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  1. You can apparently pay for an omelet after hours; can you not pay for one in the morning?
  2. Going slightly OT myself, my husband and I sailed on the Polynesia and the Mandalay while Windjammer was in its heyday.
  3. I just saw this on the People magazine website: https://people.com/travel/virgin-launches-first-cruise-ship-adults-only-no-kids/ The pictures are beautiful, but still not appealing to me.
  4. I guess my family must be in the minority; we were underwhelmed by Virgin Atlantic Business Class (three generations of us, so not just old fogey me). This cruise line wouldn't appeal to any of us that I know of, unless it would be the 23-year-old young man who is still seeking his niche in life, and even he might be turned off.
  5. I do have several friends who happily switch back and forth between Regent and Celebrity; they know what to expect with each one and go prepared.
  6. The one we stayed at was the Radisson Blu Waterfront, too. I'm sorry I wasn't more specific, I honestly didn't know there were several there.
  7. We stayed at Cape Grace the first time we went to Cape Town and Radisson the second time. Cape Grace is very elegant, but again, very pricey. We liked the Radisson just as much.
  8. This is so very different from my experience, 2 1/2 years ago! I had booked a TA with the double upgrade promotion, but I really wanted the cruise before that one (14 nights European Capitals); both were repositioning cruises because of a charter. I watched, and the European one went under the BOGOHO promotion; I asked Bonnie if I could apply the half-off to my single supplement, she asked the higher-ups and they said YES! In fact, at that point any single cruiser who knew about it could have taken that 50% off their single supplement on any cruise falling under the promotion (or at least that was implied). I was able to cancel the TA and go to Europe with no penalties.
  9. Ray, good point. Mine was mainly an idle comment, I should have kept my typing fingers idle. Sorry.
  10. It would be really nice to know where you go to get on the boat, how you determine where on the boat you are going to sleep, and what time the various meals are. Also, whether you are going to start out going North or South, for how long, and where the stops are going to be.And, I guess, what day they expect you to remove yourself from their boat. Just a start.
  11. It was never boring to dine with Guiseppe; he was very entertaining. We were invited to dine with a captain who I would have loved to be able to talk to, but had decided against bringing formal wear with us for that cruise. They offered to try to find suitable clothes for us, but it was before my husband's weight loss surgery and we were pretty sure they wouldn't find anything to fit him so we declined regretfully. That captain retired not too long after our cruise.
  12. I had a full blown case of Shingles at a time that there was nothing to do for it. My doctor gave me a compounded salve that kept the scarring down but it was pretty terrible; I felt like I could break my right arm between my fingers with little effort. I started another bout with it not too long ago, but was getting my hair cut and the stylist recognized a beginning blister at my hairline. I immediately went to a walk-in clinic and got the antiviral tablet. That saved me a lot of pain, because the blisters still tried to erupt and I felt them in my throat and beside my eye. I'll get this new shot for sure.
  13. I don't believe private messages are activated on Cruise Critic.
  14. My granddaughter studied in London a couple of years ago for a semester; as her classes came to an end her dad was finishing a business trip in Amsterdam so my daughter met him in Amsterdam, then they traveled to London and came home with their daughter. A month or so after that, I cruised on Azamara for two weeks in Europe. I opened a checking account at Bank of America and got debit cards for the three of us then after we got home I closed the account. I have done that in the past, successfully. I used Bank of America because of their connection to the big bank in the UK, Barclays. Money was deposited as each of us left home, so there was a limit to how much a hacker could get. That worked well for us, just saying.
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