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  1. In all fairness, the OP has come back and stated they now realize how and why Carnival ins works and accepts it.
  2. As quickly as they locked all these accounts, I think they have technology pretty well figured out. Customer service may not have had all the info that quickly or they may have meant the code was used on multiple accounts.
  3. My son and family recently flew Sun Country out of MSP to MIA same day with no problem. Was a necessity for them and with only two flights a day, they were split and booked on both of them. DIL could only get one seat on the early flight as it was full when she tried to book subsequent passengers. I told her to take all the checked luggage with her to speed up process for later arrivals. Rest of family arrived on schedule at 1:00 and they were at POM by 1:30. I was the stressed one!
  4. They are investigating the use of a common promo code (which may have been listed on CC) by determining who it was originally sent to. They apparently shared it and used it multiple times.
  5. Did this tour a year ago and it was great. Don’t remember stopping at a beach except the rocky area where we snorkeled. My husband does not snorkel so he babysat the monkey and fed it a bottle. Javin supplies good food and drink too.
  6. Was there a couple years ago shortly after the hurricane. Picked up tour from vendor on the pier. I think $25-$30 for a few hours. Walk through the port area and taxi parking outside the fence to parking lot. Stopped downtown for 30 minutes or so to shop or eat, at the lighthouse, and good narration of the whole island.
  7. If you had the insurance before the break, it is not pre existing. I would only possibly notify insurance if there were a good chance you would need to cancel for this occurrence and they could say you waited too long to notify them. Doesn’t sound like the case for you. Do your therapy and enjoy the trip.
  8. So I want to book a cruise with four people in a cabin at the rates above. I’ll be person 4. Then cancel 1 and 2, and 3 and I will sail for $200 each. Not a bad deal. Think I’ll do it again. At first glance the OP made sense that you could assign fares to individuals depending on how you enter the names on reservation. But after thinking about it a minute, people COULD really take advantage of that. As above posters pointed out, there is a price for the cabin to be met.
  9. OMG! A little soda on the deck (like no one has ever spilled a drink on the deck) OR 2nd degree burns. Hmmm, I’ll take the sugar please.
  10. It's camo. How would they see it to frown. :) :Lol Carry a backpack on every trip. It's my carry on for airlines. But why strap it to another bag if you have one? Put it on your back and pretty much forget about it. Hands free.
  11. Only in the dining room. I sometimes go barefoot. I know--the carpet is filthy. Nobody else's problem.
  12. I just wrap several feet of it the long way around an old gift card (or hard plastic the size of a credit card) and slip it in my emergency items bag. Takes up no more room than a couple credit cards and have used it on occasion. Hem, tear in a back pack or luggage, shoe, purse strap. There are literally hundreds of uses. Could even tape down the shower curtain if you are one who has a problem being “attacked” by it. Lol
  13. And were there entries in that column? Or was it possibly a place for the crew member to enter if they received grats directly? I don’t know. Just a question.
  14. This makes no sense. Not sure what you are trying to say. Now there is also a list of those “with a history of cancelling gratuities”. And certainly gratuities paid onboard are not paid to crew until after the cruise either (when they are paid) My thoughts exactly, especially about them having the time for this nonsense. Another urban legend debunked.
  15. Is this implying that pre paying is looked at more favorably by staff than letting them go on your account? Either way, they are being collected and my understanding was that either could be removed. There may be a list of those who remove them but I wouldn’t think the staff would take the time to check if you pre paid or accumulate and pay your account at the end. Either way, they are paid and can be reversed.
  16. Yes, thank you both for good info. Now I can order more gift cards and not have to wait till onboard and hope the excursions we want are not full.
  17. Can you use AARP Carnival gift cards to pre-purchase shore excursions from the website? If so, online or do you need to call? I know gift card payments are usually refunded in gift cards and is that the case if you can pre purchase and then once on board need to cancel? Wondering because it would tie up your funds if need to wait for refund gift card to be mailed.
  18. Look at it this way. None of the kids utilizing camp pay more for it. So you will be getting a great benefit once they are older.
  19. I booked the Horizon in late Jan for Easter 8 day cruise. Mid priced balcony for two and then investigated the cost if my daughter and her son joined us. Same category cabin showed rates of $97 each for them plus port fees. New ship—high demand week. If the prices are truly higher on Carnival, I would book another line.
  20. Not even a transfer. Person answering was able to access incorrect VIFP info and change it. Two minutes=problem solved.
  21. No PVP currrently but after 45 minutes on hold I figured out the system. Call and respond with the prompt that you are looking for prices or to book a cruise and they answer with no wait. Lol
  22. Still on hold after 45 minutes with their only published number, the 800 number on the website. I know I need to talk to the VIFP dept. There has got to be a better way!!!
  23. Anyone have the number to call to speak to someone in the VIFP dept. They just assigned me a new number when setting up the Hub App.
  24. Thanks. I assumed so but best to make sure before we board.
  25. I have downloaded the App and created a login which I will possibly use on 2 devices. Hubby and I share an apple account so can he download the App and use the same login to use on his phone for this purpose? We want to use the chat feature and I am asking if we need different/separate accounts or if we can use the same one and each set up using our own folio number within that account.
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