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  1. Congratulations to your parents making it to 60! Also, buy the photo package and talk to the photographers ahead of time. We had a lot of photos taken when we did it on the Prinsendam for our 50th. And they were included as part of the photo package, otherwise you only get one. Make sure when you buy the package that you can get all that they take as things may have changed in 3 years. We had photos of us cutting a cake and with our friends. It is a wonderful thing to do.
  2. Sail check with HAL as I believe there is some discount for living on a ship. Long time ago, we met Mama Lou on the Statendam. She only sailed on ships out of Tampa as it was close to her home in the Villages. I believe you can sail on any ship you want to. Go for it!
  3. 2021 is there. All you have to do is click departure date and it will open and show you the months from January to September 2021. Click each one as part of your search. There are 30 pages of itineraries. Most everything except Europe. I didn’t look through all the pages but I saw Caribbean, SA, Hawaii, NZ, Australia, Asia and Alaska. No Europe yet. Although I am not happy with their website, I have no problems with basic searches. Even so Inlike the cruise Atlas in paper also. It is easier to browse.
  4. Thanks Jacqui for sharing the Amera pictures. We both had some incredible voyages aboard the Prinsendam. She was such a beautiful ship, but upper management never understood how much she was loved. Orlando groaned when I told him that the Prinsendam was our favorite. Too bad, especially now when big ships aren’t wanted in many of the European ports. As you mentioned before, the Prinsendam was the only HAL ship to be able to sail into Venice with the new ban on ships over 55,000 tons. Barcelona, Dublin, Santorini, Dubrovnik, Bruges and Amsterdam are limiting the ships coming in as these huge ships bring too many tourists into their cities and are causing overcrowding. When HAL passengers wanting to see Venice start cruising on some of the smaller ships, are they going to come back to HAL? And I really don’t see any HAL cruisers moving to Seaborn.
  5. We take ours. After all it is the most expensive piece of jewelry we both own. So good for you to take yours. It reminds you of all the beautiful cruises you have enjoyed to receive the Platinum medallion each time you wear it.
  6. Thanks for the information. Fortunately, we have been to Greenland and also Ny Alesund, but we had thought about revisiting someday. Sounds like someday had arrived too quickly!
  7. Will we still be able to visit Greenland in summer 2021? And will Ny Alesund also be off limits due to the new rules.
  8. I understand your stress leave, we also learned the hard way that if you want a HAL transfer to the airport, you need to book a flight after 1 PM. Otherwise you might have to carry your luggage off the ship like we had to do. At least you had luggage taken off for you. So now I make sure all my flights are after 1 PM.
  9. Sometimes the shops selling the cards have stamps. Since post card postage is expensive in Europe. You might not want the added cost that the ship charges. Plus, postcards I sent from the ship didn’t arrive. So check the shops to see if they have postage to US.
  10. You can also use the digital navigator onboard. We found that the staff gets the feedback quicker than with the cards.
  11. You can comment on their electronic in-house digital navigator. You need to look under the menu, there you will find feedback. What I like about using it is that the staff get the compliments faster than if you hand-wrote on the comment cards. I used it several times on our last Prinsendam Cruises.
  12. Carnival Corp might rethink their plan to have no ship under 70,000 tons due to the possibly of banning those size ships from Venice. Other than Seaborn and Pacific Princess, they have no ships under 55,000 tons. And I don’t think they will want to give up the Venice market to the competition. I am certainly hoping that they will build a new ship. Problem right now is getting in line for a new build.
  13. I agree. I was very impressed with her. But I believe Seattle wanted her to add something more to her job and she must have decided that was enough. She must have been very upset to walk off the job like that.
  14. Ruth, you would remember. I guess as we were new to traveling and it wasn’t that long we were onboard with her, 4 days repositioning that it didn’t annoy me as much as Linda’s did. But Linda is no longer doing it. We had a very nice cruise to SA and South Georgia with her this year.
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