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  1. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    This article is more encouraging. Thanks for sharing the link. It seems like things are going to get worked out which is good news.
  2. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    I do feel for all of you who booked and cruises were cancelled. I may be crazy but I am going to hang in there a bit longer and see what happens. My Eclipse cruise is not until July, 2020 so a lot can happen between now and then. I also have a Mekong river cruise booked with Scenic in early, 2020. I just checked my travel insurance, which by the way is FREE with my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card and should the cruise(s) be cancelled due to financial insolvency of the tour operator we would be completely covered. I'll see how this plays out...if the Eclipse launches in 2019 or not. There should be some news soon as it is not that far off. We should hear soon about the shipyard and how Scenic can resolve this, if they can.
  3. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    If what you are saying turns out to be true then Scenic needs to come out with the truth instead of advertising and booking more cruises for 2019. I hope that they have figured out a way to get the ship out of the shipyard and we shall all know that very soon. April is just around the corner.
  4. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    The first cruise I think is in April, which is not that far off. Has anyone who is on that cruise heard anything? I keep getting ads for 2019 cruises on the Eclipse so they are still booking them. We are booked in 2020 so hopefully things will all get resolved soon. I hope there is not another delay in the launch. Things are so quiet.
  5. Carol From California

    Another NEW Ship

    Just got off first cruise on Explorer and we loved it! Happy to hear about this, as with new ships just like the Explorer (Spendor and now this new one) we are more apt to book another cruise with Regent. Hoping for some new and different itineraries!
  6. Carol From California

    New ‘Allura’ class ships

    I got the email about this too. Very exciting! https://players.brightcove.net/5436121813001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5985996881001
  7. Carol From California

    Polar bears?

    We went to Antarctica with Silversea in February of this year and like you now want to go on an Arctic cruise. We booked the new Scenic Eclipse for July, 2020.
  8. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    We booked again! We are now back on an Arctic cruise in 2020! Looking forward to it!
  9. Carol From California

    Men's sportscoat or short sleeved dressy shirts

    My husband usually does not pack a sportscoat. Short sleeve collared shirts will be fine.
  10. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I was booked on Scenic 2 for July, 2020. It took some digging to find that I was not booked on Scenic 1. The local reservation office said the ships are both the same and that I should not worry about which ship I was booked on. After reading about the delays with Scenic 1, I did more digging and learned I was in fact booked on Scenic 2. When I learned that the construction of the second Eclipse had not even been started I decided to cancel my cruise. They gave me a complete refund of my deposit. Now when I go on their website and search for the cruise I had booked (which had other bookings) it is completely missing from the site. The itinerary was called "Arctic Jewel". It seems that they have cancelled it completely.
  11. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    I am in a different boat (no pun intended) than most of you. I booked an Arctic cruise which is not until July, 2020 and is on the Eclipse 2. When I booked it they could not tell me it was on the second Eclipse and it was difficult to get the information that it was not on the first Eclipse. When I asked which ship their reply was that both ships are identical so it did not matter. I was reading about the delays on the Eclipse 1, and this made me worried so I investigated further. I finally found out that indeed I was booked on the Eclipse 2 and they have not even started construction on it, so there is no possible way that it will be completed in time to sail in July, 2020. I cancelled this week without any difficulties and they overnighted my check by Fed Ex which I received today. I originally put it on my credit card but this is how they wanted to return the funds. They handled it rather quickly so I am sure you will all get your money back. We have a river cruise booked with Scenic in Asia which we will keep. I would like to book another cruise on the Eclipse but I will wait and see when they finish it and see how the first few sailings go. Good luck everyone!
  12. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    I am not in the same position as those of you who booked cruises that are being cancelled at this time (prior to April 13, 2019) but I think those of you who are booked on these cruises are going to be notified today. I have a cruise booked in July, 2020 on the Eclipse 2, and after seeing what has happened to all of you, and after learning the second Eclipse has not even started construction we decided to cancel. I don't want to be strung along as some of you have been until right before your sailing and I want to look for something else to book during that time period. I wrote to them and told them and today received this email: Dear Carol, As you have heard, overnight Scenic announced the delay in the launch of the Eclipse. Unfortunately, the recent strike of the specialist engine and system commissioning workers has had a direct impact on us achieving the January launch. This morning, we have started to reach out to our US impacted guests. Per your request, your Arctic 2020 reservation has been cancelled. As per our process, the cancelled invoice has been sent to your travel agent Annette and a refund check in the amount of $4107 will be issued and sent to your Encino, CA address. Please expect payment to be received within the next 7 to 10 days. I acknowledge the regrettable impact and disappointment this has had on your plans. Offering guests the experience of discovering the world of all-inclusive luxury remains Scenic’s primary focus. Scenic Eclipse will set a whole new benchmark in design, innovation and luxury when she sets sail. Thank you for your continued support of Scenic and we look forward to welcoming you on board the Scenic Spirit in February of 2020. (We have a cruise booked with Scenic in Asia).
  13. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    I am so sorry that your cruise has been cancelled! I booked a cruise on The Eclipse 2 and since they haven't even started construction on it I am going to cancel it immediately. There is no way the second Eclipse can be built and completed by July, 2020 if it's anything like the problems with getting the first Eclipse built.
  14. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Yes I heard that too. Keep us posted if you hear anything. Good luck!
  15. Carol From California

    Scenic Eclipse

    Have you heard anything from Scenic yet about your March 2, 2019 cruise? Doesn't seem very encouraging that the ship will be ready. I hope I am wrong.