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  1. Yankee fans should be offended too I am a MET fan 😀
  2. It’s to bad that most of those threads have gone poof so unless you were there following at the time most people have no clue what’s going on. I do agree I would be leery about sailing especially with the measles breakout going on.
  3. The magic wand is no different than a hair dryer the other stuff is questionable. But this is the cruise for you. https://www.temptation-experience.com/cruises/temptation-caribbean-cruise-february-2020/ I don’t think Lysol wipes will help with this one 🤣
  4. Make sure you claim everything you buy, you don’t want the customs officers pulling everything out of your suitcase piece by piece. 😂
  5. I would skip Cagneys and Moderno and do Ocean Blu multiple times but if you do Moderno pass on the first few meat selections, NCL saves the good stuff for last and hope you are too full to eat the quality meats at the end.
  6. If I remember correctly one has a mini kitchen with microwave & sink. You can check YouTube videos by putting in the ship name and both cabin numbers for a walk through of both cabins.
  7. People will have those 2 days of service charges removed onboard if it is not done automatically. Regarding the beverage and dining packages you can always call, change the promo to shore and internet and then call later and change it back at the 10 day price.
  8. There will always be an Admin fee (which is basically the NCF portion) and what I meant was a comped admin fee would be $20 per day but on a discounted fare the NCF/Admin fee would be the regular going rate of any particular sailing (casino or regular booking). Amazing price on the 18 day sailing. Yeah the way it is structured you might look into either upgrading your cabin or using the overage on a free at sea service charge as well as your prepaids.
  9. You can use one cruise next on a comped inside or Oceanview cabin. If you are using the discounted value of the certificate you can use 1 cruise next on insides or ocean views. If you book using the discount on balconies or higher you can use 2 cruise nexts. It sounds like you are planning on using the discounted value so you should note that the admin fee will be higher then the normal $20 per day that comped cabins pay. You can have them add your prepaid gratuities and that will be offset by any cruise next you use (as well as any free at sea service charges) but if you have any money left over it will be forfeited.
  10. No you cannot combine packages from different cabins. They are separate folios so they cannot combine the 2 packages.
  11. I do not know, this is something different. With the Atlantis water park or beach day they offered the lunch option when booking at their ticket window. It was worth the price.
  12. If you do it directly at the hotel the beach day also has an option for a lunch plan, take it as it will cost more al a carte.
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