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  1. That anything is better than nothing does not apply. Worn improperly or handled improperly will expose the wearer to more danger. There is nothing irresponsible about correcting misconceptions and irresponsible people. I think your emoji implies sarcasm but not sure the people on this board can detect sarcasm very well. 🙂
  2. Ears are not necessary to wear a mask. There are numerous, very easy hacks. Hard to explain, but google it for pics. A paper clip can pull the elastic behind your head. A 2-3 inch ribbon with a button on each end will hold the elastic. Have even seen the little plastic monkeys from the barrel of monkeys game used. Healthcare workers here have come up with many modifications due to sore ears from the elastic. Most prefer the homemade ones have ties.
  3. Most often not. Most people wearing them wrong do not cover the nose, keep fidgeting with them, or take them on and off, reversing them. These things all contribute to more chance of infection—not less. Hold a tshirt up to the light, stretch a little and look through it. Then you will see why. You need tightly woven material and an inserted proper filter and they will be very effective at protecting you from others, Minimally and that is only if you make several layers and remove it properly and wash it after every use.
  4. You often seem easily confused which side of the table you are arguing for. So why did you then bait me to defend my comment that there are many places where one can’t distance. Do you just like to comment?
  5. If nothing else, this is a heyday for the crafty. I have seen so many functional ideas shared—-and we get to clean out our supplies.!
  6. From FDA: During times of limited access to surgical masks, facilities could consider having healthcare providers continue to wear the same surgical mask (i.e., extended use), remove only used gloves and gowns , and perform hand hygiene between treating patients with the same infectious disease diagnosis or exposure who are maintained in a confined area. If the mask, gloves, or gowns become contaminated, replace them. From CDC: Restrict facemasks to use by HCP, rather than patients for source control. Cancel all elective and non-urgent procedures and appointments for which a facemask is typically used by HCP. Coming from a person who had an appointment canceled due to mask preservation, I think common sense and multiple news reports trumps any link you “need”. Everyone has access somewhere to a home-made mask and use of such could contribute to faster return to appointments being fulfilled. Think of all the undiagnosed/diagnosed-too-late maladies which are being missed by postponing colonoscopies, mammograms, etc. My friend has diagnosed kidney cancer and cannot get in to set up a treatment plan until later.
  7. Cut strips across an old tshirt to make ear loops or ties. Since I have been making them for donation, I like to have them adjustable and make a long loop of tshirt material and then slip a craft bead on the loop. That way the wearer can slip the bead up to their ear to adjust or if they prefer, can remove the bead and cut the loop and tie.
  8. I guess you have seen my “defense” by now. Thanks for rational poster.
  9. Anyone afraid to share a table with two other people probably should not be cruising. There are so many places you are in much closer contact with others no matter what limitations they come up with.
  10. General public is not supposed to be ordering surgical or N95 masks. They are supposed to be reserved for health care, fire depts, etc. Please do not short them.
  11. People aren’t as afraid of the flu. It doesn’t shut down the country. This virus has affected everyone in some way. Most in significant ways.
  12. You really think that after going through all that we have, when a vaccine is available there will not be a sufficient percentage of the population lining up for the vaccine? This is in addition to the large number of people who may have immunity from infection. This is different from measles or chicken pox or anything else since those have very few active cases and herd immunity comes only from vaccination.
  13. I’m saying that since there is no vaccine on the horizon, it will be a long time before one can be required. When developed, it well need to be proven effective for a defined (at least minimum) amount of time before it can be either required or exempted. If proven effective, then exemptions would also be reasonable.
  14. My DIL was supposed to be on a European cruise in April. She set up a zoom meet and greet for all her online group from around the world. Then they continued each day by posting pictures of the places they had “visited” that day. Comments were made such as “we were there too, must have just missed you!” They are having a fun “cruise”.
  15. Then substitute measles vaccination which is required to attend school but waived for some—herd immunity. Or when my medical employer requires employee influenza immunization but waived for some. Herd immunity is the reason for all the exemptions but since there is no vaccine and when one is developed it will still need to be verified that immunity is evident and long term, it will be quite some time in the future before it is even a question.
  16. You are missing the point that people are pointing out this would be an absolutely ridiculous requirement for the cruise line to implement. Sure, they can enforce whatever rules they put in place, but that kind of rule would not prevent outbreaks. It will take years to determine how long a vaccine is effective and then only in retrospect. Huge numbers of people may have immunity without the vaccine. Antibody titering would be a better indicator.
  17. Change just for change sake to make people feel better is ridiculous. There needs to be a balance of efficacy, efficiency, and cost—as well as need. Things you are suggesting show you are thinking (good) but it is good to keep an open mind and accept when there are flaws associated. We can give our thoughts to the experts but they are still the experts. As for not reading entire articles: I am a retired research scientist, having worked in a virus lab and when the abstract contains errors, I don’t need to read the rest of the article to know it is unworthy. I would suggest the cruise lines put a small sanitizer spray and two “shop rags” in each cabin for passenger use when first entering. Really all that would be needed.
  18. Another option I don’t believe many people know about if you really want to carry CFAR after final payment. This method also applies to all the other coverage as well. Within 15 days of the deposit, obtain whatever coverage you can get for the minimum premium for the policy you choose. For CFAR the policy will usually require you to cover the entire non-refundable costs. But you only need to lock in the policy early and can add to it as you incur non refundable costs. At the time of final payment you can then decide whether to cover the full cost or not and you still have the medical coverage.
  19. Yes. And it is really irresponsible of people to be planning cruises for April or May. We are way to far from containing this virus. We can’t just go from lockdown to cruising overnight. Too many people just don’t get it. Not only cruisers.
  20. People over 65 are NOT more susceptible to the virus. They MAY react more if they do get it but it is being shown that there are just as many cases in those under 65 and many of those are in the ICU.
  21. It was just broadcast there is no requirement from the US to return home.
  22. Fine to discuss, but why would anyone be calling the overloaded call centers with such a ridiculous question. People have legitimate issues which they need answers to. I don’t agree at all with requiring different conditions based on age but a letter this week will be no good in 60 days anyway. Agree also that most doctors will not sign such a letter.
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