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  1. I guess it's good that I have 5 hours then!!
  2. Thanks. I'm looking forward to the trip. Flight not until 2:30. Then flight back to Tucson 10:30. Airport time! I booked business so I should be able to get into the Admirals club in Buenos Aires. Hopefully!
  3. Thank you so much. I'll cross my fingers. It's a long flight. Looks like we'll be hanging at the airport for a long time as well.
  4. How did they handle the charter flight to Buenos Aires? Mine leaves at 2:30 and it says seat is not assigned. Is there a way to get a seat or how do they do it? I'm tall and have had a minor back surgery and would like extra leg room. Is it a big plane? I'm in business class on the other flights. Thanks so much!
  5. I was on the same sailing. It was Hawaii and French Polynesia. Lots of folks got great deals.
  6. I goofed when I didn't say which cruise of mine was canceled. It was Alaska. Viking Sea May 17, 2026. I contacted my TA, mainly worried about if the promo code that I had used to book other cruises since I had a prior booking, would still be applicable. She assured me that it would, no worries. She didn't know why Viking was canceling all of the Viking Sea cruises.
  7. I'd love to see you again!
  8. Oh my goodness! I'm so excited about this! Thank you!!!!
  9. Thank you! Going to read now!
  10. How do I find your trip report? I just booked Patagonia and Chilean fjords for Nov. Good deal for a solo. Thanks!
  11. I'm sad today that I no longer will have daily updates. I've enjoyed following you so much. Enjoy London!
  12. Sorry! I screwed up. Too much scrolling! Thought I was on the Viking world cruise board. Ooops!
  13. None on the Star last week either. Star is going into dry dock this fall. I didn’t think to ask.
  14. Hey Feta.... We forgot to exchange contact information. I'm dobiev at comcast dot net. Send me an email when you get a chance!! I'm sure I'll have questions in the future about stuff. I really enjoyed my time in Madrid. My private guide was absolutely awesome and really took care of me because I killed my back that morning. He had me hold his arm climbing stairs etc and he was so smart and informative! Best thing I did was hire him!
  15. Great picture!! Mine not so much.. but I bought it anyway. We stood in line one and a half hours to board the tobaggan (folks behind me timed it). It was cold. And wet. And raining off and on. But better than standing in the heat. I'm glad I did it. I had a rain jacket. The folks behind me had the Viking ponchos. They were all laughing. They were pink, kind of like a kitchen garbage bag thickness. Our guide was trying to help people put them on. Most people already broke through the sleeves. Bring a rain jacket!! I thought our guide was great. I (personally) could have been happy without the wine tasting (and I like wine) I was so happy with our guide, I think we were really lucky. We went to a scenic overlook for pics. I can tell you it was windy. Very very windy. But a good day for me.
  16. I still haven't taken an elevator! My climbing is slow but I'm managing. I'll post about the toboggan ride later. I survived.
  17. I I do cough on occasion....mine is asthma. I haven't been in the Explorers Lounge though and didn't cough in the dining room either. I've been avoiding crowds, I don't want anyone to think I'm sick! I've only been to Star Lounge once...yesterday for the port talk. I sat in the very back in the white chairs with a mask on. I'm kind of dreading the coach ride to the tobaggan today. Ugh. I've got my inhaler. It's gotten so every time I cough I look next to me and say, it's asthma! Embarrassing.
  18. We had a nice M & M Saturday. Thanks for the hard work setting it up! Good attendance and lots of officers. Damien was there, I asked him about the coffee chats and Captains Q and A. He said that they were told to stop because of the questions that were being asked by the guests. I asked if the questions were related to the IPO and he said yes, that they were questions that onboard staff did not have answers to and the questions were getting increasingly demanding, if that makes sense. Those are my words, not his. He said he did them 2 weeks ago on his prior ship. I asked if he could do the Captains Corner thing and not allow questions but he didn't think so. I haven't had problems with the seas but I know others have. I liked the chateaubriand last night. Yes, there were 3 slices but they were rare and it was enough for me. The lyonnaise potatoes were good too. 2 of my table mates had lobster and enjoyed it but I can't speak to that. I loved the dessert. A caramel kind of mousse like thing shaped like a Bundt cake. Yum. I took a cooking class yesterday, Herbs and Spices. Tomorrow is French and Friday or Saturday is Italian. I did an enjoyable bridge tour last week and doing an engine tour on Wednesday. The staff, as usual, is phenomenal. I'm constantly surprised at who remembers me from my 33 day on the Star Nov/Dec. Everyone is so kind. That's my two cents! Off to bed, almost 10:30 here. Watched the show on TV. Mr and Mrs Feta Cheese, haven't run into you lately!!
  19. The ginger was out in World Cafe too. I haven't noticed bad seas at all!
  20. I was at the same Captain and officer Q and A and I have to disagree. Captain Olav was very informative, chatty, and funny. It was fun seeing his baby pictures as a triplet. They had to rush out, as best I remember, because it was getting close to noon and he and Kate had to do the noon announcement. I do remember her running up the aisle in her high heels. I will miss the coffee chats and the Q and A. I really enjoyed them.
  21. Thanks! I do, just not 100% and didn't want to be one of "those people" walking around coughing! I don't take the elevator either, I climb😁
  22. I've been a bit under the weather...sore throat, small cough, so decided to stay in my stateroom yesterday after the bridge tour. Skipped dinner. Took Covid test this morning....negative, which I expected, no fever or other symptoms but wanted to be sure. Tried to eat lunch, not hungry. Stayed onboard. Went to dinner and asked them to sit me far from others, which they did. I'm sure it's just a change in weather thing but I wanted to be careful and not make others uncomfortable. Dancing under the Stars Tonight but I'm in stateroom in pj's! My server was excited, she said she could dance with the guests and she wasn't even assigned to work there! Nice to see. Tomorrow will be a good day!
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