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  1. It’s an ugly blue. It looks more like a shipping freighter then a cruise ship.
  2. In that video did you order a Bloody Mary while singing Spice up your life? Slam it to the left shake it to the right Arrrrriiiiibbbbaaaaaaa! Now I know what I will be doing in March.... 🤣
  3. Avoid an online travel agency based out of Long Island NY that offers free travel insurance. I paid to upgrade the plan and broke my foot on the ship. All I got from them was the runaround and lots of wasted faxes & postage because every time I would call to follow up...they couldn’t find my paperwork. I wasted a year on their BS.
  4. That is a great rate on the 2BR, in US dollars it normally starts at $500 pp
  5. that’s really weird since the 2BR aqua suite is a lower class suite than the star loft suite is still showing as Star class. I would email Royal Caribbean about that to get a definitive answer in writing. If you do, please keep us posted on what they say.
  6. Me either, I scope out a few choices on day one for locations that cause the least distraction for other players in the casino.
  7. A group of people all chip in a certain amount of money and you get X amount of spins (i.e. $20 buyin = 4 spins at $5.00 per bet) and everyone splits the money at the end. The casino will usually throw in prizes for the top spinners also. It depends on who is running it but there can also be side bets have such as top spinner, top bonus round etc. Personally I don’t do side bets anymore since I had someone try to claim the prize even though they chose not to place the side bet. They argued with me saying they didn’t know even though it was clearly spelled out in the rules of the game & as people paid they were asked if they wanted to do the side bet so I just choose not to be bothered with that anymore. In response to the OP, I smoke but as a courtesy to all players I hold it in the non-smoking section. Anyone who wants a cigarette can go & come back.
  8. You must bring the voucher with you, Royal will not know you have it otherwise. Anyone listed on the individual reservation for that room can use it. I would not try to use 2 spa credits on 1 room as it would probably be flagged in Royals system.
  9. I would recommend the Horizon, I thought the Horizon was a great ship, I absolutely loved their elevator systems. You press your floor on a kiosk and it tells you what elevator bank will be yours (No standing around looking back and forth to see which elevator will show up) & you get on & it goes right to the floor you pressed outside, Guy Fieri’s hamburger joint by the pool was delicious. I also loved the Havana infinity pool & bar setup..
  10. Leave them attached to your luggage and you won’t have that problem.
  11. I preprinted mailing labels with everyone’s info on it & we just slap It on the tags, both coming and going so we don’t have to write them out every sailing. It knocks out the “who has a pen?”, “can you fill mine in?” chaos on the last day.
  12. Is the refuel button to call the waiter? If so, that is really cool.
  13. Actually I stand by the fact that my comment was well timed & well played. Sorry you don’t feel that way but in all honesty I don’t care what other people do, complain, wear, tip etc...it doesn’t affect me so why should I? 😃
  14. You come across as one of those people that books suites and has an email written with preplanned complaints months before your cruise just ready to click send the day you come home. Pot.....meet kettle. 🙄
  15. I have questioned that myself in the past but my biggest jackpots have all been on the last day/s of the cruise.
  16. Honestly I couldn't care less what you or your wife do on a cruise or anywhere else for that matter. It does not affect me in any way, shape or form so if you have a problem with the way I run a slot pull, just don’t join. 😏
  17. I understand. I was just making a point that I go above and beyond and people are having a go at me. I do agree with what you said about them not returning the ticket I would do the same thing but I also would have the cabin number and the name so if they could produce their card showing that name I would give them their money.
  18. Sorry, I was just saying in general from the entire thread, not directed at you personally.
  19. Thank you! I do find it ironic that people have no problem with other organizers adding to their wine funds but I will chase people down to pay them and I’m the one that’s being sniped at.
  20. The points I make during a slot pull are nothing compared to my play points. Try running one and you will see that for yourself.
  21. $1499 for me, no option for the day pass in March but showing $69 in October. I will keep my $499 Thrill Park cabana instead.
  22. Exactly this. I actually laughed at the comments & the posting of the rules (on the Royal site and Vegas) when the reality is so much different. You can tell immediately who is a player and who is not.
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