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  1. Just pay the $10.00 (approx) and take a taxi. The walk is about 35 miniutes, is not a 100% pleasant one, and in the heat. Especially if one thinks you may be carrying Towles, food and drink. But if the idea is to save money, then another option would be to take the bus back to town and then another bus to VC. There are many likeminded souks would can price this for you on CC
  2. Winter Garden The QV exit doors to the pool area are automatic and to the ship's side, while on the QE the doors are manual and central. The QV walls by the Pool are actually sliding doors and open back.
  3. Totally agree. Working on your premise, Robins will now get a Knighthood.
  4. Plenty of time, plus plenty of patience, plus weatherproof outer covering as it usually rains, and sometimes very heavily. Give GA, noise, crowds and T'erds a miss, take a taxi over the hill to sanity.
  5. Parents contacted Age UK and were pointed in the right direction. Age UK have contacts within the Insurance Industry.
  6. Agreed FCD's only valid for bookings within a year of purchase, but we take 5/6 cruises per year and book cruises up to 18 months in advance. Therefore, for us it's a no brainier. Addendum Your Carnival Shareholding can be made part of your Pension Portfolio.
  7. Best to hold a stock of FCD's and when next on board just top your stock up, then you can book either at sea or on land. My Wife and I always carry six each. Never yet missed out on additional OBC. Your FCD money in never lost. Another tip, become a Carnival shareholder for even more OBC
  8. It appears CPS now offers an identical service as Parking4Cruises but possibly charges more. Compare both before booking. We select the additional OBC and stay at a Hotel overnight having secure parking with private taxi to port and back, and you retain the car keys.
  9. To our knowledge this scenario has never occurred. But if, and a big If, just join another group taxi with space. There will be plenty. However, there is a lot of skullduggery by Cruise tourists all over the Caribbean Islands, who ask to pay the out and return are on the return leg. Then deliberately miss the time of the booked return taxi, take an earlier taxi back to the ship, only paying the single fare. Total AH!
  10. Terrvette Tours &Taxi - Excellent Find on FACEBOOK Telephone +1 246-261-9554 terrvettetours@caribsurf.com Consider your beach stop at Rico's By The Sea.
  11. Okay, friends were there yesterday and have also visited JO. The difference is solely on what you want from an experience. SR is an excellent shabby chic upmarket Restaurant pushing towards M-Star with extensive kitchen facilities and chefs. Perched on rocks above the sea with a plunge pool and four posters. JO is an excellent shabby chic upmarket beach club, serving wonderful food, with direct access to the sea, with sunbeds positioned where you wish on the beach. SR best to book your lunch and fourposter in advance. JO best to book your lunch and day in advance. Flick a coin? Will not be disappointed with either.
  12. We too have met a well known Dame on QM2, but what Pantomime did your one appear in?
  13. St Kitts is not known for heavy rod fishing for deap sea big stuff, only shallow water action with light tackle sport for Bara and Mahi for entertainment.
  14. An afterthought. If you decide on Disckersons, consider Anna's on the Beach as they have comfortable loungers at about $20./25.00, but for about $30/35.00 grab a private Cabanna with voile sides. Get there early. Drinks are a little more than others on the beach. With regard to food, can't confirm how good, as it changed hands recently, and can only comment on past owners, when it was excellent.
  15. Possibly Dickersons or Runaway To save money, and if you happy with crowds, just take shared taxi at about $8.00 pp each way to any of Dickersons Turners Rum Bus - for a Caribbean vibe - a new outlet Valley Church Etc etc Sunbeds and umberella about $20.00 per set.
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