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  1. Has anyone used Uber to and from port? Am staying at hotel near airport and wonder how it has worked for others. Thank you.
  2. sorry you did not get what I sent which was the specials page from their website I access, I had no idea this would not be for all but evidently not, hope you enjoy your cruise.
  3. agree it is not part of their usual pricing structure but I have used it for 2018, 2019, and now 2020. Since I enjoy the Caribbean that suits me fine, I hope they continue the practice and if they do I will do one or two cruises a year with them, what cruise were you on last April, I was on Royal Clipper the last trip before they moved to Europe.
  4. I am on star Flyer from St. Maarten on February 15, 2020 for 7 days treasure Islands, made final payment today and total with deposit was $1,631.80 usd. On their website here in US they offer no single supplement to Caribbean and some in Mediterranean. see if you can pull this up https://www.starclippers.com/us-dom/specials.html
  5. I have sailed on Royal Clipper once and Star Flyer 2 times and another booked for February and all had no single supplement and all were in the Caribbean. Maybe this is a US "thing" and not available in the UK. Certainly makes a difference and one reason I am loyal to Star Clipper.
  6. I have cruised on Royal Clipper as a solo but never knew they had a single room, I was in the Caribbean and they offer no single supplement on those so no problem. Is it smaller than the regular cabins or just that they designated one cabin for a solo?
  7. Thank you for your observations, I will be on the Ecstasy in January and your info will help in planning. I plan on parking at the port and am priority also and wonder how early you are allowed into the parking lot if you have any info on that.
  8. Yes I would, I have been there twice and have enjoyed walking to the beach and visiting the stops along the beachfront and visiting with the residents and enjoying a cold brew, you can also talk to the visitors on the boats in the harbor who have stopped to resupply. My next visit I may get a taxi to drive me around the island but I will leave time to spend in town and Princess Margaret. My first visit was on the Wind Surf so I know you will enjoy your cruise.
  9. I was on Royal Clipper last year and we stopped at Kingstown and walked around but not much at the port and the city was not charming like so many other Caribbean Islands, we were there only a few hours and then we stopped at Bequia for the rest of the day, Bequia is my FAVORITE island and this was my second stop. You made a great choice to take an excursion to this beautiful place. You can walk to Princess Margaret beach arlong the boardwalk to the right of the dock and as you do you will pass all the bars, restaurants, etc along the tree lined road. Great beach bar/restaurant at the beach but also wonderful places along the waterfront. This is the only place I have purchased a tshirt in the last 5 years, you are fortunate to have chosen this spot and you will see why after being in Kingstown. Have a great time.
  10. Got back from Tahiti last month and had one evening with shower and rest of week was beautiful.
  11. Glad to see this, I like the smaller ships and now only cruise out of Jacksonville and Mobile which I can drive to as my main escape now is sailing ships with less than 200 passengers.
  12. From my experience February thru May are ideal times to visit the Caribbean, humidity and rain seems to start in June, I am going to BVI this February and really enjoy the weather as a chance to get away from winter, you will be fine.
  13. Will be on Star Flyer and visit St. Kitts February 20, 2020 and does anyone who has done this remember what time you are allowed off ship? Am looking at a snorkel excursion and it leaves at 9:00 AM and wonder if I can make it. Thanks.
  14. elklemi

    Virgin Cruises

    Can't find out how many total passengers, shows 17 decks so I guess many thousands and after Windstar and Star Clippers not sure how I would adjust but willing to try to see how the experience compares.
  15. I took my first WindStar cruise in December 2017 when you offered no single supplement on some routes in the Caribbean. Since then I have not seen any other such offerings and wonder if this may become a possibility in the future?
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