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  1. Following as we are on September 12, 2019 cruise and wonder the same thing and what night is deck BBQ and island lunch. You would think Windstar would have this information available to assist in planning.
  2. I purchased a two pin adapter and it worked great for phone and was a wonderful trip
  3. I can find plenty of info on wine on windstar but can anyone help with beer selection and prices on Star Pride inTahiti?
  4. Is the $89 per day total price or is there a tax or tip applied to the $89 price, and I assume both in cabin need to purchase this package.
  5. Thank you for your help and you answer the questions I wondered about and want to be prepared for this trip and I expect that at the end I will say it was the best 7 days of my life, I will now read your review and thanks again for all you info.
  6. Never thought I would be able to make this but here it comes, can anyone give me hints about do we need to use tahitian money or will most take credit cards, is it easy to arrange excursions when you get to port, what days did they schedule the island picnic, deck BBQ, etc. Any hints you can share about what to expect appreciated, sail September 12, 2019, Thank you.
  7. I am looking at 14 day Panama Canal cruise to St Maarten, any past cruisers done this and I am curious how to solve the flight into Panama City and getting to port of Balboa. Your experience would be welcome, thanks.
  8. Star Clipper is now offering no single supplement to the Caribbean for 2020, I already booked for February 15 out of St Maarten, if you want to try a sailing ship you might want to consider.
  9. Similar to Windstar in they stop at small out of the way islands, very good food, excellent service, beach BBQ, Differences are only one restaurant, smaller cabins (nicely appointed) smaller Star Flyer 360 ft and 170 passengers, less space on deck and no separate place for sandwiches all day (they have appetizers on deck from 5-6 PM), they sail more than Windstar as this is a sailing ship) I used Utube to get an idea of their ships as there are many views on their trips, Windstar is similiar to a cruise ship altho smaller scale and they can get into small ports or islands. I enjoyed both and would sail with Windstar again if they would offer the 0 single supplement but I have grown to enjoy Star Clipper and have sailed on the Star Flyer 3 ties and larger Royal CLipper once, FYI they are now offering 0 single supplement on the Caribbean for next year and some other cruises, check their website for specials if you may be interested.
  10. I saw an offer for 0 single supplement in Summer 2017 and booked for December in the Caribbean. Enjoyed going to small islands and have been looking for same offer since but no luck. I have been sailing on Star Clippers since as they still offer 0 single supplement from time to time and I have used this 3 times since and am ready to book another now for 2020 again in the Caribbean.
  11. Yes but I see Deputy caps in there, wish I had those in that tub
  12. elklemi

    Euro vs US$

    Agree with above but where USD were no used I had no problems using my credit card, make sure you have no foreign transaction fees.
  13. I was on Star Flyer in February and we stopped at this port one day and walked to police station and paid a few euros I think 5 to go in and after talked to the two men there and one was a member of the staff who told us a lot about the filming and how everything is done, the inspector's shack is removed after filming and rebuilt before they start the new season which runs April to October, we wanted to go to the beach where his shack was but it was a couple miles away, he took us there in his car and and we spent 45 minutes with him and talking about the show, on return he took us to the bar they used and gave us a great memory.
  14. Thanks to you all for helping me out, I appreciate your input
  15. I saw previous question re: Star Flyer and will be on Royal Clipper in 10 days and I am questioning ability to charge things on Royal Clipper. I purchased a two pin adapter plug but wonder if this is needed or do I need a transformer to convert voltage, any help will be appreciated, thanks.
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