be used again by any of us.
  8. Freeze them for several hours. Make them go to a special demo at 11pm
  9. I think if it were all YTD it would create a problem of too many wanting to go at the same time. Some people do want to know that they can go at a specific time and walk right in and have the same table. But as mentioned, you should be able to not choose anything and free up space for requests.
  10. Nephew emailed maitre’d last night for our sailing on Jan 5 (four days off) and received reply that his family of four is changed from late to YTD. I would email but also get reservations linked so that you can be together. Mention that in the email also.
  11. We are heading to the Rocky Point Holiday Inn later next week. Free airport shuttle, $10 shuttle to port. Room for four with breakfast $135 including tax. Water view suite for four, $160 all in.
  12. I have stayed there Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr on the beach or within half a block and never paid over $150. Clean, safe, quiet places. Some with free bfst. Use booking.com and last minute travel who you can negotiate with—cheaper as a member, and make a phone call.
  13. Thanks for the apology. That was the correct response.
  14. Nope. Color comes up on the screen before printing you know. So, how many other colors have people gotten? There should be quite a few on a large ship.
  15. Guess again. Next door means next door. Both balcony. My guess: color doesn’t mean much. In fact I don’t think I have ever had anything but red. Maybe it’s alphabetical. 😉
  16. Everything onboard reported yesterday in a previous post on this thread to be proceeding normally. I doubt that has changed.
  17. Upcoming cruise on Legend our tags are red and next door cabin friends have green. We are both forward of the forward elevators
  18. What info do you need to connect with someone? Name, cabin #, folio #?
  19. Thank you. Thank you. Exactly what I asked for—-how to get to the special waiting area inside. Very helpful as well Thanks for the details. Our ship has a chapel so it might be in there.
  20. Counting on my good looks. 😊 People should read before posting.
  21. Thank you. Exactly what I needed to know.
  22. Finally someone who understands the question. I checked the wedding boards but no activity there and this is specific to Carnival process. That is well understood. That is after they are checked in. The question is about checking in. Thank you. It sounds like the bride and groom need to assemble everyone somewhere and meet the wedding planner to check in. Those embarkation instructions seem to be missing at this point.
  23. TA booked the cruise and is saying she has nothing to do with boarding (passes) since as stated below, the bride gives a list of names to C. OK, they have a list. When I arrive at the port and my boarding pass has a time listed for 1:00, do I need to approach someone and tell them I am on a list to check in early? Will they have that list outside of check in? It should not be this hard. First time cruisers would not know to be proactive. They will go where told by the first person who sees their pass which may have an even later time listed and miss the wedding entirely. I am asking why the boarding pass would not have priority printed on it to get people to the proper line. I would like to hear from someone who has been in early boarding for a wedding.
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