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  1. Great reporting! We're now on the Volendam (Grand SA/Antarctic) and will start our Antarctic Experience cruising from Ushuaia departing on February 2nd and at sea from February 3rd until arrival in Port Stanley on February 9th. Wondering if the the Volendam & Amsterdam will come close enough to see each other. Just hoping.
  2. Now in Punta Arenas, Chile on the Volendam. Hoping to see the Amsterdam going the opposite direction around the Horn. Asked the cruise / travel director if we will indeed pass each other.
  3. Are they still printing the morning newspapers? They still are being so on the Volendam which we are now on for the Grand South America/Antarctica. We thought that HAL would stop the printing of the morning papers starting at the beginning of the year.
  4. Can't wait to get onboard. We were supposed to have boarded the Volendam on December 20th to make a B2B with this cruise. But we had to cancel the December 20th embarkation because of illness. So we have been 99% packed for this cruise since December 17th. It has been tough to resist going into our luggage for clothing items. 😉
  5. We're now 11 nights short of 4-Star. About to board Volendam on a Grand Voyage (77-Day South America/Antarctica). We're wondering if, once we board, they will apply the qualified on-board spending credits right away and accelerate our 4-Star loyalty status.
  6. Nice reports! Makes us think of our 2018 WC. Kiss the fish, kiss the fish! Lol 😉 Are they still printing the daily NY times newspapers? Heard rumors that HAL considering to stop printing these newspapers.
  7. Test Caption 1 Test Caption 2 Test caption 3
  8. Having gone through much of the 68 pages of posts on this thread, it appears that one should use a photo hosting service like Shutterfly, Photobucket and the like to post photos on CC. Having lost all of our photos that we have uploaded to TinyPic (did not rescue them in time after notification), we're reluctant to start again with another hosting site. As you can see, we've been trying, with limited success, to post and caption photos directly from our laptop hard drive (Windows 10). Question: Is it still the CC photo posting protocol that we must use a photo hosting site? Or have Windows 10 users discovered a way to post and caption photos from their computers?
  9. Ma Main Deck Orientation with 3rd Mate
  10. Great reporting, as per usual. But we have to again ask; is Dolly aboard? She was on the 2018 WC with us. Just curious as to if she is continuing her 30+ years of literally living on the ms Amsterdam.
  11. Err, looks like TinyPic shut down operations on September 16th. Because we were on travel, we missed the opportunity to move our photos to Photobucket, so those images are lost. But we will try to upload them here one more time when we get the chance.
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