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  1. Hi Tami. We usually cruise on Regent too. We are booked on the Eclipse next summer for the Arctic. We went to Antarctica with Silversea and had no problem with Internet, so you should be okay. Sounds like you are going to have an incredible cruise....love the itinerary.
  2. Exactly. Making it "secret" builds the curiosity and suspense! I think they have a lot of competition in the expedition category. For one thing these ships have too many passengers compared to the competition.
  3. The expedition cruises have a more relaxed dress code but the standard Silversea cruises are definitely not relaxed.
  4. I received something in the mail and was able to view the information on the Viking website by entering a code. There is no mention about whether there will be a helicopter. There are some renderings of the ship and I don't see where there would be a helipad, but it could be hidden from view. The Scenic Eclipse has two helicopters and a submarine. I booked it for next year for the Arctic. Someone I know was just on the ship and went in the helicopter and submarine. It does cost additional, and even with only 200 passengers it is not something everyone would be able to do based on the demand. With 378 passengers it would seem to be even less likely to experience it (if they have it) unless you are booked into the higher category cabins. The first photo is the Scenic Eclipse. The second photo is the rendering of the new Viking ship.
  5. We actually booked the Galapagos on the new Silversea Origin for 2020 (December). As you pointed out this ship only has 100 passengers. It is absolutely gorgeous!
  6. One of the things that surprised me is the number of passengers on these new expedition ships Viking is building. We went to Antarctica in 2018 on the Silversea Cloud, which is a luxury expedition cruise ship. There are only 200 passengers in the polar regions even though the ship can hold around 250 passengers in other locations. We were told they limit the number of people who can go on the landings in Antarctica. How will Viking be able to do this with 378 passengers? We went off the ship twice per day to do the landings. Times were staggered to allow for everyone to do two landings per day. On Silversea the fare includes air, you get a much larger cabin, a butler, and liquor and gratuities are included. Their 10 day itinerary which is Ushuaia to Ushuaia includes a one-night hotel stay in Santiago, Chile and also includes the round trip charter flight from Santiago to Ushuaia. Viking's prices seem high by comparison with almost double the number of passengers. We are currently booked on the new Scenic Eclipse for the Arctic in 2020. This is a brand new luxury expedition cruise ship that also includes butlers, liquor, gratuities, amazing restaurants, and the standard cabin is much, much larger than the Viking standard cabin. Check out the Scenic Eclipse to see how amazing this ship is....there is absolutely no comparison between this ship and the new Viking expedition ships being built. There are also only 200 passengers in the polar regions. We do like Viking very much (we just completed a cruise to Norway and Iceland) but think there are much better options for expedition cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica.
  7. You should probably check on the UK Regent website to see if the program applies in the UK. Here is a link to the US website which explains the Ambassador referral program. I suppose it does not hurt to try it by filling out the form. Email me at Carol@CarolWolfe.com and I will give you my info. https://www.rssc.com/ambassador?kenibpid=p.403._k_EAIaIQobChMIvtHP2Y705AIVwxx9Ch2guQr5EAAYASAAEgJRhfD_BwE_k_.cr890524&s=PS_TSI_NB_DST_GOO-g_NA_SRH_GENMISC__NA_US_GENMISC_aud-820560193418:dsa-761510476747&_st_custom_id=_k_EAIaIQobChMIvtHP2Y705AIVwxx9Ch2guQr5EAAYASAAEgJRhfD_BwE_k_&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvtHP2Y705AIVwxx9Ch2guQr5EAAYASAAEgJRhfD_BwE
  8. So excited to see that the Explorer is doing the Alaska itineraries in 2021 so we booked it! We went to Alaska in 2009 (first Regent cruise) and have wanted to do a return visit. In January we were on the Explorer for the first time and we now have two future cruises booked on her. We just love that ship! I know that we would love the Splendor too and would love to sail on her too once we find the right itinerary.
  9. I have some friends who were on the Cloud in the Arctic this summer. They told me there were 4-5 straight days with NO Internet. I was really disappointed to hear that....we previously sailed to Antarctica on the Cloud and had Internet almost the entire time. I am going to the Arctic next summer (not on Silversea) and am worried about this....I also need to be in touch for business.
  10. Thanks for the wonderful description of the Chef's Table dinner but no photos came through.
  11. Take a look at all the other benefits of the card in the attachment. Not to mention the sign-up bonus of 50,000 points. It's easy to rack up points because you get 3 x points on travel and 3 x points on dining at restaurants. The $300 annual travel credit means the annual fee is really only $150. You get complimentary Priority Pass Lounge membership and reimbursement for Global Entry fee. You can use the points to get business class airline seats. Chase Sapphire Reserve Insurance.pdf
  12. $10,000 is not for medical evacuation, it's for medical expenses and is per person. The Chase Sapphire Reserve medical evacuation coverage has a $100,000 limit. As I also mentioned in my post, I also have an American Express Platinum card. With that card the medical evacuation coverage has no limit and you don't even have to pay for any portion of the trip on the card. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/credit-card-travel-accident-evacuation-insurance/
  13. Yes. Covers spouse. $10,000 each. Medical evacuation in addition to medical, yes. I also have American Express Platinum card and they have medical evacuation coverage with a higher limit. You don't even have to pay for the trip with the card to get that benefit. Medical coverage limit is $100,000. No, I no longer use InsureMyTrip.com since I have gotten the credit card. I've attached the details of the benefits. Just remember, no pre-existing conditions. Chase Sapphire Reserve Insurance.pdf
  14. We have always obtained private insurance and used InsureMyTrip.com. Then a few years ago we got a Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card which includes $10,000 trip insurance per person. They do not cover pre-existing conditions. They only require that you pay some portion of the trip on your credit card. So if you have already paid the deposit and then get the card and put the balance on the card you will be covered. The insurance includes trip cancellation, trip delay, medical, and emergency evacuation. The annual fee for the card is $450 but there is a $300 annual travel credit so the annual fee actually is only $150. For this you also get Priority Lounge access, reimbursement for Global Entry fee, etc. There is also usually a sign up bonus of 50,000 points or more.
  15. We went on our first holiday cruise this past year. It was on the Explorer, Cape Town to Cape Town. Since we had never been on a holiday cruise we did not know what to expect. The ship was very festive and beautifully decorated! The New Years Eve party was a lot of fun. There were not many children on our cruise....at least I did not notice them.
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