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  1. Because it (the magnitude of the reaction) is highly variable from person to person, dose to dose. The average second dose reaction is more intense than the average first dose reaction. But the variance in each group is larger than the difference between the mean values between groups. So randomly, it's quite possible to react more strongly to an earlier dose. Either that or your T-cells just got bored. Take.your pick. Mathematics or anthropomorphism.
  2. I assume gnome12 will call a wild card but it hasn't officially happened?
  3. Looks so pretty! Better there than here, though. Hope it melts quickly.
  4. Thanks Robin! Have not tried making cheese yet but I should some day. We had friends over last night so I made another batch of these for a snack. Yeast dough this time, and I used drained Greek yogurt to sub for fromage blanc. All around, even better. More like what I remember in Alsace.
  5. Alsatian Flammeküche (tarte flambée) for dinner. Not quite authentic as I was missing one ingredient, but tasty just the same. It went well with an Alsatian Gewürztraminer. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  6. Not bad for a first attempt. I read a bunch of recipes. Toppings were similar in all: crème fraîche mixed with fromage blanc, seasoned with salt and pepper and a touch of nutmeg, then top with bacon and thinly-sliced onions. The recipes for the crust ran the gamut. Some were a yeast dough like pizza dough and some not. Some add egg, some add rye flour. I didn't have time to let a yeast dough proof fully so I went with Gabriel Kreuther's recipe. And I couldn't find fromage blanc so I used Neufchâtel. More about that later... I had never tried real crème fraî
  7. I will be on the hunt for ingredients to make a tarte flambée (Flammeküche) later today. Will post pix if successful!
  8. Something to strive for! Out of all of that amazing itinerary, we have rented a car and driven around (pretty much) all of Tahiti in a day. And it is indeed really beautiful.
  9. His immune system is a "slow learner"?
  10. Aigues mortes are the dead waters left behind when a river changes its channel. So yes the city name literally means dead waters but I suspect the word "aigues" comes from the old Occitan language, which is much closer to Catalan, and not from modern French (where "waters" = "eaux"). Plus this name is from the 1200s, well before modern French came about. Nowadays "aigu" in French means "acute" as in l'accent aigu, which threw me for a bit. Dead acutes? Scratching my head... A Google search for the Occitan word for water comes up with aiga...so I think I'm on
  11. Wow that was a challenge! Finally found it. Here's the full view of the sign, from Google street view. And a street view roughly corresponding to CA's picture. Now who can find the city? Looks like a neat place to visit.
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