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  1. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    I am not in the same position as those of you who booked cruises that are being cancelled at this time (prior to April 13, 2019) but I think those of you who are booked on these cruises are going to be notified today. I have a cruise booked in July, 2020 on the Eclipse 2, and after seeing what has happened to all of you, and after learning the second Eclipse has not even started construction we decided to cancel. I don't want to be strung along as some of you have been until right before your sailing and I want to look for something else to book during that time period. I wrote to them and told them and today received this email: Dear Carol, As you have heard, overnight Scenic announced the delay in the launch of the Eclipse. Unfortunately, the recent strike of the specialist engine and system commissioning workers has had a direct impact on us achieving the January launch. This morning, we have started to reach out to our US impacted guests. Per your request, your Arctic 2020 reservation has been cancelled. As per our process, the cancelled invoice has been sent to your travel agent Annette and a refund check in the amount of $4107 will be issued and sent to your Encino, CA address. Please expect payment to be received within the next 7 to 10 days. I acknowledge the regrettable impact and disappointment this has had on your plans. Offering guests the experience of discovering the world of all-inclusive luxury remains Scenic’s primary focus. Scenic Eclipse will set a whole new benchmark in design, innovation and luxury when she sets sail. Thank you for your continued support of Scenic and we look forward to welcoming you on board the Scenic Spirit in February of 2020. (We have a cruise booked with Scenic in Asia).
  2. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    I am so sorry that your cruise has been cancelled! I booked a cruise on The Eclipse 2 and since they haven't even started construction on it I am going to cancel it immediately. There is no way the second Eclipse can be built and completed by July, 2020 if it's anything like the problems with getting the first Eclipse built.
  3. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Yes I heard that too. Keep us posted if you hear anything. Good luck!
  4. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Have you heard anything from Scenic yet about your March 2, 2019 cruise? Doesn't seem very encouraging that the ship will be ready. I hope I am wrong.
  5. Carol From California

    Globes in gift shop

    I packed it in my suitcase, no problem. I also love looking at it as it reminds me of our travels.
  6. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Not me. My booking is on the Scenic Eclipse 2 and it does not appear that ship has started construction. When I booked it they did not tell me it was on the Eclipse 2. My cruise is 1 year and 9 months away so doubt the ship will be completed on time. As for those booked on Eclipse 1 we will find out soon if first sailings will happen in January.
  7. Carol From California

    Question about boots on Silver Cloud

    We were on the Cloud in February (Antarctica). The boots are not free. You can either bring your own or you can rent them. You reserve your size before you go. When you get onboard if they don't fit properly they have loads of spare boots so you can exchange them for your size. We purchased ours ahead of time.
  8. Carol From California

    Experience with Travelers Tours Peru?

    We went to Peru this year (land tour) and used Kuoda Travel in Cusco. It was a fantastic well-planned trip which included Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, Cusco and Lima. We had a private driver and guide. It included all hotels, tours and some meals. They have been recommended by others on these boards and I also highly recommend them. I think I first read about them on these boards or on Trip Advisor. They can assist in planning tours in other parts of South America.
  9. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    I got the same email with video from Glen Moroney. It is hopeful that the Eclipse 1 will begin sailings at the end of January, 2019 as they have stated. My concern is that I am booked on the Eclipse 2, in July, 2020 and they haven't even started to build the ship. Hoping for updates soon.
  10. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Thanks Laura. I wish that Scenic would post here with updates. :)
  11. Carol From California

    Viking vs Oceania help

    We have cruised on both. If I had a choice between Oceania and Viking and if the Oceania cruise was on the Riviera or Marina I would choose Oceania. Please note that the 2020 itineraries for Oceania are being released on October 17 so you might be able to find something in September on Oceania. I would avoid going in July. Food is much better on Oceania in my opinion. We like both lines and have a cruise booked on Viking for 2019, but I prefer Oceania.
  12. Carol From California

    Just announced! 3 new ships for Silversea

    Like you Terry, we were considering a Galapagos cruise on either the Silver Galapagos or the Celebrity Flora, the new ship Celebrity is building. To me the Flora looks much better than the Silver Galapagos, but now that Silversea is building 3 new ships I might wait for those.
  13. Carol From California

    The future of Silversea in Expedition Cruising?

    This is great news! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Disregard email address. Bounced back today adding to the frustration dealing with Scenic.
  15. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Very frustrated with speaking to their U.S. office. They don't want to talk with you if you have a travel agent. Just trying to get some information on the status of the construction. Told them that there are no updates on the website since February 3, 2018. They know nothing. They only say that everything is on schedule. Was able to find the email address for the head person at Scenic. I sent him an email. Perhaps if we all email him we might get some answers. glen.moroney@scenictours.com.au.