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  1. Once upon a time when the SS France crossed the North Atlantic.  They served a dessert called the Sicilian Cream.  It was an oval custard...intense pistachio custard on a bed of dense chocolate brownie with a coating of vanilla English cream.  This was definitely the greatest dessert I have ever had in my entire life!  

  2. 8 hours ago, hattack said:

    I am doing research on the above two transatlantic voyages that carried African American Cyclist Major Taylor to Paris and his 1st International Tour & the 1936 Summer Olympic Team to the Berlin Olympics which included 18 African American Olympic Team Members (including Jesse Owens ) & 1934 SS Majestic that Cab Calloway's Band sailed on for their 1st European Tour


    any assistance (photos, articles etc) you could offer to help my project would be greatly appreciated 

    You would need to do your research at the South Port Sea Museum in New York City...probably your best bet.  


  3. Congratulations...a masterpiece travelogue.  I feel as though I made the entire voyage with you!  Truly an opus magnum cruise review.  Thank you so much Bill and Mary Ann for taking the time and making the effort. 

    Many of us are worried if HAL will be able to weather this storm.  After reading this extended travelogue I am certain that HAL will survive because of the close knit dedicated HAL repeat cruisers who form a unique club of world travelers who are welded into the very fabric of HAL.



  4. 2 hours ago, Homosassa said:

    LOL- slightly off topic. On my Armonia cruise this past week, a trivia question was "What does the initials MSC stand for?"


    I was the only one who knew the answer.

    Mediterranean Shipping Company 

  5. 26 minutes ago, hcat said:

    Sad news..another great is gone!

    It was a fabulous  banquet every night under his masterful skills! No specialtiy restaurant needed.


    Celebrity never hit the same high mark with subsequent culinary efforts!

    What great memories of meals gone by.  I remember the excitement when the fledgling Celebrity announced Michel Roux as the head of their culinary division.  As stated above, the meals were exemplary and outstanding.  I saved many of those menus and placed them in my ocean liner memorabilia collection.  They are classics.  

  6. Hi Matt,


    There is so much speculation on this subject.  I would boil it down to: Are you and your mate in good health?  If so you should go.  You should also be aware that you might need to spend a few weeks in quarantine if things don’t go your way.  If you feel that you are not physically up to it then canceling would be right except you are now 13 days away and they want 50% more on top!  If you have the wherewithal to be quarantined for an extra two or three weeks then I would say Go!  

  7. 1 hour ago, BermudaBound2014 said:


     $980 in addition to the $529 we have also paid, making the total around $1,500. It's a decent deal given today's YC prices, but we sailed in a YC balcony for half that a few years ago and I've seen YC balconies on sail in this price range multiple times in the last year. So 'decent' deal, but not exceptional.

    Still a great deal!  Those discounted YC cabins are a thing of the past.  You would still be saving $2,000 per couple!  I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  8. 4 hours ago, SammySH said:

    Wow I can’t believe what I’m reading! The EXACT thing happened to us on Mera 2/16 sailing. The cabin steward did the exact thing to us by bringing us in our room and saying the exact thing to us almost word for word as what@jkgourmet described! We too felt very uncomfortable and confused. This was our 17th cruise, first on MSC and never experienced anything like this. The cabin steward said he felt he could trust us and that he would get fired if anyone found out what he shared with us. We wound up giving him his tip in cash because we felt like he was putting his job on the line by doing what he did, so we believed him. He was an excellent cabin steward all week.

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    This is exactly what I warned the OP about.  This is why the Hotel Director needs to be brought into the conversation.  Sometimes silence can be more damaging than speaking out.  

  9. 1 hour ago, faddymaher said:

    Just returned from Cruise on Seaside and found it appalling, I agree not travelling on YC is no excuse for having a terrible experience, the food was mediocre at best, compared it to cafeteria lunches, presentation was mediocre and found it unattable, ended up at the caffeteria, just ate salads and veg all week.

    The ship is understaffed, long waits to be served at bars, twice we ended up leaving, thank god we didn't opt for the drink parquage, way over priced and imposed on all members of the same booking.

    Had Fantastica balcony room, my sheets weren't changed, we asked for early dinner on booking ( due my husband medical condition, he can hardly stay up past 21h00) and english speaking table and programs, had a 21h15 table, with french gusts and programs in French, were told I could get some in english at customer service desks.

    Shows we not good, same paquage everynight just changed decor and costumed, like the BEERPROV though but at 22h30

    I travel the same cruise liner in the mediteranean and only had 5 stars to give on all fronts

    Will surelly not travel with them again

    Sorry you had a bad experience.  I find it strange that thousands of other pax had a perfectly delightful time on the same cruise.  Perhaps you need to start your own post that relates to your “appalling” cruise.  I can understand your frustration to vent but this is the wrong forum for you since it centers on the Yacht Club experience.


    Welcome to Cruise Critics.


  10. 53 minutes ago, diesel1973 said:

    Don't know why you state that MSC has improved unless you are talking about your own experience. According to the reviews it sounds like things are getting worse. The Seaside rating has dropped 1/2 star and the Meraviglia isn't doing much better. But I guess after my experience on a early cruise on the Seaside, things must have been better, doubt if they could have been any worse!!! Just saying.


    Yes there are those times where things just don’t pan out in the galley-kitchen.  Sorry your experience in the MDR wasn’t up to your expectations.  You probably won’t be returning to MSC.  There are, however, thousands of other pax who were and are very satisfied with the MSC product.  Since the OP is inquiring about the Yacht Club dining and quality of the food I think you might want to post your own complaints on another thread more suitable to your own experience.

  11. 58 minutes ago, dgparent said:

    Thanks I am not a "foodie" I just need a good burger for lunch and a good steak for dinner, my wife is the foodie she loves italian food so this may hit her sweet pot. Mostly we just enjoy sitting outside near a bar where we can have a few drinks and I don't have to travel 900 miles for a smoke. And the casino at night.


    Do they have specialty dinner packages? The only ones listed for our cruise are chef tables, we just want a 3 night package of some sort. It might be because our sailing is a year out ?



    They do have a three dinner package but many have found that the YC dining is just as good.  Your wife will love the YC.  BTW...the hamburger that they serve in the YC is outstanding!  

  12. Hi DG,

    The food in the YC is very good.  You can take a look at the menus in the threads above.  The complaints come mostly from pax who are expecting food that is similar to Carnival, NCL etc.  MSC had teething problems when it entered the US market...there were justifiable complaints.  Those days are behind us as MSC has steadily improved.  The food appeals to the European pax who are the majority of the pax onboard with an accent towards Italian.  If you take the time to wade through recent reviews here on the MSC site you will find some nuggets of information.  


  13. 57 minutes ago, mnpurple said:

    Well, guess this is where I finally jump in.  I've been lurking/learning for months.  


    We will be on the Divina 3/13 in YC 12002.  I believe I read it wasn't as big as the others on either side, but I assume still pretty nice.  It will be my DH and 15 yo, so we basically wanted two rooms.  My only question is if we'll be forgotten by YC staff being so far away.  I don't want to hijack, but my DH gets motion sick, I'm hoping it won't be too bad in the front like we are - anyone know?

    You will love that suite...even though it is the smaller middle one.  You will not be forgotten.  We had one of the best butlers in the MSC fleet...Mevin.  If we needed anything we would simply pick up the phone and call Mevin or the Concierge.  It seemed like we no sooner hung up the phone and there would be a knock at the door!  We loved the fact that our suite was nestled at the front of the ship and not in the main YC area...like a hideaway.  The other cabins around us had no clue that we were YC...and we liked that.  We could come and go with quick access to the rest of the ship.  Getting up to the YC was easy with the elevator bypass card.  We never had the sensation that we were entering the YC like interlopers.  Our Divina experience in the YC was First Class all the way.  Believe me...we have been on some of the greatest ships that ever sailed and the Divina YC was right up there with the best!

  14. 10 minutes ago, Nextcruise42 said:

    Does  YC2 have a balcony or just windows?


    The 12001 and 12004 are two room suites that are bigger than the Royal Suite.  They have floor to ceiling windows and no balcony access.  This did not bother us 

    at all.  You have the entire pool deck to relax on.  We thought 12001 was the best suite on Divina...loved it.  The views over the bow are super.  The bathroom is to die for!  

  15. 15 minutes ago, rkacruiser said:


    My experience on Meraviglia:  staying in the enclave is an error if one wants to experience the MSC cruise experience.  Like you:  the music, the entertainment, the vibes throughout the ship added to my enjoyment.  Never had any difficulty as a YC guest ordering a beverage at a bar outside of YC.  In fact, a bartender seeing my Black Cruise Card, acknowledged it.  Then, seeing I was a YC guest, there was additional recognition.  

    Hi RK,

    We really enjoyed going out at night and taking in all the entertainment.  We also did a late lunch in the buffet...pizza and draft beer...great!  We never had any problem ordering at any of the bars.  Divina gave us one of the best cruises we ever had!

  16. 4 hours ago, Nashna said:

    Walking outside on Deck 15 in the evening was quite delightful.  I actually enjoyed walking on Deck 7 as there was always something to see.   The people watching was fantastic.

    Agreed...I think the walk to Le Muse was no problem.  If you are physically incapable the butler will take you in a wheelchair.  We rather enjoyed the nightly routine of walking the ship while going to dinner.  Some pax never leave the YC.  We loved the vibes and music throughout the ship in the evening.  

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