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  1. I grabbed it too and I don’t even like cabanas. But for 8 bucks extra pp we couldn’t pass it up haha
  2. Cruise ships are exempt as they are flagged in the Bahamas. Trust me, we had a hand pay and a frenemy collected on it using her Canadian passport, I would have heard about it by now had she been taxed on it. Her and her husband trash talk me every chance they get so I am 100% sure on this one haha.
  3. I responded to your earlier posts before I read your follow up regarding free at sea and taxes. Good luck, I hope you get your adjustments or at least your answers.
  4. Easier to say what they won't comp. casino cash, service fees & cruisenext deposits.
  5. You were asking the wrong question in all your correspondence to NCL. The non commissionable fare & port fees/government taxes (&insurance if applicable) are removed and the balance is prorated, on the US site that figure is $340 & $188. I would ask if any free at sea service charges were removed also, Your question should be what is the NCF in GBP and then you will see if the figure they gave you is correct.
  6. I remember NCL bringing the Epic up to the NY port and they had to remove the lifeboats on one side of the ship to fit into the berth. That was a one and done situation.
  7. Yes. We have had Canadians claim the jackpot and they were not issued tax forms, they had to produce their passport and sign for the claim for the casinos purpose only. There are lots of threads about it online and on CC. https://www.casino.ca/guides/taxation/ That said, us Canadians don't have to worry. Unless you are a professional gambler, gambling winnings are considered windfall under traditional common law and not subject to tax. When we win on board, I believe they still issue a 1099 essentially for their records, but it certainly isn't reportable income to the IRS and it's just a piece of paper for the Canada Revenue Agency. (Note: If you have more than $10,000 in cash or cheques, you still have to report that at U.S. and Canadian customs. It's not taxable, but it can be confiscated if not claimed. And for the U.S. that means reporting it when you arrive back to port and again when you're leaving the country.)
  8. A very well written letter. Keep us posted with the outcome.
  9. Ok I understand the host offered you drinks prior to 2500 points. They do that when they see people playing a long time. It’s within their discretion to do that.
  10. A little confused by what you are saying, being prime already gets you free drinks as well as no fees from the casino, just because the host had a drink sent to you doesn’t matter you could have ordered it for free anyway. FYI since you achieved prime in Dec (assuming 2018), you will remain prime until March 31, 2020. You should have also received another free cruise offer up to 8 nights sometime after April of this year. If you did not call Casino Royale because you earned it with your Prime status. If I am missing what you were asking/stating let me know and I will clarify.
  11. We booked at the cruise next desk & did a walk thru of the JS w/large balcony at the end of our cruise on the Anthem and noticed the studio room (& balcony room) semi adjoining to the suite (There is a shared outer door leading into an alcove of 3 room doors). My cousin loved the studio so we removed her from the suite and put her in there. I am curious to know how the room keys get coded because as of now we only have 2 cabins of the 3 and you need a key for that outer door as well as our own cabin door. Obviously I would not want strangers having access to my room. Does anyone know how that works?
  12. Yes I purchased this morning also, it was holding steady between $999 and $1299. It dropped to &499 so we grabbed it......and I am not even a cabana person. It breaks out to be $83.15 pp with the cabana vs $74.99 pp just for the park. Well worth 8 bucks pp.
  13. You can play through money...I.e. win, play, win, play...it’s not necessarily cash you buy in for. FYI 2500 points gets you 2 free cruises, one from a list of sailings (or casino discount towards one you pick) and another that you pick yourself the following year.
  14. On slot machines it’s $5.00 per point, on Video poker it is $10.00 per point, table games...anybody’s guess.
  15. You give me the finger, I give you a face full of smoke, In fact I will chain smoke just so I can blow my smoke in your face. I won’t be moving my seat that’s for sure. It will be easy peasy to get you to move. And you can use that finger to wipe your tears as you mosey on out of my space.
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