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  1. Oh my. That's just horrifying! I would have been completely grossed out. 🤢 I would have tried a very strong drink...much stronger than water, for sure!
  2. Too bad we can't get inside that bubble... 🙁 Would love to do an itinerary like that!
  3. Maybe we can join mid-voyage? It might save us a flight! 😉
  4. Terry, I'd disagree with the flat line on coffee. Definitely need a pre-noon beverage these days. Otherwise looks good.
  5. See you all there! Just not for a long time.
  6. Lois, I'm answering you now from MS Edge (I usually use Chrome). I almost never use Edge since I have an Android phone with Chrome, so that what I use on Windows too. But it (Edge) seems to work for me. Hope you get an answer on your other thread, and let us know what you find out.
  7. Hi Camillus! Seems like it's been ages. Nice to "see" you! I think many of us are overindulging in exercise a little bit. Chris and I just got back from a run. My average step count has been creeping up the past few weeks but unfortunately, so has my caloric intake...so I'm afraid there will be very little (or very much?) to show for all of this hard work. Except aches and pains all over. I finally took the snow tires off the second car this morning. I had changed out the tires on the first car a while ago, just got lazy about the second one, I guess. The weather here in Albany has been gorgeous, and there is no reason for snow tires when it's been 70 degrees or higher every day! So I ran out of excuses. Yesterday, I put the citrus trees outside for the season. Now we have lots of space in the sunroom. The ban on small non-household gatherings has been lifted so we had another couple over for dinner Friday night. No contact, just take out food shared on the back deck at a proper distance, but it was great to finally see some friends! Off to their place tonight for more of the same. Baby steps towards a sense of normalcy, but a long way to go. I'm back to work at the hospital come Tuesday. That will be somewhat of a break, I think. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
  8. Welcome back! And no, you were not on the naughty chair. You are welcome to post here...it's the Cooler, and all are welcome. And nothing is off topic. To post pictures, click the link by the paper clip that says "click to choose files" then upload and post away!
  9. No worries, M. Even Abraham Lincoln warned against believing all that you see on the internet. In fact, i saw that quote on the internet!
  10. Davey, you're putting North Wales higher and higher on my must-do list!
  11. Here's the recipe I use. https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/kaiserschmarrn-peaches You can follow their fancy method, or just dump the batter into the frying pan after you cook the peaches and have at it. It's a similar technique to scrambling eggs. If so, make sure you add the extra butter that you would have used to fry the pancake separately. You don't want to use too little butter! And, half the recipe, with two peaches and a small container of berries, is plenty for two.
  12. Two years ago, we had the long weekend off, and went to Germany for the weekend. This year, we are stuck at home. Still, there are worse places to be, and we are enjoying watching the Spring turn into summer. So the last two days I've cooked a little German food to try and make up for it. Yesterday's lunch was smoked brats on the grill. With kraut, of course! And this morning I made Kaiserschmarrn, with peaches and blackberries. Anyone ever cruised with Chef Pia? She's our favorite. She makes great German food, and on our last cruise, she taught me the easy way to make this dish. I'd been meticulously cooking a big fluffy pancake, then cutting it up and tossing it with the fruit. She said that's way more work than you need to do. She told me to just pour the batter into the pan with the cooked fruit, let it cook a bit, then chop it up in the pan, flip the chunks around, and wait until they cook fully. The recipe now takes only a few minutes. And it makes the chunks more ragged so they soak up more butter and sugar. Yum yum!
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