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  1. I didn't care for the Pacific. (14 day Holiday Caribbean). I can't quite explain why. Wasn't the size. Had a great 19 day TA on Oceania's sister ship. The Pacific just misses a few things we enjoy. The International Cafe comes to mind.
  2. This is a wonderful, insightful, and thoughtful post. Thank you so much for this great comparison.
  3. We took the Star Hawaii trip last year. I didn't notice all the sausage. I do often take a couple links with my breakfast, if I'm not in the mood for bacon. (A rare happening.) LOL.
  4. I find the salmon on the buffet every day. I think it's by the bagels. You can also request it as an ingredient in your omelet. We eat mostly at the Buffet. Occasionally we have a Room Service breakfast. One day a week we may have an MDR breakfast.
  5. I always get some salmon at breakfast (in the Buffet). If I have an omelet, I generally ask for salmon in that. I don't do both on the same day.
  6. I would guess that many of the glass doors mentioned are not really glass.
  7. The mini-bar setup is apparently provided for every cruise. Discussion on another board stated that full mini bar was provided for the spring/fall one day repositioning cruises between Seattle and Vancouver.
  8. Welcome back! Come on in, the water's fine. "Smart Casual" is all you NEED to be admitted to the MDR, even on formal nights. The written policy recommends more, but enforcement is not an issue. Therefore, you will be well within the norm with the SC. I'm not aware of a laundry restriction on turn around, etc. Maybe an environmental issue?
  9. Good luck buying a pair of sock for $1.25. Maybe at the Dollar Store. Those passengers with Elite status get free laundry service. Probably, with the mini bar set-up, the best perk of being Elite. No, we're not better, or really special people; it's just Princess' recognition of loyalty to those who cruise frequently.
  10. Why on earth? It's not like we throw them over the side. I don't get it.
  11. Huh? Why is that? (Our Princess Alaska cruise was many years ago. On the nearly new Regal (the former one.)
  12. We go directly to the cabin on boarding. I pick up the Patter and look on the back page for dining hours. That will always show one MD open for lunch, like 12:00-1:30. We go there, share a table with nice strangers, and have a good lunch. They generally offer Beef Tenderloin on the menu.That is my go-to dish. It's sometimes my favorite meal of the cruise, except for Crown Grill.
  13. We were on five Princess cruises last year, on four ships, (two medallion) and never heard announcements or commentary through the tv, bridge cam or other. I remember having that capability on earlier Princess cruises.
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