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  1. T'erds is a word constructed by my Bajan friends, being a combination of two wordsTowels and Herds. The T from Towels and 'erds from Herds to describe some tourists. TOWELS: Arrive by the cheapest means; deliberately take the most annoying spot on the beach to spoil a view of paying clients; spread the ship's Towles; constantly repeat the mantra "beaches are free" like a demented parrot; do not spend anything at the resort; bring food and drink browsed from the ship's buffet, all wrapped in a ship's napkin; bury their picnic debris in the sand; use the sea, beach and all the venue's facilities for free; if there is charge for toilets, decline and use the sea; return to the ship by the cheapest means. Then when back in the Ship boast they spent the day at Carambola (Kim Sha et al) taking lunch and drinks there. HERDS: Arrive loudly en masse; stay loudly; have shouting conversations on their mobiles, or with other herd members, albeit 2 feet or 20 yards way; bring coolers full of Supermarket bought beer and food, then demand ice for free; bring boom boxes and play on highest volume; sometimes pay for beds but insist a colony of friends is created; complain about the price of venue's food as the reason for buying a single slice of pizza. Seek to use Hotel or Beach facilities for free, failing that, turn the sea into a Urinal (aka going for a swim) Abuse or ridicule other guests, and members of the venue's staff, solely for the group's amusement. Basically, it's a group who knowingly do everything possible to spoil the genteel ambience of the venue, and to annoy as many people as it is physically possible. Then leave loudly en masse. Other items of annoyance can be added to each of the above definitions as required.
  2. Either purchase from the shops onboard (with OBC) or hire - cut/copy/paste Can I hire formal wear? Yes, gentlemen can hire tuxedos including shirts, trousers and dinner jackets on board from the shops. Tuxedo packages range from $90 for one night up to $250 for 5 nights*. We do not currently offer a hire service for ladies formal wear on board however a range of woman’s evening wear is available for purchase from our on board shops. Prices Black Tuxedo Packages** Includes Dinner Jacket, trousers and shirt Number of Nights Cost (USD) 1 $90 2 $125 3 $170 4 $210 5 $250 Individual Items Per Night** Cost (USD) Black Jacket $49.00 Dress Trousers $33.00 Dress Shirt $26.00 All items available in a wide range of sizes Sizes Jackets 38 - S, R, & L, 40 - S, R, L, & XL 42 - S, R, L, & XL 44 - S, R, L, & XL 46 - XS, S, R, L, XL 48 - XS, S, L 50 - XS, S, R, L 54 - R Trousers (waist - length) 30- 29, 31 & 33 32 - 29, 31, & 33 34 - 26, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 36 - 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 38 - 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 40, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 42 - 29, 31, 33 44 - 29, 30, 31, 32 46 - 31 48 - 29, 31, 33 Dress Shirts Available in sizes 14.5 to 18.5 (wing collar). Sizes 16, 17 or 18 (all white shirts). *Prices are subject to change **Subject to availability It is not possible to pre order formal wear and the hiring of shoes is not possible. Children's sizes are not available.
  3. The only thing walkable are local market stalls and craft market opposite the bus station. Out of port, turn right, fork in the road, to the right is the bus station, to the left are the market stalls. Don't know if they still do, but some stalls used to sell Bush Rum, some infused with the 'erbs of the Island.
  4. Can only think of one place. Walk to Palm Court Gardens with a pool.
  5. Or breathing in jet engine exhaust fumes
  6. Nothing on your VP Your booking invoice will show the booking OBC, then when shareholder benefits are claimed, these will also be applied and shown on a fresh invoice. Cunard tier benefits. https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/cunard-world-club
  7. Reed Princess with all her Island knowledge will soon drop in to CC and deliver all your answers. Have a fabulous day on a beautiful island with wonderful people.
  8. And if another condo stayer arrives before the T'erds, for $20.00 are they then directed to the rear of the 4 ranks for tour guests? Think for an early $20.00 a front rank could be arranged, and is.
  9. Others will give a splendid array of advice. But I will give one small thing, Cunard has an adult view on bringing whatever wine and liquor on board you may require. No restrictions. Your luggage is not searched like on Celebrity. Also do not forget to purchase while onboard some Future Cruise Deposits https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/before-you-sail/FCD
  10. Pushed on a barrel of Rhum in Martinique 1 Case fine Rhum in Martinique 2 Cases of fine Rhum/Rum in St Maarten 3 Cases Wine in Cherbourg (Portable Wheelbarrow) 1 Case fine Cuban Rum and a box of Cohiba Esplendido in Southampton (Gifts for USA friends - before opening up) Can list more.........
  11. The festival starts end on July with GK being the big highlight, then there are music festivals at venues which run until the 10/12th August.
  12. Try https://m.facebook.com/PremierAntigua
  13. For me it's the 1931 81st. - If you can find it. Followed by Royal Oak. Both fine rums, complex and not messed about with. You could try the small supermarket. Directions: Look from the ship to the covered local stalls market selling spices, souvenirs etc To the left of the covered market is a road, with a junction turn to the left. On the left corner is a building which looks like offices. This is the supermarket.
  14. Possibly, may have to search.
  15. Possibly, but no garantee. May have to search
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