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  1. That will certainly beat their current demos they run all day, I do not cruise to learn how to fold a towel or to “learn” a $99 shoe insole will save my life.
  2. I am glad I take photos, lots of them. I took out a credit card from Columbian Emeralds and if you spent over X amount of dollars they advertised zero interest. I made sure to pay the higher then minimum to make sure the balance would be cleared before the allotted time. Lo & Behold they tack on hundreds in interest at the end. I emailed and sent a certified piece of mail to the credit card company showing the 3 signs in the store showing the advertisement. The interest was removed but had I not had those photos I would have been on the hook for it. Caveat emptor.
  3. I bet you that you cannot hold your breath for 7 minutes...... I just did......step right up......place your bets.......... 🤣😂🤣
  4. FYI....in my follow up to the hotel for my stay and my cancellation I made sure to let them know why I was not happy & why I cancelled my next trip. As long as smokers continue to let the hotels/cruise lines know why they cancel............ I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you 😇
  5. Port fees remain the same. They only possibly change with Lift & Shift. A straight price adjustment does not affect port fees, they remain the same as the day you book.
  6. Non smokers already have taken my place.....in 75% of the casino... And they still complain.
  7. Not really. I gave it a shot over 4th of July weekend and didn’t like it so much that I cancelled my other reservations. I will go back when smoking is allowed in the casino.
  8. It is only an argument if you choose to respond to the poster as such, you can always use the ignore button. Works for me. 🤫
  9. That is exactly what was going on in NYC. All the hospitals started doing risk assessments on who had a better chance at survival and gave that person the ventilator. Older people & sickly people are now dead because of those choices. I guess when the sky was falling a few bricks landed on your head because the only thing fake is your post.
  10. If I remember correctly, you can play online through the TV set.
  11. And that is why I will be taking a refund on my soon to be cancelled August Sailing.
  12. Funny because when you think you are right you do the same exact thing.
  13. You mean just like when you have stated some information without providing a source?
  14. That is funny, pay money to get a discount. That is sooooooo oxymoron.
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