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  1. An official site. Have a look, send enquiries and build a wonderful day. https://www.visit-venice-italy.com/address-tourist-board-venice-italy.htm
  2. Think the Concierge at your Hotel would be something to consider. It is then "In House" with one point of contact for bookings, schedules, itineraries, and any potential problems.
  3. Off limits (as you say) is everything including the Theatre, bars and Commodore Club, etc., except the Nightclub, Casino, Buffet, Winter Garden and it's bar, and the Pub. Buuffet is casual. Pack to fully enjoy the full ambience of Cunard.
  4. Dress code (minimum guide only) https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/the-cunard-experience/what-to-pack Shorts are considered okay throughout the ship prior to18.00 hours Bathing attire should be reserved for Pool Areas only please.
  5. Not lacking in class. Just not showing a good level of respect for the event, the Restaurant, the ship or other Guests.
  6. Answers Alchol = Yes Bring back what ever food you wish. Room Service choices are excellent with no extra charge items Possible to rent Tux, shirt, shoes etc onboard - Go to the Pursers Desk on embarkation as not available to prebook. Welcome to Cunard
  7. Agreed as an acceptable minimum in Formal Nights. Remember, an acceptable minimum standard to some is perceived as being the maximum of effort by the minimum standard wearer. Hence the divide of opinion on what the level of "effort" is actually made. - It's all in the mind of the wearer. Was once informed by a "Dark Suit" that "Tux" wearers are overdressed for Dinner, with both he and his Wife finding the 'Penguin Procession" (his words) to the Dining Room hilarious. It's all in the mind.


    Never booked, but postings on CC indicated it could be anywhere between two and eight weeks prior to sailing. Wish you luck for a good free upgrade.
  9. Sadly, we have 16 live from cancelled cruises, with 12 unused stored online with Cunard, which were destined for this month's new brochure. Happy to confirm Cunard have extended without boundaries. Don't think you'll have a problem using two FCDs by end of this month.
  10. What are any other uses for a shoelace?
  11. We link Credit Card at Checkin, then at the end of the cruise switch to pay the statement in cash on the final evening.
  12. Agreed Still have a load of "Old" FCDs which have been extended Then will use the "New" ones - @ £175.00 pp is still a no brainer.
  13. Dissapeared months ago, when Cunard updated their software to the new, improved, and totally user friendly version we have now. Your Cunard PCS has access to your history and can send you a copy.
  14. One assumes the "Campaign" pricing is identical to "Saver Fare", then the FCD is not usable. Recently, some Saver Fares were seen to be higher than an Early Saver. We book on "Launch", select our Stateroom, take the 5% launch discount, then be given good OBC for the Cunard Fare, use FCDs and take £50.00 pp off, and receive an additional US$250.00 pp
  15. One small part of the Cunard Culture is their Alchol Policy, where guests are treated as responsible adults, allowing potentially 'unlimited' amounts of Wine, Beer, Spirits and Sodas to be brought on at embarkation, or at ports visited, without seizures, for in Stateroom consumption. While onboard, and enjoying the experience, you should consider the purchase of a tranche of FCDs for future use, as/when required. A no brainer. An aside. There is no need to bring dressing gowns and slippers as they are isupplied by Cunard, you'll find them in the wardrobe of your Stateroom. In no doubt CC members will post some additional extras of Cunard
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