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  1. We had 7135 on Riviera a couple of years ago. We also have had other PH suites on Riviera and the difference in interior size is not that different.
  2. Same in Holland. Just received our pre-cruise package! So much nicer than the automated email we got last year.
  3. We liked the new Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo the offer in the Penthouse Suites on Vista.
  4. No kettle. Don't know about Splenda.
  5. No, please not “the bakery doesn’t make anything special” discussion again…
  6. The Bakery offers something different… As mentioned before.
  7. Yes, I like that The bakery offers unique and perfectly executed French pastries like Cannelés, Eclairs, Brioche, Chouquette and Madeleines.
  8. We loved The Bakery. French pastry and great little snacks.
  9. Isn’t this thread about Ember?
  10. Can’t think of anything positive. Prices increase you can only spend the credits on excursions (we never use them), we aren’t big drinkers so it’s just a price increase. Pay Simply More
  11. Ember is nice, not finest cuisine at sea and certainly not a culinary gem. I prefer French cuisine others like another casual dining option. Waves, Pizza, Terrace Cafe and now also Ember.
  12. Apparently to expensive for O to send to other guests.
  13. We always loved Jacques. Ember not so much. The decor looks great, acoustics very bad, service rushed, menu simple compared to Jacques and we found the execution and quality of the dishes mediocre at best. It’s okay but not culinary. Wouldn’t say it’s THE FINEST CUISINE AT SEA®.
  14. We stayed on deck 7. Did not feel any vibrations only some movement when docking.
  15. Food better on O Service better on SB Staterooms/Suites design nicer on O layout better on SB Smaller crowds on SB More public spaces and restaurants on O (larger ship)
  16. On our Vista trip in July they offered Acqua di Parma - Blu Mediterraneo in our PH and it’s a a very nice step up compared to BVLGARI
  17. The new bakery next to Baristas has fabulous Madeleines, Sandwiches, Chouquettes, Brioche and eclairs ,
  18. Pay the fee to the man who helped to create Oceania’s finest cuisine at sea and keep the name as a tribute to him and all he has done.
  19. So because Jacques Pépin has reached a certain age you can’t name a restaurant after him that the other ships already have?
  20. We found Ember enjoyable. The food is okay but very casual and has little to do with The Finest Cuisine At Sea. Vista already has lots of casual restaurants (Terrace, Waves, Pizza) Why add another? Jacques felt more upscale and special.
  21. Correct. Oceania in their infinite wisdom decided it’s too expensive to mail the tags and booklets to paying customers outside the USA.
  22. We did before we disembarked. I believe after you leave the ship it’s no longer possible to fill in the questionnaire
  23. Yes by the pool under the deck above.
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