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  1. We were in 16004 and really liked the location on 16 for TSL proximity and starboard views of Ocean Cay.
  2. Had a really great excursion with Courtney Taylor tours to the Blue Hole and then river tubing. The Blue Hole is awesome and river tubing was a relaxing way to end the day. We had a private van for our group of 8 with 2 guides. Really professional, they took good care of us. I recommend!
  3. YC area closes at 5pm.
  4. The beachfront cabanas are directly on the YC beach. The oceanview cabanas were past the Ocean Cay house (YC restaurant) on a small area of land but with rocks at the shoreline and no way to enter the water without walking a little bit. Shade would be the same as buildings are the same. If you dont want to get in the water and want to be in a quieter area, the oceanview cabana would be fine.
  5. You only need 1 cabana and pull up more loungers in front and nearby.
  6. We are currently sitting in a YC cabana. Despite the original talk about YC section not being open until Feb, it is open now with private beach, butler service, cabanas, lunch area. I will post more info and hopefully some pics when I get to airport wifi tomorrow. But the island is very nice although obviously a work in progress.
  7. On Meraviglia now heading to Ocean Cay tomorrow. Our butler has told us we will be returning to the ship for dinner in YC restaurant. I will report back after tomorrow's visit.
  8. Following along also. Do you remember if they advertised any internet package specials when you boarded? Can't decide whether to book one now or wait for a possible better deal aboard.
  9. Do you remember if they were advertising any internet packages when you boarded? Can't decide whether to book in advance or wait for a better deal on the ship.
  10. I was expecting internet speed similar to Seaside which was great. I was able to stream a March madness basketball game on my phone with almost no freezes. Wonder why Meraviglia is so slow?
  11. Sorry to see that. Im looking forward to when you get a better connection.
  12. I will be on this cruise in the YC with you as well. Have been on Seaside twice and Divina once. I can't wait either. Flying down to Miami Friday 29th. We are meeting 5 other couples for this cruise. We will be the people wearing the UVA stuff.😀
  13. I am sure you are excited about the upcoming trip! We are on the Dec 1 cruise following you so we will definitely be interested in your postings. If not too much trouble posting the dailies would be wonderful. Bon voyage!
  14. No, the sofa bed is ok for 1 teen or 2 small children. Best plan is put your wife and mother in YIN for booking and watch to see if you can switch the other YC deluxe later on to one that has a pullman bed.
  15. With 4 in the cabin, I would definitely try to upgrade. We stayed next door to RS and by the balcony size its about twice as big.
  16. In that case, you will want to turn off to the right as you approach the terminal. This will be near the bow of the ship. This turn off will let you get close to the YC tent.
  17. Thanks for the quick review. Glad you had a great time! Do you happen to remember if they offered a discounted internet plan once you got on the ship. A recent cruiser said she had a 10gb offer for $66.
  18. They will put new tags on for you at the YC tent. They write your cabin number on with a pen. Just watch and make sure they write the correct number legibly. Another tip- When you arrive at the terminal, it can be a bit of a madhouse. Tell them to drop you at the white YC tent which will be at the first part of the building you get to. The Miami porters are very aggressive. Dont let anyone take your bags until you get to the butlers at the tent. They have their own porter and luggage cart right there.
  19. We had Primus last April. He was excellent.
  20. I have to admit that the last 2 YC cruises we were on, I never opened the bottle of prosecco on ice in our cabin and didnt take it home either. Didnt matter to me whether Id already paid for it. I assume they just put them on ice the next week.
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