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  1. Latest info is heading to Madeira for late tomorrow night.(Thursday) Stay overnight and leave Friday evening. Head to La Palma and then Tenerife. So only doing 50% of the canaries. Rather sad. Although weather was something to do with it there appears to have been a fault on the ship too. Disappointed.
  2. I think we need to stop at Madeira for logistic reasons but to let the staff off for a while.
  3. I hope we get to El Ferrol, it’s proper Spain. Beautiful. So another announcement with no info whatsoever . Under way but nowhere near where we were last night.
  4. So midday now and we are just passing Falmouth. Can’t see us getting to canaries. It’s 1800 nautical miles from here. May get a day or two then turn round and come home. captain just said assessments complete and he is talking to shore side! my husband and I are enjoying ourselves regardless, just sad we still have bad weather for next few days.
  5. I saw your list thank you. It doesn’t say which wines are included?
  6. Getting a picture of choices. I agree some luxury cruises have base priced wines but often a list at least! Thank you. Guess it will be a wine tasting from the start.
  7. Thanks. I’m getting that they are “house wines” but wondering what that means! Can we choose a Pinot for example or a Merlot?
  8. Does anyone have an up to date list of inclusive wines. All the photos I have seen are older wine lists or to be paid for. Thanks
  9. I did say cabin staff and waiting staff.Why would they lie?
  10. We are on hold for a cruise on Silver Dawn in March.We have never cruised with Silverseas.As it is transatlantic,will there be plenty of things to do on sea days? Any tips will be gratefully accepted on using Silver Dawn/Silverseas. Thank you.
  11. Oh my goodness! I have read regularly not to use up my dining reservations on the first night as there are plenty of tables available and you can book as soon as you walk on the ship. I did not mean that you cannot book.! We did. We had all the confirmation necessary as proof! I made reservations from my home at 1am, months and months before our trip. We arrived at 7.25pm. Not late. “just ask at embarkation” means exactly that. Again I have read many times that when you embark the ship, choose which restaurant you would like to eat in on the first night, make the booking. Hope that’s clear!
  12. We are on Explorer now. We stayed up until 1am to make restaurant bookings. Our first evening on board we had booked a specialist restaurant for 7.30pm. Our table had been given to others. We sat down eventually at 8.15, appetisers at 8.45pm. Not happy. Thought it may be because of everyone being advised on here to not book first night and just ask on embarkation . We were told by a maitre de that it was because “old people” can’t use booking system properly and they press ‘share’ when booking. When they arrive at restaurant they don’t want to share.
  13. No idea yet. Early days. We don’t want a train voucher that’s for sure!
  14. We are in Vancouver and our ship has docked below our hotel room . Our luggage left room at 8am and we will see it in suite. We will walk to ship (undercover) as walkway attached to hotel! Pan pacific hotel .
  15. So today we board Explorer. Boy are we ready to have fun. 5 days of going backwards and forwards in coaches and planes. Regent and Rocky mountaineer have done well really in the circumstances, just think we maybe could have heard the day before embarkation of train as it turns out people were bussed most of their way along the track then. I believe there are rains around Kamloops so hopefully it will be less stressful for residents snd firefighters.
  16. Bused from Banff back to Calgary today in cranky old vehicle. Checked into beautiful hotel although room very small. 2 flights going tomorrow to Vancouver where we were ending up on train.
  17. Rocky mountaineer is now cancelled everyday to and including 27th August.
  18. Due to wildfires in British Columbia we are unable to do our RM two day trip .Part of our booking with Regent. We were emailed last night and will not know anything until 7am Banff time when we meet in hotel lobby. So unsure how we will get to Vancouver. We do have two lovely Regent reps with us so I’m sure it will be sorted. Thinking of all the people involved in the fires.
  19. pre booking specialist restaurants was difficult for us.We aren't in a top suite and the availability for booking is at 1am in the morning.The same with the tours! Why?/
  20. We took up the offer of doing the Rocky Mountaineer through Regent as well as 2 days in Banff and some time in Vancouver prior to the cruise. We set sail on 23rd August 2023.. When we arrive in Seward we have booked accommodation for 4 nights and a daily private tour. I will feed back as much as possible on return.Also answer any questions. Now to pack clothes for kayaking, treks,hot days, wet days, ship attire and specialist restaurants clothes!
  21. We are setting off on Friday to Calgary.We have booked this tour from the ship(at great cost) for our wedding anniversary.So looking forward to it.Thanks.
  22. On Marina, you did have to sign up. That was at least some way to being fair.
  23. We were on Star clipper. I heard rumblings that this ship and Royal were going to dry dock soon. Worth checking it out.
  24. Open for anyone. (Which is lovely for newbies). We only got a space as we passed the loft to our suite on the same deck. We were allowed to our cabin early as it was a suite, so had an advantage .We never knew it existed prior to that cruise.
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