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  1. Mitzy, many people have a favorite cruise line and that's fine, except when it interferes with your cruise with another company! We prefer Princess and Celebrity but have had a great time on NCL and Royal Caribbean when we have cruised with them (usually for the itinerary.) Every line has some things we really like that aren't found on the others. For Princess, it's the International Cafe. We also like the mini suites for the full sofa and bigger bathroom, and Movies under the Stars. Anyway, you get the idea -- if you look around, you'll likely find at least something that appeals to you. Not sure about the budget cuts, I seem to hear about that on every line! Just saw your reply about the privacy sign. Make sure it's put away when you leave the cabin for dinner, and you should be fine for turndown service. It is one of our favorite things about cruising!
  2. Beautiful day here in Boston today! Enjoy the Kennedy Library
  3. GypsyCouple, I hope you haven't been offended by some of these comments, I think they mean well. I want to make sure you are clear on the dining arrangements. The people in the suite are assigned to Luminae as their dining room --- it's open for dinner and breakfast everyday, lunch on sea days. Those in the other cabins are assigned to the main dining room, sounds like in early seating traditional where spaces will be saved at a certain table. You can link the reservations for the 3 not in the suite, but you can't link the suite with the others, they are totally separate dining rooms. If you want to bring the kids into Luminae with you, you'll have to ask the maitre d' and then pay $30 each guest for dinner. It's not guaranteed, but they do try to accommodate. If you want to join them in the MDR, ask the concierge in the Retreat or the maitre d' in Luminae how to best arrange this. Hope all of this works out for all of you without too many headaches.
  4. This is an excellent point, and one we all should remember. I myself have been a witness to encounters between passengers and crew, where the crew member is trying to enforce the rules and the passenger is yelling at him (or her) for it. I have not been proactive about seeking out a supervisor to describe the situation, but I will try to do that going forward. We complain on these boards about the disregard for rules, whether it is the dress code or chair hogs or whatever, but we never quite know what to do. If crew members are less afraid of repercussions, we may see a lot more respect for rules.
  5. Here is a link to some menus from Luminae. There will be some changes but frankly not a lot (one of the problems people have with Celebrity is that the menus don't change very often.) You will be able to order from this menu, or the MDR menu , or mix and match. We usually look at the MDR menu before we go into Luminae to see if there is anything we prefer, the waiter will also bring both menus if you ask. There is also a kid's menu for Luminae if your son is interested.
  6. I've read several times that Celebrity employees are afraid of getting a complaint or a negative rating on the survey from a disgruntled passenger, even if the passenger is in the wrong. Their livelihood depends on good reviews. If this is the case, it's too bad that there can't be a way to "flag" a difficult passenger so it doesn't effect the job security of crew who are just trying to do their jobs. The rest of the passengers would be very happy!
  7. Anytime you find yourself missing a balcony or a window, remind yourself of the money you're saving and what else you can spend it on. That should do it.
  8. Future cruisers, please don't take this heartwarming report as encouragement to forego trip insurance. I wouldn't count on Celebrity or any other cruise line to always be this accommodating. Plus, trip insurance covers so much more than cancellation of a cruise, such as trip interruption coverage. It can end up being very expensive if you don't have insurance.
  9. This may all work out, but frankly, it sounds like it will be a hassle and not my idea of a relaxing, stress free vacation. I agree that if you can, change the reservation for your kids into 1 cabin for the 3 of them, with you and your husband in the suite. Even if your kids are in a balcony, it will be cheaper than 2 cabins. Then, talk amongst yourselves about what your dinner expectations will be. As mentioned above, you can ask to have them dine with you in Luminae but it is not guaranteed and will cost you $30 extra per child. You can dine with them in the MDR, but Luminae is one of the main suite perks you are paying for so not sure if you want to do that too often. Also, there are 2 kinds of MDR dining, Traditional (with a set time, set table every night) and Select (show up when you want.) Sounds like they may be assigned to early Traditional at 6 pm, in which case there may not be room at their table. Of course, if the kids expect to eat pizza/burgers/buffet most of the time, that will be less of a problem. You said in your original post that you want your husband to get hooked on cruising -- you've got a lot of red flags with your current plan that may torpedo that.
  10. I've heard of cruise lines sometimes bending the rules and giving credit or a refund out of sympathy for a difficult situation. But this doesn't sound like anything for them to feel sorry for you about. Unless you have "cancel for any reason" insurance, I'm afraid you can expect to forfeit the 75%.
  11. I agree with the other posters. Sometimes we tip extra if the service as been exemplary, but most of the time we don't.
  12. We agree with all the others, have booked private tours for many years (often with others from our roll call) and never had a problem. Plus, the operators always make it clear that they are well aware of the time we need to be back onboard, and they also don't want to cut it too close. Their reputation is everything to them. You'll be fine.
  13. Congratulations and thanks for the reminder about requesting an upgrade after a price drop. It's not a good as a refund, but it is a gesture of good will that many likely miss out on.
  14. I hope that most everyone is happy with the deal they got --- even if, in fact, it doesn't make sense to the rest of us. It's sort of like buying a car. A friend recently drove into a car dealership in his dying car, drove out in a brand new one, and is pleased as punch with the "deal" he got and how he was treated. Did he really get a good deal? I wouldn't bet on it, but the important thing is that he thinks he did. I dislike seeing so many posts here from cruisers unhappy because the price went down, or someone else paid less.
  15. I'd think long and hard about booking a suite under the Lido deck. We had one on Caribbean Princess. It was a British Isles cruise so the weather wasn't warm enough for much pool time, but it was still noisy sometimes with kids running, chairs being moved. DH and I both said that we would have been very unhappy there on a warm weather cruise.
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