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  1. Just checked my fare on 2 upcoming cruises all 3 browsers on 2 different computers and 2 different tablets and got the exact same fare. Was hoping to see a lower fare
  2. Sounds like a great idea. Europe in early fall sounds is wonderful. I think we will do the same.
  3. Fully agree. I was really surprised on how little they are offering this time.
  4. I finally cancelled all my 2021 cruises. The waiting game was driving me a little crazy. Decided I will wait until cruises actually begin. I did book 2 cruises for 2022.
  5. You get the $200 plus 10%. You would actually get $225 credit because if you look at the Princess statement the minimum is $25. You do not get the 200 dollar deposit plus the FCC and bonus.
  6. I have never been asked for a form when I have cancelled cruises either thru a TA nor directly with Princess. My guess is your TA just wants a paper trail in case there is a problem in the future.
  7. None of the major cruise lines have issued guidance for what the rules and regulations will be when cruises start again.
  8. So right. My bad. I guess I should proofread my comments.
  9. Good question. With the UK no longer in the UK I doubt even Princess knows for sure.
  10. My Caribbean cruise in February 2022 has had 2 small price increase over the last month. Total of $50 per person.
  11. It's offered on my February 2022 cruise on Princess website but the cruise price for my cabin has gone up $50. No thank you.
  12. Yes. Wearing a mask is not a problem for me.
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