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  1. We were booked on the Origin December, 2020 to celebrate a milestone birthday....of course that was cancelled. We rebooked for December, 2021. As we ended up booking our own air I tried to book an extra night at the JW Marriott pre-cruise (in addition to the 2 nights included with the cruise). When I contacted Marriott I learned that the hotel is closed. There are no rooms that can be booked and all dates are blacked out. So not only does cruising to this region need to resume in order for the Origin to sail, but the hotel Silversea uses for the pre-cruise needs to reopen. Fingers crossed this
  2. I am not sure why it is quoting the above when I wanted to make a new comment. We are booked for the Galapagos for December. We ended up taking the air credit and booked our air independently (business class). We are going to arrive a day early and tried to contact the JW Marriott to book the room for an extra night. Well guess what, the hotel is closed with no reopening date scheduled. So for those of you who are planning to go on this cruise in June (if it's a go) they will need to reopen the hotel OR find a different hotel to accommodate the group.
  3. I did end up booking our own air and will be getting a refund from Silversea for $1,500 ($750 pp). On the way there we are flying in one day early, just in case something happens. I booked with miles. From Los Angeles we fly to Houston and then from Houston to Quito. These flights are not a true business/first class in the sense that the seats are not layflat. Now for the return flights out of Guayaquil the flights are to Miami. It seems way out of the way to fly to Miami when we are on the west coast but I snagged business class seats for both flights with layflat seats, from Guayaquil to Mia
  4. We have done some pre-cruise land tours but in every case they were included with the cruise at no additional or very little cost. If this pre-cruise land tour is at a substantial additional cost my experience has been that you can usually do it on your own for much, much less.
  5. I think you need to let your TA know now that you want the credits applied to your cruise.
  6. Yes, I got the email. Finally some word on the new Allura class ship. I am so anxious to book this and happy to know there will be some news on Marh 16. The subject of the email is NEW SHIP ANNOUNCEMENT, and in the body of the email it states: Great Adventures Are Just Over the Horizon. On March 16th, We'll Change Your View of the World.
  7. I think everyone's suspicions that the June cruises will be cancelled is probably correct based on past patterns of showing wait-list for all categories just prior to the cancellaton announcement. All Alaska cruises are wait-listed too, but not yet cancelled because I think Regent is hoping to work some way around the rules with Canada. It is possible that Regent is wait-listing all the cruises because once they start sailing the ships may not be able to sail at full capacity. I am hoping that is the reason they are doing this, but I am not overly optimistic.
  8. Did not realize there is an International airport in Guayquil. I also confirmed on the website that they give you $750 pp if you do your own air and transfers are not included when you do.
  9. Thinking about going business/first class and booking air on our own. We booked the Baltra to San Cristobal itinerary. At the end of our cruise we disembark and they include a day at a hotel in Guayaquil if you have a late flight (which most of them seem to be) when checking the distance from Guayaquil to the airport in Quito, it is a very long distance. Do you know how they transfer you? If you book your own air will you still get the transfers? Are you just booking the flight from Miami to Quito or are you booking RT? Do they give you $750 pp reduction on the package for one way or RT?
  10. We usually book our pre-cruise hotel on our own and take the credit from Regent. We have found we can book for much less, and we usually stay a day or two additional. Regent charges much more for adding days. I recommend the Canopy by Hilton in Reykjavik. Since you mentioned this is your first Regent cruise do you have someone who referred you? If you would like a referral please email me. My email address is at the bottom of my signature.
  11. If you are still looking for a sponsor email me. My email is at the bottom of my signature.
  12. We have an Alaska cruise scheduled for September and just verified what you posted....that our cruise is indeed now showing WAITLIST for every category. While they haven't officially cancelled the Alaska sailings it is looking more and more unlikely that there will be any Alaska cruises in 2021. I know they are trying to work something out with Canada but it is not looking too hopeful. I am so disappointed after carefully planning all the details of a pre-cruise trip to Denali (on our own), with all hotels, rental car, etc., as well as flights. This is really going to be devastating for Alask
  13. It does not look very promising for our Regent Alaska cruise (September 1, 2021). If it is canceled it will be the 7th vacation canceled...not all are cruises.
  14. We were supposed to sail on the new Silver Origin to the Galapagos last year, which of course was cancelled due to Covid. Thinking about booking again. The cruise that was cancelled started in San Cristobal and ended in Baltra. In looking at dates for the cruise we want to book, we are looking at one that starts in Baltra and ends in San Cristobal. I seem to recall that there were some differences in what you would see and which islands you would stop at. Does anyone know what the differences are?
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