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  1. We also do all of the planning. And for years we then booked directly with Princess. Now, once planning is done, we book the cruise through our TA's website to get the better pricing. We don't book air or lodging with that TA. Only cruises. Flights are booked directly with the airline, with one of the large online agencies, or with EZAir depending on which works better. Lodging is almost always booked via one of the large established online agencies. Car rentals are almost always booked directly with the rental car company. I'm not exactly sure why. That is just what we do. We feel same as many here about doing our own planning. Finding the right TA didn't change our minds about that but it did provide a pretty decent savings. We don't feel we have lost control. If something goes wrong we will call, text, or email someone. We actually don't feel it is much different in that regard. Those that use a TA for everything are probably in a better position because they can make one contact to handle everything. I'm not out to convert anyone. It is just a conversation about our current approach and how it might or might not contrast with what others do.
  2. Well, it is a little outside the box I have to admit. 😀
  3. Aw, that was kind of some blue sky thinking. I had intended to delete that comment before I hit send but forgot. So edited it out later. My thought was why even have Princess' glitchy booking systems when the same thing can be accomplished without the problems. The reason might be happy customers (once they discover hey can remain in as much control as they want). But yeah, I don't believe they would do this either. I wonder what percent of fares are booked directly vs via TAs.
  4. Mrs Ldubs prefers to do her own planning too. She does that and uses a TA. It is basically the same. Once plans are complete, instead of booking via Princess' website, she books through the TA's site. The big difference is we can't book EZAir (or any air for that matter) through our TA. But we can book the cruise through our TA and EZair via Princess. We have never tried so don't know if we would be able to participate in the cabin bid-up option. The benefit for us is getting worthwhile fare discounts. BTW, I agree about flight arrangements. That is a part of our travel arrangements where I might get more involved. Seats/legroom are a deal breaker.
  5. Thanks! PCL App = Princess Cruise Line (took me a minute, lol).
  6. When I recently tried to open the old App, it said I needed to download the new one. Which I did! The new App wouldn't accept my existing password. Says it must be 8 characters, etc. So, I had to try to create a new password by pretending I forgot my old one. When I entered the new legal password in the prompt, I got a note saying due to technical difficulties I had to call 1-800-Princess. I would rather go to the dentist than call that number, so I didn't. Tried again just now and was able to successfully change the password. I know. I know. I'm putting you guys to sleep.
  7. Allow me a dumb question. Talking about iPad or Mac, is deleting history the same as clearing the cache?
  8. Walking the Stroget is always fun and the main reason I enjoy Copenhagen. We have frequently walked from city hall square all the way to the little mermaid - admittedly a long walk these days for me. Last year we took the HOHO bus from Nyhavn back to Ocean Quay.
  9. I didn't know we were supposed to say "no thanks" before hitting the disconnect button. 😀 Folks under 65 might not understand this, but I think I hang up on medicare related calls more than the next 10 combined. 😀😀
  10. I think most of the info is there and agree that, for someone unfamiliar, it takes some effort to understand info on the websites. Forums fill-in often needed clarification or missing info. I was on the NCL website for the first time not long ago. I was totally confused by the jargon. I ran info a link in the NCL forum here that clarified everything for me.
  11. I think you need help. Who voluntarily runs 5km every other day on a cruise!
  12. What I meant to say is some of the toilets accepted credit cards. We had zero problems using our Visa card there or anywhere else.
  13. We have always had the coins for the toilets. Last couple of trips in Europe, many had credit card options. In reality, most cruise port stops are not going to be that much off the beaten path. We have pretty much stopped worrying about carrying more than some "just in case" local currency. I will admit there have been a couple of times when we had to run to an ATM in order to complete a transaction. We know some places accept US$, but we don't really carry much of those either, traveling or at home.
  14. Yeah, it is a shame. I cannot imagine Princess really wants this image. Hopefully sharing these instances will result in some corrective actions. Not so long ago I had a guy offering these terrific travel perks (not a cruise). I asked where I could review the details online. He said they just do it all by phone. That is when I hung up. I also raised heck with the business that gave my number to that guy.
  15. Who are the promotion people and more important, how do I identify them? Sounds like if offered an unsolicited "deal" we should put our hands on our wallets.
  16. Well, I'm not really that hung up on which word, so yeah, if they trick you into doing something it is a scam. As irritating as it is, I'm just glad you didn't lose any money.
  17. Actually, I think the State Dept info on travel requirement is pretty good and would hate to see that resource stop. I think perhaps some posts are going off track. The State Dept is not saying one can enter Panama by cruise ship without a passport. Where Panama is located really doesn't matter and should only be a side discussion.
  18. Just to understand, you paid a $1200 deposit towards your August cruise fare? Was that per person? I assume that is more than the minimum deposit required. In return you received a $100 future cruise credit. You didn't receive the promised hotel comps. The approach the rep used is shady. That they would not transfer you to a supervisor to discuss the problem is even worse. I just hope you are not out of pocket, meaning the $1200 goes towards the fare.
  19. Great advice. We confirm everything these days, and not just for Princess or cruises.
  20. I wanted to circle back around in case my comment comes as too harsh. I mean to say I think your intentions, while good, could backfire. My opinion only of course.
  21. I think you are making an incorrect assumption. It would be insulting to even make that offer, IMO. If you want to leave your old clothes on board, put them in the trash can.
  22. On Princess, and perhaps other lines, they have more comprehensive packages that include drinks, wifi, gratuities, dining options, etc. Folks claim to "break even" with fewer drinks. I don't know if that would be better or worse for your situation. Just tossing it out there.
  23. Yikes! Poor guy apparently didn't pay attention, didn't understand, or elected to take a chance with the PEC clause in his travel policy. I would have not had a reason to think about it before, but now understand the NHS doesn't cover while traveling outside the country.
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