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  1. Shared taxi minibus fares are about $8.00 pp each way + tip, to all of the above
  2. An post Theatre evening cocktail, or two, in the Commodore listening to the piano.
  3. Curtain Bluff - All Inclusive Jacqui O's Cecilia's Catherine's Café Without a Beach then "Sheer Rocks" Book your Lunch/Day in advance for all.
  4. Private tax will be about US$40.00 with tip for 4 pax - Time about 30 minutes - Allow 40 minutes for your return. Don't forget to book you day in advance with Catherine's as beds are limited.
  5. Close to the port (Carlisle)? Then take a long lunch at Champers. Best to book in advance as very popular with Bridgetown discerning vacationers.
  6. For my part, it's a futile exercise and do not see the point. I'm on vacation and have no wish to go for a long unpleasant walk in the hot sun, accompanied by traffic, then to arrive at a beach that one has no interest to stay at. Pleased you enjoyed the walk.
  7. Never had a shore dive, but our girls prefer EcoDive over Blue Water, being more relaxed and supportive, but still 100% professional. Hope this assists.
  8. Think the parade takes place during the April Festival. To contemplate walking is not sensible as it equates to "easy moving target". Taxi there and back. No bling, no expensive cameras, no credit cards, minimum amount of cash (do not flash a bundle), go with a large group and stay together.
  9. Rico's On The Beach........ Shabby Chic, great padded beds, good food, and no T'erds
  10. Nerer used this taxi as plenty at the port. Previous post You can do it yourself or with a party of 4 as the taxi fare will be for the taxi. To the Gardens, work on about €40.00 Take the set lunch in the restaurant at €25,00 each Taxi to La Favorite Distillery about €30.00 - Buy a bottle of La Filbuste 1994 Taxi back to ship about €15.00
  11. Think there is a bar of sorts just outside the cruise terminal and inside the port.
  12. Spend your money on the Island. It will be greatly appreciated. Friends used Ace Ventura last December and had a wonderful day. Contact them direct to discuss and book. Do include Lunch at their favorite place (good local cuisine) the Rum Distillery visit. Don't forget to fully charge your camera battery, as there will so many wonderful memories to be snapped.
  13. Yes to Beds umberellas and beds. About $30.00 each way and about 30 minutes. Allow 40 minutes for the return.
  14. Yes, but it's a long way and not very pleasant.
  15. Suggestions Easy to take a taxi to Jardin, nice to take lunch there, then to the Distillery by another taxi. Plenty available. Clement is an interesting but sanitised tour. Consider La Favorite, more authentic (stepping back in time when everything was, and still is, a hand made process). Plus bigger pours, and ability to pick up a bottle of La Filbuste 1994 at an excellent price. Then taxi back to ship from the Distillery of choice (easier and less hastle).
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