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  1. Great pics. We have our first Alaskan cruise on Explorer end of August. This has reignited our excitement. May I ask the best assortment of clothing to take for this time of year.? I read no jeans as it’s wet!!
  2. We have booked Toscana on our first night of 21 day cruise as we can’t wait to sit down and enjoy the beautiful light fresh pasta. Miss this speciality. Can’t speak for other countries but here in UK, it is very hard to find a good Italian.
  3. True..It also does not include the top suites for Ultimate.
  4. In December we will be giving Marina a big hug as we embark. Tried a Silverseas cruise this year and never again. Can’t beat Oceania. After the hug, straight to cabin,then up top for a cocktail. With prestige package, if I don’t like the cocktail (which is rare) I can always get another. Then off to Terrace cafe with a big anticipatory smile.
  5. im sure someone can help you out better than I with Oceania particularly, but we were over a theatre on Cunard. Didn’t think it would be problem as we were likely to be in a bar or in the theatre at showtime. But……. they rehearsed all afternoon too. It was exhausting every day!
  6. Our Christmas cruise has just released the Ultimate offer.Plus up to 15% off. Because we are pre booked, Oceania suite we cannot get it.The top 3 suites, apparently sell well so they don’t offer it to them.Penthouse are on waiting list, but the offer is open to them.This has made us pretty grumpy.Its not the financial side, but the suite-ist attitude.We have paid a lot of money...Saga will always transfer any offers to passengers already booked on their cruises. Good luck.
  7. Be aware that if you choose drink package as you O Life choice, then add $20 to upgrade, you cannot get 20% off La Reserve. That offer is only open to people who purchase the whole prestige package. We always choose drink package and upgrade when embarking. 2 drinks outside of meals, costs more than $20 a day.
  8. Recently in an English pub, we witnessed people asking for vegan food. But when I asked the barman how many asked for vegan beer, he said none! No one in his 2 years there has asked for vegan alcohol!!
  9. I would imagine a cruise company would be aware of the unvaccinated and liberty to enter a port or not.A refusal to enter a port can happen with a ship load of vaccinated. When you say no covid problems, does that mean no covid? On Seabourn it didn't affect us (until my flight home when I fell ill), because all covid cases were on deck 5. I have no idea of numbers and I don't know how anyone can find out the definite numbers of affected and how sick they are.I saw ambulances at 3 different ports around the Canaries. I too am vaccinated as much as possible-not yet 4th one due to my age.Will I be refused, as not fully vaccinated? .My husband has been vaccinated and he too has never had covid. Surely fully vaccinated asymptomatic passengers are more of a danger than the unvaxed who show early symptoms.They can be isolated sooner....
  10. I do not see any difference in having an unvaccinated passenger at my table than a vaccinated.The virus doesn't fly around and pick the unvaccinated above the vaccinated.Yes the unvaxed may get more sick that won't affect the transmission.At least they get symptoms that will hopefully get them testing, unlike vaxed who think its just a cold...Worse are the people we saw on a recent so-called luxury Seabourn ship.All vaccinated.Coughing and spluttering everywhere, no mask, no hand cleansing.I spent two years around unvaxed friends and family and never caught covid.Cruise with vaccinated and tested positive on return home in April within 24 hours. Do people seriously think the unvaxed are the only carriers?
  11. yes they can if one becomes available, up until it says ‘closed’. Also there were PH1 cabins available at start of offer. Penthouse cabins that have been booked already, can request they get the offer on their cabin. (see#27 for example).
  12. Penthouse is on waitlist too but they get the offer.
  13. Yes I’m UK. ‘Super suites are never included in Ultimate offers. The top 3 suite categories have additional amenities provided. The OS OC VS sell themselves and do not need additional amenities or price reduction to sell ! ‘ I’m not sure there are many amenities extra on penthouse to OC. Then those that are extra have certainly been paid for by the passenger. Working out the offers, a penthouse for two cost virtually the same as OC for one now.
  14. You can go to special offers. It’s on now until end August
  15. So far nowhere. I spoke directly to Oceania and my TA did too. Basically the deal is for PH (which are waitlist as we are!) and below. We feel quite angry that the excursions we pay for will be free for most others. We did not get any obc from Oceania on booking just the O life drinks package. Our TA is going to speak to her rep today. Why would an offer of such good value not be available to everyone. Never had this with other companies. Oceania is/was our favourite cruise line .
  16. Thank you. TA now checking it out.
  17. Just noticed in small lettering PH-G categories. We are OC. Bet we miss out. I have noticed that prices have gone down for those categories too.
  18. If a cruise I am booked on suddenly is advertised as an Ultimate cruise also with 25%discount, am I entitled to those?
  19. Rosrov couldn’t agree more. I’m just a simple non university educated, nurse from England. We too have never berated anyone we sit with or judge them. The one group of people we get on with so well, is gay men. Seem to make friends with them on most cruises. Avalong, , I have to ask why you sat with them 3 times if they were so refined and not your cup of tea?
  20. We sailed to French Polynesian with Oceania on Marina. Didn’t enjoy all of Patrick’s tour- namely the food. Bora Bora is quite commercial and in our opinion overrated. Moorea was a lot better. Quick ferry from Papeete to Moorea - many people stayed for a few days after the cruise. Loved Oceania but never sailed HAL.
  21. I’m beginning to realise that concierge isn’t worth it for us on a 7night cruise in Alaska.Even though the balcony is bigger. We love the balcony on all our cruises and it is a big factor in the suite choice for us. I would imagine we will be busy most days and certainly ‘up top’ so we don’t miss anything. Yes, I am from England. Shame we get treated differently. Thank you
  22. Thanks.Spoke direct to Regent and the superior suites, pentouse and concierge suites are all economy for long haul.The penthouse and above are business through Europe. We are taking (hopefully) the Ultimate Alaska precruise programme.
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