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  1. We are heading to the Rocky Point Holiday Inn later next week. Free airport shuttle, $10 shuttle to port. Room for four with breakfast $135 including tax. Water view suite for four, $160 all in.
  2. I have stayed there Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr on the beach or within half a block and never paid over $150. Clean, safe, quiet places. Some with free bfst. Use booking.com and last minute travel who you can negotiate with—cheaper as a member, and make a phone call.
  3. Thanks for the apology. That was the correct response.
  4. Nope. Color comes up on the screen before printing you know. So, how many other colors have people gotten? There should be quite a few on a large ship.
  5. Guess again. Next door means next door. Both balcony. My guess: color doesn’t mean much. In fact I don’t think I have ever had anything but red. Maybe it’s alphabetical. 😉
  6. Everything onboard reported yesterday in a previous post on this thread to be proceeding normally. I doubt that has changed.
  7. Upcoming cruise on Legend our tags are red and next door cabin friends have green. We are both forward of the forward elevators
  8. What info do you need to connect with someone? Name, cabin #, folio #?
  9. Thank you. Thank you. Exactly what I asked for—-how to get to the special waiting area inside. Very helpful as well Thanks for the details. Our ship has a chapel so it might be in there.
  10. Counting on my good looks. 😊 People should read before posting.
  11. Thank you. Exactly what I needed to know.
  12. Finally someone who understands the question. I checked the wedding boards but no activity there and this is specific to Carnival process. That is well understood. That is after they are checked in. The question is about checking in. Thank you. It sounds like the bride and groom need to assemble everyone somewhere and meet the wedding planner to check in. Those embarkation instructions seem to be missing at this point.
  13. TA booked the cruise and is saying she has nothing to do with boarding (passes) since as stated below, the bride gives a list of names to C. OK, they have a list. When I arrive at the port and my boarding pass has a time listed for 1:00, do I need to approach someone and tell them I am on a list to check in early? Will they have that list outside of check in? It should not be this hard. First time cruisers would not know to be proactive. They will go where told by the first person who sees their pass which may have an even later time listed and miss the wedding entirely. I am asking why the boarding pass would not have priority printed on it to get people to the proper line. I would like to hear from someone who has been in early boarding for a wedding.
  14. As my post says, I AM the wedding guest and as such SHOULD have priority boarding. Therefore, I assume my boarding pass should have the word "priority" on it. It does not. My question pertains to how I get in the priority line to check in if it does not have that word on the boarding pass. I do not care about cabins or where to go once on the ship as I will then be with the wedding group.
  15. We are sailing wedding guests who are to have priority boarding for the wedding. I am assuming our boarding pass we print out should say "priority". It does not and we are 2 weeks from sailing. Should I be concerned or do they just have a list and I need to approach someone when getting in line? Booked through a TA but she says it is not her responsibility. What?!?!? Says the bride needs to take care of it. I guess I need to call Carnival but wanted to see if anyone had experience with this.
  16. “Except a firearm or a common pocketknife” ?
  17. Nobody said it wasn’t. If you would take the time to read what I posted, it is very clear that I said those knives are allowed by TSA (air travel) in checked luggage. Pocket knife is only allowed in carry on at the ship.
  18. For TSA regulated check ins. I stand by my statement from experience.
  19. I have nothing against twice a day servicing—as I stated before—but as you state, cleaning is a once a day thing.
  20. Carry on or pocket makes no difference for the ship boarding. Can’t be in either one for TSA as Skrufy mentioned.
  21. Thanks. Will do that then instead of adding gift card at checkin.
  22. There are four of us in one cabin, each on their own account (credit card). If I purchase cruise cash, will I be able to apply it to others expenses—say pay all gratuities, or some of their drinks? Or does it only apply to those allowed to charge on my account?
  23. CFAR policies I have looked at require covering the entire cost of the trip to get any coverage. That is why you must notify them of any increased cost and make sure you have enough coverage. You can increase coverage as you incur non refundable reservations.
  24. You may be confused as to what position your family member holds. Porter is also a broad term which as has been pointed out by the experts with facts is different for someone who receives luggage from cars at the pier and someone in the terminal or a support position. Family and friends sometimes exaggerate when discussing income. Lol
  25. 2wheelin

    Port WiFi

    I’ll just be using wifi to check email and possibly message grandson (18th birthday) so always leave in airplane mode but thanks for the reminder to all. I even take a spare watch so I don’t get caught by my Fitbit accidentally getting updated.
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