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  1. We are staying on in Anchorage post cruise and wondered if anyone had found tours, accomodation and transfer to Seattle (eventually).Thank you.
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    Just wondering if anyone who has sailed Alaska to Anchorage, have stayed in Anchorage and done any tours for a few days? Either that or stayed in Seattle for a few days. We are looking at doing some private tours and accommodation post Alaska cruise in August/September.Thank you..
  3. Just wondering if anyone who has sailed Alaska to Anchorage, have stayed in Anchorage and done any tours for a few days? Either that or stayed in Seattle for a few days. We are looking at doing some private tours and accommodation.Thankyou..
  4. Such great information, thank you. We have sailed Royal Clipper twice. Sailing Star Clipper in March and I assume it will be much the same.
  5. Hi. This is great. Thank you . We go to Costa Rica beginning March. Can you say the bar prices? Is there a special ‘dress up’ evening? Did you have a sea day?
  6. We were on Marina when this all started, doing the Amazon trip. We had no previous notification except on the day of docking, sometimes an hour before. This lead to panic (with tender stops, especially) People who had made plans with private tour operators had to wait for tender tickets, placed after Oceania tours. They allowed a small handful of independents on each tender. This lead to a big delay for private tour operators awaiting passengers. Pity we weren’t notified prior to cruise so we could alert the tour operators.
  7. If you are able to find Channel5 in the UK , Splendour is on TV.
  8. Not quite soap dish, but allowance of one shampoo each a week in concierge on Christmas sail. !
  9. Thank you all for your responses. We have cancelled the two flights from Anchorage to Seattle and Seattle to Heathrow. Now to sort out Anchorage flight and transfers!
  10. We have flights from Anchorage to Seattle then Seattle to Heathrow London in September.We want to keep the first leg but want cancel BAirways to Heathrow and use Virgin with air miles to upgrade.Regent has said we cannot cancel second leg only, we have to cancel both flights with them home.Is this normal?
  11. Off Marina on 8th January and they definitely had HP sauce. It was original too!
  12. On Marina it’s John. Quite boring as was his polo shirts daily.! But his understudy, Marcus…..what a hoot. Really funny and very friendly. Great bright outfits. Seen around the ship alot .
  13. We went on waitlist for a OC.We didn’t want anything else for our special,occasion.We were advised on here (thank you everyone) to put down a deposit, which we did.We were informed where we were on the waitlist.We didn’t wait long and got what we wanted but the price was higher when we got through.
  14. We saw the officers eating in The Terrace but as you said, no smiles or communication.I tried twice to see the GM, to no avail.Interrogation by Reception/concierge and excuses. I have to say that we had a problem in 12009 regards aerobic room above us being opened from 6am and someone jogging on the spot and banging the weights down hard at 6.30 waking us up daily.The spa manager worked hard to find the problem and do something about it with success. The deputy CD was very good and more fun than John the CD.
  15. Slippers on Marina. I asked to swap one pair to small. Much more comfortable.
  16. Yes thank you Paul. We too had a great butler and cabin staff were the best we have had too. New staff amongst the ships crew did their best and achieved a lot. But yes…. That disembarkation was very worrying. Unless you were there you cannot comment on the disorder. It was packed, Squashed and dangerous. You only have to see in the news the disaster that can happen when many people are herded from a large space into a small walkway. There were thousands, possibly up to 10 thousand in all from the 3 ships.
  17. The disembarkation today was dreadful. Our cruise ship and 2 massive ships all emptying at the same time. Thousands and thousands going in the same terminal at Rio de Janeiro to collect luggage and herded together through a narrow gate. The air con was really poor on board ship as previously said. Another cutback for the environment? We will miss many members of staff from Marina who spoilt us.
  18. This mornings bruised fruit offerings and empty areas.
  19. Tomorrow is Rio de Janeiro dock at midday(12). Captain made some babble about 11.30 which we believe was something like “on stand”?? But Hilary the social hostess just let out we will be arriving at 1pm. !
  20. Waves GRILL is open until 4pm. Pizza in Terrace in the evening, here on Marina.
  21. That day Paul was very bad. it is extremely hot down here and very high humidity. Making late arrivals at port/dock and pushing tours back is not very nice in the heat of the day. As you know by now there have been many delayed dockings. But we have not been informed about most of them. communication is very poor. As I have said before, arriving late then leaving early is thoughtless to the poor staff who hope to get off for shopping or even seeing family.
  22. Yes we have seen a reduction in choices the last few days. e.g. A lot of tinned fruit. Instead of berries. Less cheese choice. etc. garnishes on meals are poor. Frozen bananas??
  23. We all wonder that. The air con in many places is poor..
  24. No LHT28, culinary classes are paid for (unless you have a large obc) and artist loft is free. But yes, I believe it should be limited.
  25. Well we wondered if this would impact any other ships? Today scheduled 09.00hrs and ETA is 10.00hrs. Not bad!! It is a blow at times for private tour users. Especially when two days running we tendered instead of docking! The first day was over 2 hours late plus the extra of tendering. Mutiny on the ship. But seriously it leaves such little time for the crew to exit the ship and relax or do necessary shopping .
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