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  1. Well, we weren’t planning to let anyone out were we?? 🤣😂 I have always said kids don’t eat enough dirt these days. Same thing for all these food allergies because babies aren’t fed certain foods when young.
  2. But now with high volume testing, we have sample sizes of thousands. Testing has been expanded to people with no symptoms and many are positive. What is not know is how infective they are to others.
  3. Or we could put everyone in one of those plastic balls. Would be much safer for everyone. Lol
  4. That’s my point that everyone wearing a mask is silly.
  5. We had increased cases as long as we increased testing but they are leveling out as we reached a plateau of numbers tested. Hospitalizations are down as well as deaths. More testing equals more positives but not necessarily more illness than was there before. The increase in positive tests is primarily due to testing asymptomatic individuals.
  6. This! Then there are those righteous individuals out there wearing improper masks in improper ways so that even what tiny bit of protection they would afford others is lost. But they are wearing a mask to protect us! To be any use at all the CDC says masks need to be multi-layered and tight fitting. Can’t begin to count the people wearing a little single layer stretchy thing, or wearing something below the nose or totally open on the sides or bottom. Who do they think they are fooling? If I wear a mask it is to protect me, which is all our responsibility. Multi layered made from properly tightly woven material with a nose piece and an extra filter.
  7. As testing increases, less positive would be nice but that would show that asymptomatic people really did not test positive, along with a possible real decrease in cases. If asymptomatic and presymptomatic people test positive, then testing more people will necessarily result in increases in positive results. Your last statement is correct which is exactly why we are testing more and why there are more positives. So increased testing will mathematically result in more positive. Absolutely does not automatically equate to more infection.
  8. Same as your anecdotal evidence for one way aisles. YOU thought they were beneficial so encouraged them. I don’t think big gatherings are good but the anecdotal evidence could say otherwise, so encourage them to further reduce infections. Now do you see why it is more important to look at facts? Any upper Midwest and high plains states.
  9. Purely anecdotal. No clear evidence at all. Time of exposure is a key element in transmission and it takes longer to pass someone (or remain behind them to the end of the store) than it does to meet them. Neither scenario is long enough to catch something unless there is active coughing, etc. One store here actually has turn arrows on the end of aisles making it impossible (following the arrows) to double back for something forgotten, or to shop the aisle and then go back for the selection. More time in store=more people exposed to. Our state has reopened bars and restaurants and had many huge protest groups and our infection rates have gone DOWN (while increasing the number or tests dramatically) so anecdotally, this has contributed to decreased illness. All states should rush to hold big gatherings. So you see how drawing conclusions based on anecdotal evidence, or a group of criteria, is—shall we say—stupid.
  10. Is there any data to show that one way aisles have cut down on the infection rate in stores?
  11. It would be just as stupid on a ship as it is in the grocery stores. Total waste except it keeps people in the store longer, potentially buying more.
  12. Which really inflates the numbers. I have a friend who was in the ER for a broken rib. He responded to the question, “yes, I have trouble breathing because I have a broken rib”. Well, then we have to mark you as Covid. “OK where do I get tested?” You don’t need a test and you can go back to work. Mind boggling. And this is a well known leading edge medical institution—-going by the rules, letter by letter.
  13. Thanks for breaking this down for those who do not consider the difference between coincidence and correlation. That is why I responded with comparison of one rate to another without claims of either. One could also conclude from that chart that speaking Swedish lowers the obesity rate—thus your chances of getting diabetes.
  14. So he wore no PPE on the front lines? Clearly he thought it unnecessary. I would like to believe based on your writing skills that you misunderstood, but I also know there are quacks out there spreading misinformation.
  15. There are many idiots out there and the title doctor does not exclude them all. I received a FB message from a friend in Bulgaria quoting an immunologist there who said “sanitizing is for cockroaches and bacteria. Virus (apparently including Noro?) is spread only by human contact”. And their country believe him! So I guess no one ever got noro or any other virus from handrails or the buffet!
  16. I don’t know what chart you are reading but the one presented shows no such correlations (although there is one). It does show that Sweden has a diabetes rate which is 53% of the obesity rate while the US has only a 23% diabetes rate compared to obesity. That is the point I made about healthier obese. There is a correlation between obesity and diabetes but clearly it is a very different correlation between the two countries. Further, not all people with diabetes are obese which further confounds the data when you only look at a few statistics as in your graph. My point was that the US obese could be healthier—as a group—than those in Sweden. They have half the incidence of diabetes as compared to obesity. I am not the one who drew the incorrect conclusion from the chart.
  17. Getting off topic but interesting how the obesity rate does not translate to a similar rate of diabetes. So I guess we are healthier obese. Actually it is a fact there are obese who have no other underlying issues. Fortunately obesity is not contagious. 🙂
  18. We do?? So the majority of people are NOT healthy??? Maybe they should do temperature checks......
  19. Yes, absolutely. The paper was not intended to show the efficacy of temp checking as a screening tool. It only tested hospitalized patients with an independent positive test (which was also probably not 100% accurate). I don’t think temp checking is proof positive one way or the other but it is still a useful tool. No one has only one tool in their toolbox. As for the Mayo Clinic, you are mistaken there. A swab test is required only for certain procedures—or if you have positive answers to any of the screening questions. It depends on what you are being seen for. And temp screening is done on everyone before being admitted to the building. Technically, usually you are admitted to the facility to HAVE the swab test.
  20. They’re not incredibly useful but are cheap and easy as one screening tool. It’s not definitive and even an antigen test will miss pre-symptomatic and is not foolproof
  21. Did you ever think you would see the day pot was legal and hair cuts were not?!? 😀 Gloves? Totally ridiculous and points out the problems with reopening. People don’t have the ability to determine what is appropriate.
  22. That is the main reason to check. Because people will know they can be caught. It’s a very simple screening to do. If it is good enough for most major medical institutions around the world, I would not put too much weight on one irrelevant study. I say irrelevant because it only tested hospitalized, positive patients. The study only tells us that 70% of Covid patients do not have an elevated temp after hospitalization.
  23. You purchase an airline ticket and most often it is one (small) charge paid in full in one transaction. You cancel (fully) and a refund is pretty straightforward. In normal times it is done within 7 days. Not necessarily so in these times (but probably still not 90 days). I don’t remember when cruise lines started canceling cruises but even mid Feb is only 90 days ago and people have been demanding faster action for at least 60 days now. Multiple factors to consider and a little more complicated than your local grocery store. Even there if you decide you don’t want something, the cashier won’t give your money back. You need to go to another dept (service desk) for that. Airlines and cruise ships do not operate in the same way. Not many planes carry 3000 passengers—and feed them. Lol
  24. But apparently some are not interested in fact. Just their misguided refusal to accept reality and science.
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