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  1. Where did I say that? I only told you what happened to me on NCL. My bummer comment was directed at the OP.
  2. I did not like Chops, I had the ultimate plan on the Anthem in March and ate there twice and cancelled my last reservation there and made it for Jamie’s which was far better. I only paid $126 on Cyber Monday so it was worth it but I would not pay $199. I am hoping for similar pricing for the Oasis next year on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, if not I will stick with Coastal kitchen. FYI I do not agree with eating dinner with strangers, had a bad experience once & I would never do it again.
  3. Interesting, NCL I had prepaid the lower rate and then upgraded and was locked into the old pricing. That’s a bummer.
  4. People are so foolish, did he think he would come out smelling like a rose after admitting to threatening a crew member? He should have picked up the phone, called the concierge and be done with it. Why would the media even call this a story?
  5. 2K on the Breakaway, we had a Canadian passport holder in the group so the money was tax free.
  6. It should still be blocked, the individual big box agencies have to opt in, if they do not I do not believe they will allow the passenger to bid. I hope I am wrong but I do not think one thing has to do with the other.
  7. The person running the slot pull uses their card for points. The money is divided evenly & everyone gets paid in cash at the end of the pull. Bring a cell phone/calculator and a piece of paper with you so you can give the breakdown to the cashier X amount of $20’s X amount of $1’s X amount of nickels etc
  8. If I lived closer I would jump on it but gonna have to take a pass on that one. Maybe I will jump on a last minute NCL Escape sailing.
  9. Mine is showing $853.99 this afternoon, this morning was still $1253.99. I guess I should book it now since I am now saving $400 bucks....NOT! lol
  10. I used Seeker sale last week so it’s a wash. No change in pricing using SILVERSEA code.
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