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  1. Last cyber Monday I got the dining plan for $126 pp from $175 pp. Right now it’s been between $175 on sale to $199 regular pricing so I am expecting it to drop to the 150 mark that day. FYI Cyber Monday was cheaper then Black Friday. The beverage package was around 47 per day but it was 47 on multiple sales from when I booked so to me there was no real sale on it. Since I have the $18 package on both 2020 sailings I have not paid much mind but it’s been ranging from 57-65 per day since I booked.
  2. They are not losing money by leaving out of Jersey, the higher rates reflect the repositioning days. All you have to do is compare Oasis pricing from Florida vs New Jersey and you will see the difference.
  3. Yes it will be empty because of the Jones act. Are you on the roll call? We have a nice group going on that date...also the cruise critic meet and greet is available for sign up, last I checked we had 16 already signed up.
  4. I guess you missed the part of my post that said I always prepay them. 🙄
  5. $18.00. Thank you to the bad typing intern. 😂
  6. I prepay my tips but back in the day I would never leave an envelope for the wine steward/sommalier because I do not drink wine, so in the current format I am tipping people that have not provided me a service. Tipping is way out of control, I went to buy a metrocard yesterday at a check cashing place and they had a tip jar on the counter. That is ridiculous.
  7. You should google the NCL Garden Villa....The max is 8 people and at almost 6700 SF It is hardly “Cramming”. 😉
  8. Everyone has one but you really can’t be serious about comparing those 2 cabins. 😉
  9. This category just opened for my sailing. $18,000.00 for 4 people ($4500 each)...I would never pay that and not have a balcony, Star class or no Star class. That is just not worth it. I do not plan on sitting in the bedroom looking out the window so those 2 in-room bedroom lounge chairs would be wasted on us. We paid 1500 pp for a 3BR garden villa on NCL a few years ago and there is no comparison between that & this cabin.
  10. I got that price on Cyber Monday last year, looking for that price again this year
  11. I prefer the AFTs, it is a nice room but without a balcony I would never stay in it.
  12. 1 for you, 1 for me, 2 for you, 1,2 for me, 3 for you, 1,2,3 for me. Knowing DelFeo, I can see that happening.
  13. Huge room @914 SF. Nice but still just a glorified OV room to me. I will take a pass.
  14. I knew this would be the outcome. It is sad all around but that doesn’t change the fact he was 100% at fault.
  15. All the price gouging is only going to get worse now. People think it’s bad now....just wait.
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