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  1. Actually I don't think they did any research finding this TA. It was just the most convenient location for them. Carnival does all the actual wedding arrangements, not the TA. Dining is not as a group. Group amenities are "yet to be determined". That is pretty vague.
  2. Have usually booked my own cruises with my VIFP rate but have been invited to a wedding cruise with a suggested TA. Her rate is a little better than I can get (and there will be some yet to be determined amenities) but I am wondering what the downside might be of a group rate. I know I will have to work through her for any changes but I usually don't have any. What about price drops? She says the deposit is fully refundable so not ES. Anything else I should be aware of or ask about before booking. She also has group rate for double occupancy but said she would have to call at the time of booking if 3/4 people so not sure if same rules would apply. Not sure I would choose her for a TA if I were looking but she was chosen for us.
  3. Just off Horizon end of April and never once went to a show or comedy club more than 15 minutes early, usually only 10. Just the two of us but only one time had a bad seat. That was still in the second row but the comedian stood in a strange place on the stage and a post blocked my view part of the time. There were usually looooonnnnng lines for the late comedy shows but we just waited until all those people went in before we arrived. Always seats left and never more than six rows back from the front. Very seldom a line for dining and moved quickly if there was. Worst line was for gelato when it wasn’t quite ready. 🙂
  4. Thanks for all the support. Guess I’ll give it a try. Hadn’t planned on needing gift cards so soon but just received a wedding invitation for on board ship in Jan. Can’t pass that up!
  5. I’ll be calling when they are open on Mon. Just wanted to get some idea from others here as to what I should be aware of and ask about (in case the TA forgets to mention it lol). Things like restrictions with group rates. Ease/difficulty of making changes.
  6. We were just invited to a wedding cruise. The wedding will take place at 1:00 on the ship before sailing. I have always booked directly with Carnival and want to know what questions I need to ask the TA selected by the couple. There will be priority boarding for wedding guests, but is that only if you book through the TA? In other words, do I have to use the TA? Other things to ask: Deposit refundable or not. Different rules for group sales. Can we take advantage of price drops. What else do I need to know before booking?
  7. Nothing to indicate the codes weren’t legit and even if used once, you were locked out. Good news for Allstate I guess. I just haven’t wanted to figure out another system since I don’t have Allstate ins. (I know you don’t have to but still have to jump through hoops)
  8. Anyone on here who was locked out, still not able to use rewards for good? I have been able to earn points but cannot log in to spend points. Phone rep tells me they are still investigating and have not unlocked accounts yet but it previously sounded like at least some on these boards were immediately restored. How much investigating can it take?
  9. Maybe not withholding service but with all the pay extra options for food, the MDR has gone downhill and what was standard service and quality is now only available if you pay extra.
  10. There would be more bosses like this if there were fewer employees like the ones who posted on here. Isn’t it amazing how a little logic and niceness, working with someone instead of against them, gets results! Too many people seem to make their first response one of huffy “you can’t do that to me and I’ll just show you”. And as a supervisor, I have had to deal with too many of these “me first” individuals. And yes, most of them would be under age 50.
  11. I agree—stupid rule. But I don’t think it is the cruise line as on the same cruise, some snorkel excursions will have an age limit and others will not. So the same one done privately will have the same restrictions. But you may be able to fine others that do not.
  12. Good for you. I am in my 70s and plan to continue doing this sort of thing for a long time. It’s interesting that the only place I have seen the age restriction is snorkeling. I recently completed a warrior dash (obstacle course run on a ski slope in 100 degree weather), coming in second place for my age group (old women) and beating 60% of all entrants (mostly under age 40) but can’t be trusted to snorkel with a guide 10 feet away. You need to sign a waiver for most any physical excursion so I just don’t get it. On the other hand, I have never been asked to prove my age once at the excursion.
  13. Have had this happen when trying to book snorkeling excursions on Carnival too. Makes me really mad because I can still book ATV (which I did) and off-road jeep (which I did) and ziplining (which I do). Just did skydiving last year too. What's with snorkeling that is so dangerous to older adults--not unfit, just older! Probably more fit than most.
  14. Horizon. Those at the talk also knew that self assist could meet at a certain place and be escorted off by 7:00.Everything went very smoothly. We decided to get off around 8:30 since we had a later flight. Half hour from stairs to curb.
  15. Last week there was no letter (waste of paper) but there was a well advertised presentation after which you could pick up tags starting with #2 on the LIDO deck (and possibly elsewhere but we were self carry so didn’t need them). Priority were obviously given private instructions—possibly a letter.
  16. And you just stood by and watched? How about stepping up and helping them by “commandeering” the next elevator when their turn came up and holding the door FOR THEM. We could all do this when we see someone waiting. Great idea by another poster to enlist the aid of children as a teaching opportunity.
  17. On our recent cruise we met a couple who had received a call at 8pm the night before sailing that a room was available for them. They packed in half an hour and drove all night to get there. So, yes rooms do become available last minute and people do accept them.
  18. I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you. Ask for the dining you wish, go in proud and confident, look people in the eye and smile. If they have a problem with how you look, let it be their problem. Teach your children that it is OK to be different. Whenever anyone presents as something different than “expected”, people are inquisitive. Unfortunately some wish to be educated but others just want to act superior. Don’t let them ruin your vacation.
  19. Do the points have an expiration date. I don’t cruise every year and have a great Visa card with cash back to use on anything but am wondering about the Carnival card particularly for the absence of foreign transaction fee. Wouldn’t want to earn points and not have time to use them.
  20. I suspect overflow requests for early or late dining are accommodated by giving them an assigned time in YTD seating area. Thus the combination of set time with the designation (confusing) of YTD.
  21. Just off the Horizon and while I didn't necessarily check the hot tubs a lot, several times one of them would be empty with a few people in the other. I used it once with only 5 others there the whole time. The one on the other side was empty. Haven't been on the Magic but Horizon felt much less crowded and was easier to navigate than the Dream class ships.
  22. I hear people can be called to guest services the morning of debarkation if they owe money and don't have a credit card on file. They are not allowed off until they arrange for payment. What would happen if people who are owed a credit by the cruiseline refused to get off the ship until they have the credit confirmed. Just sayin
  23. We have used UBER in FLL going from hotel to the port. Starts out cheaper than a taxi and soon realized that while sitting in backed up traffic, taxi meter continues to run while car services have a flat rate no matter the traffic.
  24. Some ships will also have free sauna and/or steam room. Don't remember if there are hair dryers or if I went back to the room to dry. Did not need to use for showers on last trip.You can just ask at the spa desk or take a free tour on embarkation day.
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