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  1. What a gorgeous location! Now I need to visit.
  2. That is really funny. I'm still chuckling about it. They may well be right and what I've read could be just made up by some French internet propagandist who wants to confuse Americans. 🤣
  3. Have Daveywavey and OH arrived on board yet? I want to know if I can uncross my fingers and toes yet. I was tracking their flight and they didn't arrive any later than predicted, so I'm hoping that no news is good news.
  4. Glad that got sorted out OK with Jeannie's illness, Bob. Always worry about something like that. Looks like a beautiful day in Lyon. I had long puzzled over the origin of the name "Fourvière" because to me, it seemed to be made up of an English word "four" and a German word "vier" which also means four! So I looked into it, and it supposedly comes from the fact that there was an old market up on the hill in Roman times. Vieux-Forum got turned around and became Fouvrière? Speaking of Roman times, the Roman museum just downhill from the cathedral was great! Robin, what are you waiting for? 😉 We want to go back and spend more time in this area, but we'll do it by land this time.
  5. At least they are airborne, so it shouldn't get any later than that!
  6. Beautiful, ME. Looking forward to your always-wonderful trip report! Wishing you a smooth embarkation and a bon voyage!
  7. Have a great time all! Haven't been to Alaska in 10 years; you may lure me back.
  8. Interesting! We spent a few days in Mainz about 4 years ago. We went into the Dom but not the church that you mention above. It sure is amazing what you find while digging.
  9. Roz - That's the way it was in 2015. We did the second half only, on SS Catherine. We were "adopted" by another two couples who had come off the first half. That was in the days before SS JdV existed so their first half was on a smaller older ship. We spent many dinners together talking about the pros and cons of the two itineraries, comparison between ships, etc. But yes, you could book either/or, or you could book both as a complete "grand voyage" with the transfer from Paris/Lyon included. Hopefully Bob will confirm soon that this is still the case. *** Bob, just catching up after a weekend away. Love the Catherine pix and also the Beaune tour. We did NOT have a winery stop on our Beaune tour in 2015. We drove to a scenic viewpoint for a quick stop, then arrived in Beaune for a short guided tour, then lunch on our own, then reassembled for the semi-guided tour of the Hospice. Agree, it sure is an amazing place. Your pictures of that gorgeous tile roof really pop. Nice shots! One question from earlier - I see that you didn't do any touring on your own that first day in Lyon. Was that a case of taking it easy, or did the schedule leave you not enough time for seeing anything? We took an early train from Paris, so we had all afternoon free, and we took full advantage. I hope you had time to see more of Lyon later, on your revisit after Beaune. Again, really enjoying the thread as the Rhone was a very enjoyable cruise for us.
  10. Steamboats, that sounds most unpleasant. Hopefully I don't experience that any time soon. FWIW we almost always transfer back and forth between 2E and 2F. We went from 2E to 2D a few weeks ago (first time doing that) and it was also fairly efficient. But I guess it's always a gamble.
  11. Gee, I don't mind transiting through CDG at all. We have done it a lot and have it down to a science. It's always been fairly quick IME. They have a website which tells you exactly how to connect between terminals. Must be we're lucky but we have probably gone though CDG 10 times in the past few years without an issue. Frankfurt isn't too bad either; just flew home from there a few weeks ago, though admittedly we have never connected there. We usually fly in or out, and connect to a train. My biggest gripe is that the SkyTeam lounge is before security. I'd rather get through security then relax in the lounge.
  12. Yay Davey! That is exciting stuff, when you can count the days on one hand. Congrats and have a most excellent time! We don't sail until August. At least it's 2019...
  13. I don't remember the specifics of our particular train in Belgium because we weren't carrying luggage. But most European trains have room for luggage either in racks near the doors, or over the seats (will fit a rollaboard but not a full-sized suitcase). Also, they have areas where the seats are set up back-to-back and you can usually slip a bag in between the seats there. Sometimes you can fit them under your seat but not always. We did take the train from Bruxelles-Central to the Airport, and I don't remember any issues storing luggage there. We only had a rollaboard then. For a 40-minute trip I ordinarily wouldn't bother with first class - we didn't when we went to Bruges and it was fine. But you may want to consider it, IF you are worried about luggage. There is usually more room in that car for bags, and fewer people to squeeze around while carrying said bags. Also, it will likely be a 2-1 seat configuration rather than 2-2 so more room overall. I doubt it will be very expensive considering how cheap the 2nd class ticket is. And a first-class ticket often includes a free seat reservation which you may find helpful. Play around on the SNCB website and see what the differences are.
  14. Not for Hotel Amigo. That would be a long walk from Bruxelles-Midi, but it was very close to Bruxelles-Central. OP may want Midi, depending on their destination. Most trains from Antwerp stop at both.
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