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  1. Maybe your cruise insurance will cover the “cancelled transportation”. Such amazing sense of entitlement. Lawyer? Free excursions? Upgraded cabin-4 days before cruise no less. Did the letter say “we planned this weeks ago but waited to tell you to annoy you”? Anyone who plans a trip based on one MINOR point probably should not even consider cruising as so many things can happen to change plans.
  2. But it sounds like you plan to use a lot of that $500 for other things so you would have to go over by that amount plus the $100.
  3. A couple years ago I donated books to the library on Grand Turk. They had both a fire and hurricane that year. Left them at Jacks as requested. Also had a few children’s books with me downtown and gave to very grateful kids at the stands with their parents.
  4. If your cabins are linked, you will be assigned dining together so it doesn’t matter which dining room. We had my time and were not always on the same floor. You do not enter a number for elevator request. You enter the floor you want to go to and are assigned a car (letter). Then you enter again for second person, etc. No, don’t worry, you will all get the same car. I don’t remember what floor we got on or off. It was jus the one with the ramp and that was all that mattered. They will tell you where to disembark. Never felt crowded. In fact there were lots of places to sit outside (or in) if you look.
  5. Ahh. Thanks. I only had the price and not the link showing a sale. Good to know they sometimes reduce prices.
  6. Carnival price $110. Site posted price $85. Does the Carnival price vary depending on ship or date?
  7. Will be cruising on Legend next Jan. Wondering if people with experience in late dining found there were things that were missed due to dining time. I know usually shows are presented twice—but always? What about comedy club etc. I don’t like eating late but we’re in a group that may warrant that if we are to be together.
  8. No one can predict the future. If you go on line, you can see all the different rates—well, most of them. Sometimes a PVP can find something not on line but VIFP and ES will be there.
  9. No one Earns priority. You pay for and get to enjoy enough cruises and you have bought perks. FTTF pay each cruise for a few perks—on that cruise. No different really.
  10. We have a group of 40 or so for a wedding and although the couple has late seating (with their 6 children) some guests have chosen YTD feeling we would all be at random location assigned tables at late seating. The groom has expressed thoughts that we may not all see each other all week if at different dinner times. My questions (I am not the planner but we have a TA) : If the cabins are linked I assume we will at least be seated with someone in our group but will the tables all be together? Might we be on different sides of the dining room anyway? If we are together, is it acceptable to change around to different tables each night as long as we only use our group tables? Could we end up with different waitstaff and how would they view that. Checking when we embark with all the cabin numbers probably will not happen as that is when the wedding takes place. On the Legend if that matters.
  11. Good points. I want to know how to get into the parties -or even know when/where with my gold card. Lol
  12. Based on the stated expected bar tab of $600 your 30 drinks are rather expensive.
  13. And points will not carry over. Spend now or lose them.
  14. It is a group cruise but another party has their cabin number listed on documents. Doesn’t surprise me with this TA though. Some people who are new cruisers were not even told what their cabin number or booking number was. She “wanted to wait until all were booked to send out paperwork at one time”. Really???
  15. I paid for cabin choice and invoice has this cabin listed. That should protect me except I have heard that cruise lines can “upgrade” you without notice and was worried about that. Still should have a number though. I will never use this TA again but was forced to because of the wedding group. I have emailed her yesterday and will call her today if no answer.
  16. I can't wait for them to change it. There are way too many "priority" folks. I agree but for very different reasons. I am seeing the attitude (from many people) of “they should limit it as long as I am already at the top and won’t be affected”. I never really understood why there needs to be a loyalty program at all. Your benefit is that you got to go on a lot of fun cruises. When over half the passengers have priority, the common cruiser who can’t afford a lot of cruises is pushed to the back. They have to wait to get on and off the ship and the more priority people there are, the less likely they are going to want to cruise that line. This is what the cruise line understands does not attract new customers. There are things they can do that won’t affect other passengers or cost more. Free laundry—go for it. Free drinks every evening—raises cost for everyone but still possible. Free token gift—sure. I see the argument that when there are so many with priority, no one has priority, but they still all have priority over Average Joe. Look at it from his viewpoint. Why would he want to go on a cruise if experience has shown him that pretty much everyone else gets to push past him for everything. He is second class.
  17. That is what I was wondering but they were otherwise filled in and printable. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t change later—same as if someone changed cabins. I have never even looked for them prior to checkin. But wait—I usually don’t book until after final pmt date so I always do checkin right away. Never been so early I had to wait for it.
  18. It is too early to do on-line check in yet for our Jan cruise but I noticed I could print documents. So I decided to check and see if they noted priority since we are with a wedding party. Not only did they not say priority (maybe it is early and the guest list hasn’t been submitted yet) but the cabin is listed as TBD. This seems odd. Anyone else ever noticed this? Another couple says theirs is correct and we used the same less than fully competent TA. I’ll have to email her. Ugh.
  19. What is your point? That ship has sailed—in more ways than one.
  20. From the OPs wording “for our cruise” it seems to imply they were looking for a price adjustment so telling them they should have booked then is of no help. They also did not state that they waited any time to call. I have had stores honor their mistaken ads or shelf prices which were different than their computer. Some grocery stores will give one item for free if they are mistaken so nothing wrong with asking. Do I think the OP should get the price they saw (and can prove it)? It’s $145 so why not for customer satisfaction. Complainers sometimes get more than that when they feel they have been inconvenienced by something the cruise line does.
  21. Sorry, I may also have typed too quickly. I think it is allowed to identify as a TA as long as you don’t use your full name or email, or ask people to PM you. My bad. I was probably in the wrong frame of mind since I did not agree with most of what you said as it relates to some (many apparently from reading CC) TAs. First, I am sure you are a good one since you pointed out the qualities of a good one but I have been forced to use one because of a group and there is NO help forthcoming. No OBC or any other incentive. When I asked her to check for a better rate than what she booked, she said I could call her if I found one. I can’t ask more than one question per email if I want answers and can only reach her on one of the four afternoons she is in the office.
  22. You can go in and select a check in time and do the rest later. Check in does not all need to be done at one time.
  23. Underlined is what I said earlier. I am not a TA so did not include the self promotion. Not sure that is allowed on CC since we can’t name TAs
  24. You can use the gift cards through a TA as well. Not advocating for TA use as I have never found one who gave anything not available directly through Carnival except big box who gave a gift card. A PVP can see rates not visible on line at times.
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