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  1. You can use the gift cards through a TA as well. Not advocating for TA use as I have never found one who gave anything not available directly through Carnival except big box who gave a gift card. A PVP can see rates not visible on line at times.
  2. No where did she say she suspected a problem with the BF. She asked him just to see if he wanted to be included. Of course he did, and as she said, was excited. Probably never having sailed before, and wanting to please GF (and her mom) he said yes. When he thought about it, and realized he couldn't do it, he was not comfortable going to the mom. No surprise there. He did what he could. Give the guy a break. Your last statement was totally uncalled for.
  3. I came by taxi with carryon luggage? Please point out where I said you could walk in and get a cabin. What I did say was you can get a phone reservation within 24 hours—which you now agree with. You seem to have gone round one too many times and gotten your posters confused.
  4. While it may or may not be correct, you cannot draw that conclusion based on the facts you gave. Those 12 million could all belong to the 58%. I know, many cruise passengers have passports but it is not safe to say from your data that the majority do.
  5. But obviously not since my passport was not good enough for a drivers license. The passport was obtained and my identity proven at that time—with my current name. I had all the other documents required here also. BC is required along with passport even though passport was obtained by verifying BC—and then the state on MN does not accept it. I too wish there were fewer cards required but everyone knows govt offices do not communicate with each other. That’s why tax fraud is so easy.
  6. My passport along with my BC (two forms of ID required) was not accepted as proof of my identity when renewing my DL to get the enhanced version. Needed my marriage certificate (50 years old) as well. So a passport is not always the proof for everything. Anyone who does not travel outside the country—and there are millions—does not need a passport so that would be a terrible waste.
  7. You are probably right that the porters notice if there is no appropriate luggage tag but if one is going to the port to check for availability of a cabin, they would not be approaching the porters anyway. So that is not a valid argument against being able to obtain a cabin at the port. I don’t know if that can be done but I do know you can make a reservation by phone less than 24 hours prior to sailing. That’s a fact—not a gullibility test.
  8. It has been stated many times here that your TA is wrong on that one. Can be same day.
  9. You need a new PVP. And—a double negative makes a positive meaning yes, it can be used. It can’t be used to pre pay them
  10. We were on Horizon in April and due to rain storms in the SE, many last minute cancellations were made. We met a couple who were called the evening before sailing (less than 24 hrs.) and offered a cabin which they took. Do not know if it was a random call or if they were on some sort of wait list, but they packed in an hour, drove all night and made the cruise.
  11. Just like reading a book. You start at the front--page one--and end at the back--page 1+++++
  12. What you missed is the explanation. This was a husband—that’s what they do. Just KIDDING. A Logical thought for some. If you have never been before, you might not know the extent of their services. I’ve been told you can go there for (free) sea sickness pills so.........
  13. Background: CC attended one of those cruise seminars put on by a local TA. They booked the cruise thru the TA. It appears the TA was just a TA that booked cruises but not really a cruiser. I don’t use a TA either unless “forced” to. If a TA presents a special seminar on cruising, one (especially one not used to cruising) would expect them to at least give correct info. GG should have lost that trust when CC pointed out the problems but sometimes people are just too stubborn for their own good. I’ll bet this experience didn’t change anything for them either.
  14. My drivers license which had my married name on it for 50 years was not adequate legal proof of my name (nor was my passport) when I attempted to get the enhanced license. I had to obtain marriage license. Different scenario of course but points out that sometimes common sense is not that common.
  15. CC did tell GG she needed a passport according to the OP. May get ugly but GG would be at fault and not CC. No reason to feel like crap either if you have ever dealt with someone who is a know-it-all. You can only do so much to try to help some people. I also would have been after that TA for accurate information or the option to notify the BBB, trip advisor, yelp, etc
  16. One time it was to come in the afternoon and came at 9am. We weren’t home so had to go get it the next afternoon at the store. Next time it came in the afternoon window. Not totally dependable but the day was right.
  17. How is it you book without paying the $104 port fees and taxes?
  18. But there is not always a penalty if you wait and cancel on board either. We have canceled the night before an excursion and not had a penalty. As said before, it may vary according to the specific excursion. My hair is pretty thick so I can stand to lose a little. Lol
  19. You are allowed to bring one bottle of wine per adult and a 12 pack of soda which should all be carry on. Keep valuables in carry on along with a few essentials for the first few hours. A backpack works great as your hands are free. Just don’t bump anyone, please.
  20. Thank you. I have always gone directly to the vendor if I did my own excursions and they are sometimes substantially cheaper (and smaller) than with the cruise line. But this time we have quite a few family members for a wedding and I don’t want to herd cats.
  21. Has anyone used this company in the Caribbean. I think they are also in Europe? TA has put together a selection from them but I haven't yet checked their prices against Carnival.
  22. I have never had service that fast and never gotten email notifying of shipping. Not to rain on your parade but—-I have usually ordered on Wed or Thurs and never have they been shipped before Mon.. Before MyChoice, I always had to call for tracking number and they were always very helpful. I was also once told that they have up to five business days to process the order. I usually receive cards on Wed or Thurs a week after ordering. Everyone has different experiences so I hope you get yours in time to get the cabin you desire. Renew the hold if you have to. I was once in a similar position when I wanted to cancel and rebook under a better offer and lost it by a few hours. Turned out to be for the best anyway. Happy sailing
  23. No crisis. Just possible ways people will dream up to get something they should not. One poster has already stated you should get points if you are a no show. Not a big leap for some to want them if they cancel--oh yeah, that has already been asked for too. It's great to be optimistic about people but many don't live up to your expectations.
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