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  1. If a Cigar offiianado then https://www.lacasadelhabano.kn/ Select your favourite Cuban and pair it with a fine spirit.
  2. Totally agree Depaz is a fabulous small modern Distillery set in beautiful surroundings, and it will take your breath away. An excellent visual and educational tour. Samplings are somewhat controlled, as the better stuff is not on offer. However, my heart is with La Favorite, because you step back in time to when huge powerful noisy steam driven engines were the kings of power. A cacophony of bangs, clangs, whomps and hisses. This hand made process is still followed today. Also the tasting pours by hand are generous. Also I must admit to being a little biased towards La Favorite La Filbuste Rhum, being hand made, hand hand casked, hand bottled nectar, presided over by a true master. For the possibility see plants machinery in serious action, visit between February and June. Both tours are excellent, but for different reasons.
  3. Link QV Obstructed View Staterooms https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/fleet/qv_obs Link QE Obstructed View Staterooms https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/fleet/qe_obs Tour Suggestions Hermitage with the Gold Room An evening at the Ballet Ship operates normally throughout the stay in St Petersburg, except the Verrandah is closed for lunch.

    Carlisle Bay

    Based on personal experiences, as soon as one gives assistance regarding a "quiet" area close to the ship, then that area will be soon be overrun. Best to select one beach bar, then pay the associates to move/carry your beds etc to another area to your liking, same being considered "quiet".
  5. Never heard of Royal Westmorland issuing a day pass. Rico's only resemblance to the Boatyard is that one can just turn up, and pay as you go. On all other aspects they a poles apart. But it's good to talk. Send Rico a message stating your intention visit, giving the day, and ask Rico to reserve two thick padded beds and an umbrella under the palm trees (the best spot), Rico will oblige, and they will be set up, and reserved, for your arrival. If you wish to rent anything, say jet skis, just as Rico, and they will arrive. Rico and his Team are discreetly attentive, to ensure you have a great day. A new beachwear set as a souvenir from the beach Boutique? Enjoy
  6. Think our Ladies pay about $30.00 (then possibly an additional 15% service fee), plus cash tip. So if you so work on a $45.00 maximum total, then you'll not be wrong.
  7. Agreed, but it has been made known by MDs, that in the past, the Q outside Britannia has commenced well before they have opened the doors.
  8. Always best to book in advance. Contact them on Facebook to answer all your questions. https://m.facebook.com/RascalsBarbados/ Please do not make the 35/40 minute walk, give something back to the Island, and exit the port and take a taxi. Forget the minimbuuses inside the port. Fare only $5.00 pp and driver will be happy to take you back at your required time. Tips are greatfully appreciated.
  9. Think you will be okay. If not, a visit to th Maitre D on boarding, as they are always willing to assist, but sometimes it may take a couple of days.
  10. Think it was about $35.00, but does it matter what it costs, your on holiday? Just think of it as being free when using your OBC. It consists of the Fondu, accompanied by biscuits, marshmallows, plus a selection of fresh fruits including strawberries.
  11. Forget the Menu, just for the house speciality of the large Chocolate Fondu with a bottle of Fiz. You Lady will be sooooooo happy.
  12. Think the correct current answers will come direct from the Embassy. The Embassy's Official Medical Representative will be happy to issue a hard copy of their advise by E-mail.
  13. Rather than exchange with "outsiders" on CC as they will only give an opinion, on what the did or heard of someone doing in the past. Best obtain the current legal status and contact the Official Government Helpline: 0800 111 11
  14. Personally, would only use a recognised global brand. Therefore, please consider https://en.europcar-martinique.com/ Exchange with them direct. They should arrange for you to collect from the Cruise Terminal. Good luck. Enjoy Martinique.
  15. Go and enjoy, over 100 craft Gins https://ginpalace.ie/
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