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  1. Let's conjour a collective noun for those pieces of human detritus who deliberately avoid legitimate payments to the people of the Islands. Then the noun and it's definition can be added to the current T'erds listings. Suggestions please.
  2. T'erds is a word constructed by my Bajan friends, being a combination of two words Towels and Herds. The T from Towels and 'erds from Herds to describe some tourists. TOWELS: Arrive by the cheapest means; deliberately take the most annoying spot on the beach to spoil a view of paying clients; spread the ship's Towles; constantly repeat the mantra "beaches are free" like a demented parrot; do not spend anything at the resort; bring food and drink browsed from the ship's buffet, all wrapped in a ship's napkin; bury their picnic debris in the sand; use the sea, beach and all the venue's facilities for free; if there is charge for toilets, decline and use the sea; return to the ship by the cheapest means. Then when back in the Ship boast they spent the day at Carambola (Kim Sha et al) taking lunch and drinks there. HERDS: Arrive loudly en masse; stay loudly; have shouting conversations on their mobiles, or with other herd members, albeit 2 feet or 20 yards way; bring coolers full of Supermarket bought beer and food, then demand ice for free; bring boom boxes and play on highest volume; sometimes pay for beds but insist a colony of friends is created; complain about the price of venue's food as the reason for buying a single slice of pizza. Seek to use Hotel or Beach facilities for free, failing that, turn the sea into a Urinal (aka going for a swim) Abuse or ridicule other guests, and members of the venue's staff, solely for the group's amusement. Basically, it's a group who knowingly do everything possible to spoil the genteel ambience of the venue, and to annoy as many people as it is physically possible. Then leave loudly en masse. Other items of annoyance can be added to each of the above definitions as required.
  3. 1. It's your choice, and your choice alone, to make the decision if, or not, to declare you're from a Carnival ship, and then to fully accept the decision of the Marriott to allow, or not allow, entry. I believe TTE's protocol is honest and has merit, otherwise this noted experienced cruiser would not have posted same. 2. As posted many times on this board, T'erds is my Bajan friends combination of two descriptive nouns, with the detailed definitions of the two nouns also receiving multiple posts.
  4. 1. Particular Reason: If you wish have the opportunity to purchase a day pass 2. Not suggesting there is anything bad about the beaches of South Frigate or South Friars.
  5. Here is TTE's definitive protocol for the Marriott. I've have never made reservations once on our visits to the Marriott, when are you going?? Between now and Christmas you won't need anything but a smile and a credit card for your $35.00(Please don't pay the booking fee.) day pass at the St. Kitts Marriott. It's this simple, when your taxi drops you off in front of the Marriott, you walk directly towards the concierge desk to your left with a big smile, credit card in hand, they're going to ask you what ship you are on, IF you happen to be cruising on a Carnival Cruise Ship, lieπŸ˜„ and tell them your cruising on either a Princess, Royal Caribbean or even Holland America if you have too, hand them your credit card when she hands you your receipt walk over to the elevator get in it and hit THE BEACH button, walk out and go have a great day! First thing's first, go back to the bar order a good bloody mary and get a tab started, yep break out that credit card again. 😁 You'll figure out the rest. If you have 4-5 people in your group I would not only consider a day room, I would do a day room same price altogether you get a nice room for the day to keep your stuff and go and get out of the sun for a few it's nice, only way to go 4 or more. Have fun!! ..........Suggest you Google a Condo near the port and make this your staying point

    Rum Bus Beach

    https://www.rumbusbeach.com/ Don't think they charge for seating. Prices are in ECD - 2 ECD = $1.00
  7. Yes, for both red and white. A small gratity seals the deal.
  8. When buying in the Caribbean, consider the purchase of a small portable gemstone testing tool, as some retailers are not 100% honest.
  9. The perfect place for your requirements is Catherine's. Since the takeover, food and drinks have improved immensely, but it is not "close" to the quay. If it suits (a discerning cruiser) then book your lunch/day in advance as beds are limited.
  10. All Beach Bars are frequented by T'erds, so go to the Marriott for a day pass. Follow the TTE protocol and do not, repeat not, say you're off a Carnival ship. Select another ship in Port.
  11. With little ones, it is best not to venture too far. Therefore, it just has to be La Plywood. Little ones (next generation of clients) are welcomed and spoilt. The bar will appreciate you made the journey, and you will experience a true taste of Grenadian hospitality and the beauty of the island and it's people, also being well away from the Babylon of Grand Anse. And No T'erds.. Enjoy http://laplywood.restaurantwebx.com/
  12. Because they will be full if you're from a Carnival ship. However, if you have a wish to declare yourself as being from a Carnival ship as an effective entry card, just go ahead and try.
  13. There is no cost of transportation, any monies (generous or not) are given as a gift for Rica (his Daughter). And are handed over as a gift for Rica, as simple as that. Be assured all gifts given are 100% to Rica, Rica gets some occasional toys and assists in her education, school fees, uniforms etc.. Not one cent goes to Rico. I you have time, visit his Mothers "Rum Bar". 100% Bajan ethnic and of the Isalnd.
  14. As there are children involved, go to Turners. The easy gentler entry to the sea is to the far left of the beach as you enter. Bag solid shades close to the bar., toilet and shower facilities are close to the static shades just behind the bar. Also, as it sometimes rains heavily so you'll be close tho shelter of the large covered bar area. Don't forget to spend a few dollars at 'Grandma's" souvenir and clothing stalls (to your right on entry), before you leave. Before grabbing the shuttle ($8.00 pp each way, kids are usually free) the adults should purchase a cheap bottle of local rum for the beach, at about $10/12 fir a whole bottle, as drinks at beaches are about $7.00 per shot plus mixer. Buy mixers at the port or at the beach, but take a bucket of ice from your stateroom, as the ice water quality has provenance.
  15. Or blow the whole OBC, as it's free money, then spend the amount what you would have done on a birthday gift.
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