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  1. Sorry, but one does not understand your perceived rant. We did a part WC last year on QM and the difference between a BA coach seat and WT+ was £150.00 pp. The BA charge for an additional suitcase in Coach was over £100.00, so it was a no brainier for about £40.00 more. According to your premise, being willing to pay £40.00 for a better seat, food and flying experience, one is perceived as having lots of money to throw about.
  2. Totally agree, they also complain about the luggage weight restriction in Coach as an excuse for not wearing a Tux, when we all know they can pay for additional suitcases when in Coach. For us, flying is a necessary pain and not a pleasant experience, so we pay to make it as comfortable as we can. Additional suitcases included is a bonus. On a irlines, the cost of a seat upgrade is not that much more than paying for an additional suitcase at check-in.
  3. Totally agree, we would be happy to pay the $1000.00 to ensure the elements of our Cunard Cruise experiences are not dimished. In addition, there are thousands of Cunarders who will agree with your premise and be hapoy to pay. Cunard prices have substantially reduced in real terms over the years, it's time to rebalance.
  4. If interested in land tours, the tree are plenty of reputable taxi operators by the cruise terminal. However, if wanting something special, then consider a full day on the water, all the best sights, snorkelling, Lunch, drinks, beaches, airplanes taking off and landing from your boat (best viewing position). Take a look at - https://www.soualigadestinations.com/
  5. The thoughts of many on CC is to send Cunard a 14 day notice of Legal Action, then if no substantive reply, go to Law filing your claim on line. The process is simple, and when you win your case Cunard will be forced by judgement to pay your claim and all costs. And if Cunard fail to pay, then send in the Bailifs. Or file Section 75 with you Credit Card Provider if you paid by Credit Card.
  6. https://www.aliciasinn.com/ Clean, simple, well appointed room and price reasonable. In the centre of Phillipsburg for Restaurants and near a small but well stocked supermarket. Short taxi ride to ship. Never stayed there, but friends did for one night on a side to side. Suited their needs perfectly, very happy and no complaints. Nice welcome on arrival.
  7. Found an English version. https://www.agriturismo.it/en/farmhouse/lazio/rome/AziendaAgricolaSinisi-8830898/index.html
  8. Simple, rustic and definitely off the beaten track. Discovered by accident. http://www.aziendasinisi.com/
  9. Unable to give a comparison between hotels. However, can recommend Mezzanine for pre-dinner drinks as they have a long, long, long happy hour" and a great place to people watch. And dine at Marmalade with one if their wine pairing menus. Book early as popular with locals and tourists.
  10. El Convento - Spirit of OSJ La Concha - Modern Twist or at a lower price points CasaBlanca Milano
  11. First apologises. Came across this thread by accident, and can confirm our own personal tipping policy (over and well above Standard Grats) does return great benefits on Cunard. Not going to list here, but they, in many ways, do enhance our cruise experiences. To coin a Bajan phrase, "What goes around.....,"
  12. This suggestion is so simple and brilliant, it will have legs with discerning cruisers, as it opens up so many possibilities. For example, Venice can become an extended overnight stay tour option, for shows, theatre, opera, music and dining etc. Thought: Hotels at say three price points, prebooking your chosen hotel, event/s and chosen treansport on CP. Possible Method: Coach or Driver to hotel, check in, afternoon free time, event/s, breakfast, free time, lunch at your special place, then back to ship, arriving late afternoon.
  13. This is true, and even more appalling, is that these pieces of detritus consider it a success, and are proud of their achievements.
  14. It's not the cruise ships that spoil the Venice experience, it's the human detritus that are on the ships, who are unfortunately allowed to get off.
  15. Or one man's fish is another man's poisson .....
  16. There is ethical FG....... Noted on packaging
  17. The ban is only on the cruel farming practices in the UK, not for UK Retail.
  18. Never stayed later than just after 01.00, with people still dancing, if this assists.
  19. We do multiple b2bs on Cunard, booking early to secure same Stateroom with Cunard Fare OBC, then utilise FCDs for each seperate voyage, with additional OBC per voyage. Will look at the Math fot a 2023 WC by seperate Voyages.
  20. And you immediately advised them of their mistake....
  21. You posted a statement, probably based on substantive facts. A CC member politely asks a legitimate question on the statement, and the answer the CC member received was an abrupt question. One thinks it's impolite to answer a question with a question.
  22. One does not think those of a kind and generous disposition, give a jot if they in a group or not. Therefore, the size of any fictitious group is of no consequence
  23. Simple clarification It is usual for kind and generous cruisers to give additional tips, as a standard protocol. For other cruisers, same being not kind or generous, it is a standard protocol not to give additional tips. So in essence both groups do have a "standard" protocol.
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