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  1. But the potential interest charge on £1000.00 does not devour all of the $1800.00 Even if one switches the current credit card to an interest free card, say over 12 months, the deposit switch fee could only be between 3% and 5% Even at 5% it’s still a no brainer.
  2. Then add the Shareholding Benefit and you’re into serious OBC
  3. But one pays for the 6 FCDs with plastic. The buyer can then spread the cost as required. Even if one is buying in one, two etc., think of it as ROI. Any investment broker, no matter how bad, would call the ROI a no brainer. Consider the proposition of solely my BIL. Not for every person. Give Cunard £1000.00, then in return Cunard gives you back a guaranteed £1000.00 in FCD’s deposit contributions, a type of bearer bond, plus $1800.00 in future OBC
  4. Yes, pay £175.00 receive £300.00 - thank you for the correction- even better no brainer. £175.00 can only be used as part of the deposit on a new booking future cruise You can not apply a FCD to a future cruise already booked. It has to be a totally new cruise, so you’ll have to use the FCD on the 2024 booking. The beauty of FCDs bein flexible is that you use them as/when required, say when the price is suitable. Don’t forget when the 2023/24 opens up there us an automatic 5% discount on Cunard Fares, and sometimes an uncreased Cunard Fare OBC, on top of the FCD OBC
  5. BIL is only looking to purchase a minimum of 6 not hundreds. Still, at £175.00 each it’s good value, because as you are aware, the £175.00 becomes a contribution towards the deposit and gains OBC. The ROI for the £175.00 is impressive. BIL Math. Paid £1200 for a balcony (DW Birthday Cruise ), then in return gains $1500.00 in future OBC In reserve is £1050.00 in deposit credits, being not lost or dead money, which would have been paid out anyway. If I didn’t have 14 to find a home for, would have done the identical.
  6. My BIL, who has only 2 off FCDs in hand, also thinks the 2022/23 sailing will be released in September this year, has booked a 4 night on QM for August. This with intention of purchasing a bundle of FCDs to be used for 2022/23 cruises. He did the Math, a no brainer, plus he has a short break thrown in for him and his DW for free (well almost)
  7. Once upon a time, on chilly days, Cunard used to have an open “honestly” table on the deck,s loaded with Cunard Tartan Blankets for the use of guests on the loungers. Unfortunately, these items proved to be extremely popular “take home” mementos by some, so the open displaying was ended. Interesting to note you do not consider attaining such mementos as a criminal act.
  8. Save any angst, use your Stateroom Attendant
  9. Any laundry, ironing or pressing requirements can be supported by one’s room Steward at a small cost. This leaves one free to enjoy the vacation. From another poster, it appears some treat the Laundry as an ideal place to read a good book.
  10. For you yes, for one no. Best to leave it as said by both parties and move on
  11. It’s your bag, and if it floats your boat, so be it, but still do not get it. One can think of many better areas around the ship to read a good book.
  12. Have so many Never fully understood people using, and actually sitting inside, a Launderette when on a Cruise Vacation.
  13. Correction, the Brick Tax, paid for the Councils buildings and the running of the city
  14. Yes Nice picturesque drive to and from Totally fascinating, with a good guide you will have an excellent day exploring in and out of buildings. Mostly flat terrain which will be of interest to those with mobility requirements. The “Brick Tax” paid for the the majority of building works and hope your guide gives details. There so many interesting places to be discovered, to open up your mind on the life and times. Ask your guide the question . With the thousands living and working, what were the toilet facilities. How it all ended will leave to your guide.
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