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  1. DW always finds at least one dress at the House of Sparkle just down the road in Bournemouth. Alterations can be done, even bespoke details.
  2. Overlooked the obvious For those seeking a "second hand bargain" should consider the QM Charity Fete held on the final leg of the WC. The fete has a section called "Second Hand Rose" to which my DW always donates a number of formal dresses, shoes, bags etc.. For interest, the last WC fete generated about $11,000.00 (from memory), which is amazing when you consider formal dresses at the fete were sold at about $20/30.00 each.
  3. No relaxation on Cunard for evening attire, as packed suitcases cases can be put out up to 24.00 hours, and unofficially later. However, there is always the Buffets, but been given to understand on the last night, the buffets are somewhat busy with guests not wishing to dine formally, whatever the reason may be.
  4. If seeking a bargain, then the Sommeliers mostly have to hand a "bin-end" list.
  5. Cruisers have mentioned Dress2party in Southampton. But they contacted the store prior to visit to discuss/exchange etc, then visited for fittings etc. They can do alterations
  6. Apologises, but forgot to mention the expressions. La Favorite La Filbuste (25 years) La Favorite Cuvée Privilege (30 years) Because these expressions are so expensive in the U.K., along with other Rums/Rhums I now buy them direct from Martinique
  7. If you're looking for a beach bar, then may one suggest Lills, and gently sip the two top end La Favorite Rhums, served with a cold beer chaser. Or, as you probably wish, go for their famous brain numbing cocktails with a Rhum shots as chasers. A good bar vibe, with nice food being popular with hotel staying tourists and locals, just a short taxi ride from the pier. Don't know of any other Fort de France bar that serves La Favorite. Plenty of taxis for the return ride to the ship. Addendum On your return the Duty Free Shop on the pier has La Favorite. From memory, as you enter the DF, two thirds down on right, top shelf area. Have a great day.
  8. One stands to be corrected, but have been told that the Cunard bean counters have already factored into the Cruise Price that "everyone" will not pay, the daily charge, and "everyone" uses a FCD. Those who pay the daily charge and those who do not use a FCD add to the bottom line profits. To not add in these factors with a stable figure will give forward budgeting exposure to too many fluctuations in financial variables, and make budgetary forecasting an accounting nightmare. So stability in costings is therefore the byword. It's up to the individual what they pay the daily charge or not
  9. Never visited as beach is way too busy. But to assist the private taxi fare could be about $20.00 each way.
  10. As an additional thought, also request the large wooden beds, with the thick padded mattress, and huge umbrellas, as now there are also bog standard metalic ones in the front rank to the right of the wooden ones. Not pampered? Just ask is a deal could be had for a lobster lunch for all, with a glass of wine, beer, or soft drink. You'll never know, it's a garanteed additional revenue, they could say yes.
  11. Or walking into the Restaurant with a (stateroom) glass of wine in hand, is another big naff. Another naff is carrying a glass, and or in some cases many glasses, from any of the Welcome/Captain/Officer get togethers.
  12. No problem. The Somelier will have a copy of the next day's dinner menu, you can then decide together as to what of one of your special bottles is required, so it may be decanted.
  13. If Carambola is a must, then should, repeat must, book your Beds and umbrellas in advance, requesting a front rank position by the sea, all in a row as a family together. (Think from memory there are only 20 beds in the front rank) Having booked your beds etc, then arrival can be staggered over 3 taxis @ $4.00 per person each way, knowing there should be no problems with bed positions on arrival. 8000 PAX? Then do not wait another minute, book today requesting front rank all together, you'll receive a confirmation by email. their e-mail address from the web site : reservations@carambolabeachclub.com Also book via their website
  14. Can only repeat an action undertaken by an American couple we met on a Cunard trip to Mustique. The discussion was over the purchase of 2 bottle Sunset VSR, where the couple were flying back to USA. I mentioned the X-ray finding the high strength rum, but their successful protocol was to decant the VSR into well known shape of normal common rum, and bubble wrap.
  15. If you want to have an good Barbados experience, the take cocktails and dinner at Tides. Or for a great local vibe consider Rico's By The Sea.
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