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  1. BTW, I can’t describe how nice it was to have a hammock on the balcony. The Meraviglia is a beautiful ship but on sea days the pool decks were a real sh*t show and this provided perfect R & R.
  2. The hammock included two long straps and carabiners. Wrap each strap around a metal beam, run the carabiners through each end of the strap AND ring at the ends of the hammock. That's it, it'll take you maybe 4 - 5 minutes to hang it.
  3. That’s great news, you’re very welcome.
  4. I did, ordered it off Amazon (Brazilian Hammock) for $30.
  5. @Jimbo There were only 2 of us. I booked on the MSC website and selected this cabin. I hope that helps.
  6. If you go down a few floors you may get a deeper balcony. Just got off the Mera on 2/2/20, we were in 10267 (see below). These are only sought after cabins if you like a larger balcony and the oddly satisfying sound of prop wash (like a waterfall) at night. The only drawback for aft cabins on this ship is lack of stairs and elevator at the back of the boat. This means you will be doing a considerable amount of walking. If you know that going in you'll have a great cruise.
  7. If you were at OC today as scheduled, the conditions are extremely unfavorable even if the ship could dock.
  8. I haven't sailed YC before, but if I did I can only imagine the things I would request just to see how far they would go to accommodate me. You're welcome to take this list and call it your own...good luck! - Have the butler iron your shorts each day while you're at breakfast. - Tell GS you have an aversion of 'crushed' ice and you'll need one of those block cubes in the glass for each drink order. - Have the butler iron your socks and fold them in to a tight triangle each day while you're at the YC pool. - Let the YC Matre D know you prefer your vegetables to be arranged on your plate in the form of a smiley face. - Let the butler know it would really make your day if he could share one or two 'Dad jokes' whenever you run in to him. Of course as the trip progresses you'll come up with dozens more ideas like this that'll take your trip from good to GREAT! Enjoy.
  9. Look at www.resortpass.com , there are several hotels in Miami Beach you could chill out at for the afternoon.
  10. Sweet! Thank you sharing.
  11. Hi Andy - If you're inquiring about YC day passes I've seen a few CC posts that indicate these are $100 per person per day but they don't always make those available. *cheers*
  12. For anyone else interested I did find a similar post on the Grandiosa that illustrates pricing for full day and half day access. Not sure if Mera will offer the same but I will post either way after our trip.
  13. So many jokes and not enough time when you see a post titled "Happy Ending Man Rescued".
  14. How much do they charge Bella and Fantastica pax for access to the Top 19 Solarium?
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