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  1. On Marina earlier this year, you had to go to artists loft to sign up.There were a couple of classes for each subject.Sadly some people booked for all the sessions and that left no room for those who hadn't got there in time.
  2. Is there a charge to upgrade to Prestige when you board as opposed to doing pre cruise?
  3. Yesterday we had a long discussion with our TA regards booking the second cruise in 2025 adjoining one we had already booked.We held on from last week to see the exact SM description.The price was cheaper fo SM and it worked well for us. But.... this morning I see both cruises are now cheaper still.Can we get a new new price for both our cruises?
  4. This makes it all difficult to decide whether to book with O Life or SM today.
  5. What does this mean: ‘ free, champagne, wine, and more valued at up to US$2800 per stateroom’
  6. We have often wondered why there is such a leap in size between PH and Oceania suite.
  7. I did apologise.I tried to find a thread on it and couldn’t. We were told that the cruise we have earmarked will go up £200 per person on Monday.
  8. We are booking a back to back inApril 2025,hence the message,But we always choose drink package and upgrade.No change for us on that except it says ‘Vintage’
  9. Received this yesterday when getting quote for cruise:Apologies if its already been on a thread,I did look. ….. SEE POST 3
  10. I’ve noticed that other lines we sail on, aren’t so busy either .
  11. Just a few of the bookings we have made for our post cruise in Seward: Bridal Veil Falls Extended Resurrection Bay Kayaking Adventure Gold Panning at Clear Creek and Exit Glacier Nature Hike Combo Kenai Fjords Wildlife Cruise & Glacier Kayak Combo https://www.seward.com/
  12. How about staying in Seward for a couple of nights instead of Anchorage.? We have booked a great little place. Seward is meant to be one of the best towns in America. There is plenty to do. Easy/hard walks, boat trips, kayaking, gold panning etc. Easy free shuttle all day to dock.
  13. We have an Alaskan Ocean Raft Adventure booked in Icy Strait in August.In November we had an email stating the tour has been cancelled.We checked with Regent and were told it is not cancelled.I rang again today as it is still on our tour bookings.Again told it is still going ahead. Worried it will be cancelled at least minute.(recently sailed Oceania, with so many last minute changes). Wondered if anyone has recently been able to do this tour or if you are going soon and have it booked,please let me know. Many thanks.
  14. Problem with upgrades is where cabin/ suite is allocated.There is no choice on that.eg you may get an upgrade to Oceania suite and be under the gym! No thanks.Rather stay with what I booked. When we were offered an upsell,we knew where the penthouse suite was - next to the bridge but it was fine.Grateful.
  15. Thank you everyone. We will sail on Explorer in August-Alaska.
  16. Apologies if this has already been covered.Did I read somewhere that one or two specialist restaurants are open for lunch on sea days.? If so do we need to book when we embark? Unable to book restaurants at 1am, we have been left with a couple of late dining times. Thank you.
  17. Due to the inconvenient timing for Brits and the non upgraded seats on transatlantic flights, I would agree the convenience is for US market. 😩
  18. On Marina we pre booked our spirits. All were one litre. We asked for Pisco and got it too, even though not on the list. Butler suggested we took opened bottles away with us when we left!
  19. We were in 12009. Dreadful. People above us jogging to warm up for exercise at 6- 6.30am daily. Dropping weights. Management could little to prevent it. No one around up there to stop it that early. Went on all day at different times. Exercise classes up there too. I wake early but not that early and we couldn’t lay in bed with a lovely cuppa-thump thump thump. Stupid layout to have expensive suites under a gym. Will never take an odd number cabin on deck 12 Oceania suite again, even if on offer, (that’s the reason it’s not sold). But….. 12010 was sheer luxury. Peaceful. Nothing from above. Loved it!
  20. Does anyone know what time from UK we need to be online to book restaurants please? (Oceania was. Midnight).
  21. We are taking the bus from Seward to Anchorage. Booked.
  22. Tips weren’t for topping up.They are their wages
  23. Lucky you di T. We had an Oceania suite. Before we sailed a big offer of all 3 freebies came up and 15% discount. All top suites were void of this offer as ‘we get a lot of benefits from the suite booking’! Yes, we pay for it!
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