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  1. I used Excel for my 94 day cruise but then I’m a retired accountant and used Excel every day and knew the ins and outs of the software. Don
  2. We stopped there in 2014 and like the others said, locals came aboard our ship and sold items. There was also a talk about their life style. At the end, I saw our ship loading boxes onto their boat and in turn, they provided lots of fresh fish. I’m sure the captain and his staff ate well for a few nights. I remember some of the kids from the island that came aboard quickly spending their sales money on candy in our shops. Don
  3. I visited both on one cruise but it was part of a world cruise and two different segments. Visited Figi going from South America to Sydney, then New Zealand traveling between Sydney and San Francisco. Was around 45 days for the two segments. Would love to visit both again. Don
  4. One advantage you have is that you want to go to the airport. Last year getting off the Pearl, all the cab drivers were looking for people wanting to go to the airport. We needed to go to the Amtrak station and took us several minutes to find a cab willing to take us. He got a big tip and we’re sure he went back to the port and got an airport run anyway. Don
  5. Here’s one thing bad about the driver also being the tour guide. In Tahiti, the driver/guide was so busy talking we got pulled over for speeding. Luckily he only got a warning. Don
  6. We’re on the Serenade 9/17 next year. Let us know how your photos turn out. Don
  7. Thanks for the info. I may forward and my wife can stay on the balcony. We can cover the opertunity at both angles. Don
  8. Plus you have your luggage to move on and off. Don
  9. We live in Central FL. And wish the Auto Train went farther north. It would be nice to get the car into NJ or NY before driving. Don
  10. We took Amtrak from Chicago to Seattle last year for our Alaskan cruise. I looked at Amtrak’s cruise package but decided to book everything myself. I’m a control freak and want everything my way. With the package, you are traveling coach on the train and we wanted (needed) a bedroom for the two nights. I also think the package didn’t include the return train trip. During the train trip, we made a few stops but only for a few minutes and had no time to wander past the depot. Our one long stop was 4 hours when a water truck decided to try and cross the tracks the same time the train was there. Did quite a bit of damage to train but no one was hurt. Don
  11. For our New England/Canada trip next next year the cruise planner shows St John tours under Halifax and Halifax tours under St John. :confused: Also, they have a St John’s tour starting at 7:50 am even though we don’t arrive till 11 am. :o Don
  12. We always have a balcony cabin so we sit on the balcony enjoying the sights and sounds around the port. You also have a front row seat to watch for the last minute runners. Don
  13. Great, thanks for the responses. We actually have an aft cabin so I hope to get some great photos. Don
  14. Does anyone know if cruise ships sail past the Head Light Lighthouse when pulling into or out off Portland. I think it would be a different picture of it from sea instead of land. If not, maybe some of the other lighthouses in the area? If it makes a difference, we’ll be arriving from Boston and leaving heading to Bar Harbor. Thanks Don
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