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  1. Thank you for posting your review. Excited for the new ship as we are ready to book for 2020. It's been on the bucket list for a long time.
  2. New Itineraries: https://www.oceaniacruises.com/emags/tropics_and_exotics_2020_2021/page_7.html
  3. Spoke to someone at Oceania today and he said the itineraries will be on the Oceania website on April 12 and bookings start April 17.
  4. You may be right about that. I want to see the "next" group of itineraries. Thanks!
  5. Not interested in World Cruise or Insignia. We like the Marina and Riviera. Actually can't wait for the new Allura class ship in 2022! Also looking for something in September or October. World cruise is January 9 to July 9.
  6. I was told the summer itineraries will be released on April 17. If anyone gets a sneak preview please share on this forum. Thanks!
  7. I have a phone app on my phone (Cruise Mapper) that shows the ship's location. Not sure how accurate it is but it appears to be in the sea near Kristiansund.
  8. Here is the link: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html Good news for you, and have a great cruise!
  9. Just found this article: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20604-scenic-turns-up-pressure-on-uljanik.html
  10. Viking has an updates page on their website: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html After the incident the update was that one cruise was cancelled. Now it's saying that cruise guests will be notified if their cruise is affected. It also says you can log in to MyVikingJournal.com and check on your particular cruise. Something is telling me that more than the one cruise will be cancelled.
  11. Just read about this. Very scary! Prayers to all onboard that everyone gets evacuated safely. We happy to be booked on the Sky in August.
  12. I so agree with your post. There are some people who continually post on here who have made it clear they would never book a cruise on the Eclipse. These people have made their point. Enough is enough. I am looking forward to my cruise on the Eclipse in 2020.
  13. On the U.S. website they do have an update. Not sure about the Australia site. https://www.scenicusa.com/ocean-cruises
  14. We just did the Cape Town to Cape Town holiday cruise in December/January. It was fantastic! We did the pre-cruise safari at Bayethe, Shamwari. Highly recommend that one! Apparently the pre-cruise safari used to be free but when we booked the cruise two years in advance the discounted price was $799/per person. They have raised the price and now it is $1,199 per person for 2020. Our cruise was on the Explorer and it was a holiday cruise so it was extra special! I noticed that Regent is not offering this itinerary in 2019 but in 2020 they are offering it twice. One is in early December and the second is a holiday cruise. In 2020 it is on the Voyager, not the Explorer. This cruise was one of the best we have ever experienced on so many levels and the safari was one of the highlights. Some of the excursions we did were also game drives so we had the opportunity to do several. They are no longer allowing guests to get on the elephants in Addo but we did go there as one of our excursions and it was pretty incredible. You see lots of elephants and very up close. On one of our other game drive excursions we saw beautiful white lions.
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