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  1. Exactly my point. You asked for a final payment change and got it. I asked and did not. And thank you for your snarky remark telling me to purchase another product.
  2. Agreed it depends on the itinerary. I tried all of the suggestions from these threads and had several cruises booked. Tried to get an 18 month prior to cruise final payment pushed back and was told no. It seems to work for some, and not for others which I find frustrating and not exactly fair, BUT...it is Viking's playing field, their ball and bat, so if we want to play the game, we play by their rules. They sell a product that is in very high demand so they call the shots. With that said, I will continue to sail with them because I, like many, really like the product.
  3. When I tried to log in I got the "more information requested" page. My login ID is auto filled in on that page and it is an old one I no longer use, nor is it my Medallion login ID. It will not let me change or delete it. So I thought I would play their game and change my medallion login to what Princess thinks my login ID is and try to login to the website again. Nice try, but no cigar. Now it says my login info is incorrect???
  4. Over a week ago I got the message that I could "use this account for both Princess.com and the Medallion App." Have not been able to login since. Tried Firefox and Safari and iPhone. Cleared cache, cookies, history, everything. Tried new password, old password, nothing works. I guess it is a sad coincidence that they open up Alaska and you can't get into the website to book.
  5. Wow. Thank you for your amazingly thorough answer. I learned a lot. Yes, ISO 9001 is the basis for manufacturing. Being in medical devices we were held to ISO 13485 which is like 9001 on steroids.Throw in FDA standards and regulations and you have government "assistance" at its finest.
  6. Are all Maritime safety standards based on ISO? I was a Quality Assurance Manager for a manufacturer dealing mainly in medical devices, and the ISO processes and procedures did not leave much "wiggle" room. Do you think ISO will be addressing Risk Management for the Maritime Industry in these uncertain Covid times?
  7. Seems a bit odd that I get that same message for an October 2022 Expedition sailing, but my April 2023 Orion sailing has all the usual info. I guess because it is a new style ship? I hope they get it set up a lot sooner than "closer to the first sailing."
  8. YES!!! He says screaming to the person next to him over the noise!
  9. Thanks for the tip. I am currently using a TA but will consider your advice for future trips.
  10. I had not much luck negotiating final payment delay. Booked in Sep. 2020 for Oct. 1, 2022. Viking wanted FULL payment by Dec.1. That would have been 22 months in advance. I asked for a delay in final payment and was given March 1, 2021, still 18 months in advance. A few days ago I requested to delay payment until this coming October, still 12 months in advance, and Viking said "NO DEAL." They will charge my credit card 20 grand in a couple of weeks for a cruise in Oct. of 2022. I realize it is their ball game, and if I want to play I have to adhere to their rules, which I will do a
  11. Good idea for a thread. We are booked on Octantis, Oct. 1, 2022.
  12. Absolutely correct! We stayed in R504 and was by far the worst (because of noise overhead) cabin we have ever endured.
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