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  1. It is a gorgeous sail-in and -away, for sure. Did it a few times in the late '90s with the Twin Towers dominating the skyline of Lower Manhattan, and arrived a few times after they were gone. The new Freedom Tower is pretty as well, though. On a clear day it melts into the sky. Lower Manhattan is such a nice place to wander around. And the Statue of Liberty, yes, a lovely welcome. We finally went there in February, and climbed to the top! Chris had been as a kid but it was my first visit. Do go if you have time, and visit Ellis Island too. Very moving. Any plans while you're in NY?
  2. Awesome Spins! So close now... London to Boston? I'm working the week you arrive back, otherwise I'd invite you to Albany for a tour! Boston is only 3h away.
  3. Oh, ok FuelScience. In my haste to make a funny using your clever title, I didn't look at the rest of the details.
  4. Ugh. I'd be steaming with Teeming too. Good luck getting a better second response!
  5. One of my grandfathers was an old-fashioned GP, who had his office in the far end of his house. So his go-to repair materials were adhesive tape and tongue blades. My other grandfather used coat hangers. Untwist, straighten them out into wire, then wrap them around whatever needed fixing and tighten them with pliers. More than one of his cars' mufflers was held up that way.
  6. Yes. We made good use of them up north of Iceland last month! I will add on to Wellseasoned's answer about culinary cruises. We did one to South America, in October-November 2017 on board Silver Explorer. It was phenomenal. The food was amazing and there were lots of local touches - guest chefs from the countries we were visiting, tons of cooking demos with local delicacies, a guest sommelier, special events on the deck with super fresh food, I could go on... Probably the best food of any SS cruise yet. That said - on these same boards I have seen people complain about culinary cruises being nothing special, so perhaps my expectations are too low. But we were really happy with our culinary cruise. Hope you enjoy yours as well.
  7. So the Bobbit survived another day on the litter bucket, and tonight we drove him to the fish store and his new home. The employees were pretty amazed by him. He really is an impressive specimen! Now he has a tank of his own and won't be eating any more of our fish. A happy day for all! And mysty, no worries! I let Chris drive, while I carried the worm bucket. Still happily married! ❤️ Have a great night all!
  8. Jazz, thanks. Now I get it. But I had no chance without you explaining it. But wasn't that song done by Paul McCartney and Wings, after The Beatles? Then Guns & Roses covered it.
  9. That's how I felt, while I was trying to grab him and get him out of the tank! I was having palpitations for sure. He is really a creepy critter. He was still kicking when I checked on him this morning. If he looks ok tonight after work, I'm taking him to the local fish store as planned. Should I see if Chris wants to hold him on her lap for the car ride? 🤣😨😱
  10. Thanks Robin. That was from our Silversea cruise to Iceland last month. Red parkas courtesy of SS. Go visit, if you haven't been.
  11. Davey. It's a reference to Lorena Bobbit. Nuff said...
  12. I was expecting something along the lines of, "Picture yourself in a boat on a river..." but I don't see that quote. Unless the tangerine trees and marmalade skies obscured my view?
  13. Well. The fish tank cleaning was quite the adventure! We have a bit of an algae bloom so after I drained the usual amount of water, I was taking out a few pieces of live rock to scrub them down. As I lifted the largest piece, something fell off the bottom. It was our resident Bobbit Worm! We've had glimpses of that sucker for years but never saw the whole thing. But there he was! Google Bobbit Worm if you want to have trouble sleeping for a while, BTW. I expected him to hide rather quickly but he seemed unsure of what to do. So I grabbed a pair of barbecue tongs and grabbed him. Then I managed to toss him in with the waste water. Game over. Or so I thought. One of the fish had apparently gotten I to the waste water too! So I had to carefully bail out the water, hoping that the worm wouldn't attack me, or chow on the fish. Once the level got low enough, I found the fish, netted it, and got it back into the tank unharmed. Then I grabbed the Bobbit and put him in a kitty litter bucket. He's a monster! He's about a foot long in this picture. If he's still alive tomorrow after work, my local fish store owner wants him. A real cool specimen, but not reef-friendly. He's been in my tank since we've had it (11 years now) and he's eaten his share of fish. Glad to finally have him out of there!
  14. Oh goodness. That must be looming close now. You've got this! If you can plan a world cruise, you can do this. One list at a time!
  15. That looks like some of our roads, mysty! Though to be fair, it's not as bad this year as it was last year. You're posting a little earlier than usual - off to an early start this week?
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