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  1. I also live in a different EDL state and passport is not accepted as proof of ID. Astounds me as to how the EDL is virtually a passport card but passport is not accepted. My license bureau sent in my paperwork using my passport as ID (along with all the other proofs of address etc.) and I had to further send in my birth certificate and marriage certificate. Did not even have to send copy of passport.
  2. Exactly my point. OR PASSPORT which was not mentioned in their first post (nor did the statement mention flying). Quote: ALL US citizens are required to have the Real ID driver's license by October 1, 2020. Most of us who read the news know the passport alternative, but not everyone even knows there are changes coming for travelers.
  3. My comments (see underlined statements previously) have nothing to do with KY. The statement that all US citizens will need a Real ID by Oct is false. EDL is for citizens whereas real ID does not require nor prove citizenship. Neither of these is required for everyone. You will need one or the other to fly IF you do not have another form of accepted ID such as a passport. Both will allow you to fly. All states will be required to offer real ID.
  4. I believe you are confusing the issue. Real ID. EDL.
  5. Since many commented, I won’t quote but—-about the beef. On our recent cruise, I had asked for a specific waiter and his team. They were outstanding and many of us had cuts of beef which were great. On the last night, we couldn’t get his table and had another serving team. Several of us ordered prime rib with orders from medium rare to medium well done. After each order, I heard the waiter say “medium, OK”. When the orders came, they were all overcooked. So there may be bad batches of beef and there may just sometimes be untrained wait staff.
  6. Thanks for the correction. Been out of the work force too long I guess. I always stressed to my employees the difference. You are also right that problems usually can be addressed progressively. It is also true that many cruisers do not know there are more progressions between guest services and captain. That’s just not something the casual cruiser thinks about. (Or wants to deal with on vacation) And sometimes people get home and decide the problem is more important to them than while on vacation. While on vacation, people say “don’t spoil your time worrying about it”. When they get home, people say “you shouldn’t have put up with that”. That is not an excuse—just an explaination. And sometimes things happen at the end of the cruise without time for all those steps.
  7. True. Questions are fine but when you are already feeing down because of a problem, you really don’t need to be told you were basically stupid for not doing something else. It is good to get advice and know what others experience. Sorry if I sometimes forget to offer thanks for good advice I get on CC. I have learned a lot.
  8. Probably moved on to enjoy life without criticism. They asked a question and it was answered in the next post. Some helpful hints in others but mostly, if not outright accusing them of wanting money, negative comments on their lack of knowledge of how aggressive to be while on the ship. Many of us were not raised to escalate problems immediately to the top. The older I get, the more likely I am to expect action.
  9. Seems they tried to return the steak and the kitchen was closed. You’re being a little presumptuous as some people just want to get problems corrected for the next folk.
  10. Good luck to all of you but don’t expect much. Possibly not even a civil response. We recently forgot a coat in the cabin closet when disembarking. I immediately submitted a form with details including cabin number. After two successive emails stating they had not “found” our “lost” item but would keep looking for another week, I tried calling icares team. Could not get past automated response which instructed me to submit a form (which I had done), goodbye! I then sent an email explaining my frustration when only ship crew would have had access to the cabin, asking for follow up information—such as paper trail of turned in items, communication with ship housekeeping supervisor. I immediately got a return email telling me “there is no further information”
  11. Thanks for those links which I will use to start my research. Just got an airline AmEx for the free bags but I don’t necessarily use that airline every year so something more general might be the way to go. Will have to weigh the fee against the benefits—for us. One quick question for folk who have CSR, or another card with trip insurance, does that cover only the card holder or travel companions as well? We sometimes buy trip insurance and sometimes not as I have excellent out of country medical coverage including evacuation.
  12. Usually, yes. But on our recent cruise I asked for and got a certain waiter I had read about on here. He was great and we had a table for 10 or more in his area every night. Even got two tables one night due to more people. But on the last night, there were only 6 of us and we were 5 minutes later than our usual 5:45. His entire section was full and we were put at a table with poor service. The hostess knew and recognized me every night when I approached even though our group was not always the same people. She saw me approach the last night and knew she screwed up. Possibly someone slipped her a tip.
  13. Only if you are walking like you spell. 🤣 A frown never stopped me from doing anything.
  14. That must have been waaaayyyyy out beyond left field with all your lack of understanding of disabilities and of the problem under discussion. Not that you have any sort of a legitimate argument suggesting charging for service dogs entrance, but what gives you the right to determine that anyone going to WDW can certainly afford a kennel.
  15. OP: If you would rather be doing something else, send her back to the cabin alone and join her 90 minutes later and get yourself ready. We recently had 3 women and a man in one cabin. A couple of nights we all returned to the cabin together, showered, shampooed, did hair and makeup, and dressed for dinner—even sipped a little wine—and all headed out the door 40 minutes later. Just takes organization.
  16. Try to keep my “just in case” to a minimum but last cruise I used string, paper clip and small magnets to retrieve an earring from the sink drain—at midnight on the last night.
  17. The example in the blog was charging a large amount, presumably near the limit?, and sending a check for way more than that to create a positive balance. That was then immediately used for another charge. Far different than sending a payment for the amount of charge. I would hate for people who like to send payment right away be afraid to continue doing that. I may be reading the blog too narrowly but I doubt one would have a problem simply paying the balance. I also pay every month and payments are electronic from our bank which would I assume also not create a flag. I’ve only paid mid-cycle once and that was on a new card and I was testing that the electronic payment would go through correctly. I had purchased a large amount and would be out of the country on the due date so wanted to make sure it got paid. I have been living the Underwatr rule all my life. It works, no matter what your income.
  18. As was pointed out, there is no cabin pet fee and this person is not even claiming the pet to be for emotional support. Just bringing it along—because they can and it is cheaper than a kennel. Not right for a cruise. Fine on an airline if the fee is paid and the animal stays in a crate on the plane but a cruise is a little long for crate life.
  19. The point being that it was not mentioned as a business card.
  20. Update: email response was “Should your item be found, we will notify you. There is no other information to provide.” I had asked if they log turned in items. Might have felt better if they had just lied and said they would look into it. Very disappointing. Makes it sound like they turn a blind eye to whatever cabin stewards wish to do with anything they find.
  21. Exactly. And to answer the next question, this refers to traditional IRA only. Roth IRA is not taxable. It also has to be an approved non-profit—probably most would be. It also counts toward your required minimum distribution when you reach the age that is required. (70 1/2 or 72) NOW back to regular programming
  22. But people come on here to get personal information for the most part. A few have clarified they have business cards which puts them in a whole different ball park. If you are talking about business card expenses, claim your ball park which is irrelevant to me. As for non-profits, that comes from my IRA so I get a better return than any CC by eliminating the taxes I would have paid.
  23. Well, calling the icare number was no help. Automated response said if you are calling about a lost item, fill out the form online. Goodbye. Will try email.
  24. Thanks. I will look for the icares team. I did use a TA this time but unfortunately she was very incompetent and would never use her again. The search goes on.
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