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  1. I’m hoping that the cruise lines will approve the mix of Astra and MRNA, I booked a Panama Canal cruise for April and taking my adult nephew on his first ever cruise and he has a mix dosage, Would make it so easier if they accepted that. Mind you we still have lots of time and hopefully by then we will not need all these covid tests.
  2. We are following just saw the video of Jeff cutting the ribbon…… Smooth sailing….
  3. Have a Wonderful cruise Lisa, my nephew Marc and I will be following as the NA will be his first ever cruise in April, we are all going to be following from our arm chairs, So looking forward to your live thread. Have fun, enjoy every minute, make memories and more importantly stay safe..... HUGS from your Canuck friends.... Diane, Gloria and Marc.
  4. Thanks Jacqui, great link…. Definitely a step in the right direction. Great news…..
  5. Thanks a lot Lisa for such a wonderful report and for taking us along on your journey. We enjoyed reading this thread and your pictures were amazing. Safe travel home. Di and Glo
  6. Been following your posts, excellent report, enjoyed your pictures also. Certainly sounds like HAL are now going to try to push the selling of food upgrade in the MDR. Sure is more offering now than what there was on our last cruise in 2020…. I certainly hope that HAL will not discontinue the wine packages….
  7. Enjoying your reports as we have never been to Seattle, so excited for you both makes us wished we were on the sailing. I love your shirts. Bon Voyage my friend, we are following, Smooth seas……. Sending big hugs…. Diane and Gloria…..
  8. Yeah …. so excited to see your post this AM, will be so anxious to read your live thread, it’s been a very long time. Wishing you and Tom Bon Voyage, thanks for taking the time to do this and for taking us along on this journey. Hugs my friend….. Diane and Gloria…
  9. Thanks Lisa for the information and for sharing your knowledge Diane
  10. As you know Lisa we are in Canada and neither of us or any of my friends have received the survey and we have 3 cruises booked starting Sept.
  11. They just showed on CTV news that 29.2% of Canadians have been vaccinated with at least 1 shot so this is encouraging news. I had my Pfizer shot in March with my next one already scheduled for July. We have a huge municipal Covid Centre here where we live and there is lots of people from Ottawa and surrounding that are coming to get their shots. I just walked by the centre today and it is packed with cars which is great news as more people are taking the jabs. I still have 3 brothers one of which is going to be 70, under home care with advanced COPD and he still did not get a shot.....yet some healthy people of 40 and up are getting their jabs. Go figure.... We are still on the fence as to whether or not we will be able to cruise in September.... Keeping positive and fingers crossed. Stay healthy everyone.... Our golf courses are still closed and that sucks.... Diane
  12. We sail in Sept 2021 on a 45 day cruise so we are very interested to know exactly what protocols will be invoked by then. Final payment June 20.... Not too concerned about our cruises in fall of 2022 at this point...
  13. Voice of reason, fully support all of the above. We feel the very same way.
  14. Wow, we have 5 cruises booked with HAL at the moment, if there is no reversal of policies we are going to cancel our 3 cruises for 2021. As it stands I have a hard time accepting this decision. We just heard tonight of 3 friends that just tested positive for Covid including their children ages from 6 to 17. We are not going to take any chances, not worth it....
  15. Hope she will be ready for our Sept. 19 cruise.... Keeping fingers crossed and remaining optimistic.....
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