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  1. I agree with his assessment. Even if a vaccine is available in late 2020 or early 2021 that's 70 or 80% effective. It will take months to get people immunized and crew reassembled.
  2. We loved Club class dining. That being said I do not think it would offer anymore protection from Covid19 then the regular MDR.
  3. Not 90%. The FDA says they would give emergency approval to a vaccine that showed a success rate of 50% that didn't have significant side effects.
  4. Water doesn't count against your 15 drinks per day. The 15 drink limit is only for alcohol drinks. You can have 15 alcoholic drinks and as much small bottled water as you like.
  5. The Hurtigruten cruise line just reported a outbreak of Covid19 aboard one of there ships sailing around Norway. They said at least 40 passengers and crew have been affected.
  6. As others have said its the rail is metal. It doesn't obstruct the view when you are standing only when you are sitting. The rail didn't bother me much but the wind when sailing made the balcony sometimes unusable.
  7. When my cruise was cancelled all the perks went away including my casino credit. Was refunded what I paid.after 76 days. Which was fast compared to what others are reporting.
  8. Never had a TA charge me for changing or cancelling a reservation and I have changed many and cancelled or had cancelled a few. I would check the original paperwork you either signed or received and see if there is a clause telling you if they charge a service fee. As other has said time to find a new TA.
  9. Not a surprise. They have no plan yet to be able to resume sailing. They cannot afford to have a outbreak of Covid19 on a Princess ship. Do not see cruises as we know them restarting until there is a vaccine that is widely available.
  10. Just checked the 3 2021 cruises that I'm looking at and not having any problem seeing pricing.
  11. Princess says on their website "actual offerings may vary from what is displayed or described here" due to Covid 19. None of the cruise lines know when they will sail, what ports will be open or what they will be able to offer when onboard. Right now they are under a No Sail Order from CDC from US ports.
  12. The deck plans show there will be 3 specialty restaurants that should be part of the special. The Crown Grill, Sabatini's and the Bistro La Mer. The Chefs Table is not included. Can't answer your question about gelato.
  13. The two times I sailed with the app we it didn't take the booking # until around 75 days from sailing.
  14. I used a Big Box TA on my last cruise. I had the TA add Princess insurance a couple days before final payment without any problem.
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