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  1. I echo what Coral says, I get a lower price through the TA I use, and also get price reductions after I book the cruise.
  2. I think people were assuming it was going to be a sweeping announcement by Carnival Corp., however, as someone pointed out, it was going to be the cruise line not the corporation. Princess was ahead of the game going 60 days at the start, now other lines are having to catch up, go to mid-May.
  3. I'm booked for a Baltic plus TA, Aug./Sept. final payment isn't until the end of June, normally it would be end of April. I haven't cancelled yet, because the final date was pushed back.
  4. There is and the understanding of bacteria caused illnesses, or one caused by a virus leads to many misconceptions.
  5. Your last statement is totally true. The cruise lines under the Carnival Corp. do not operate in the same manner, each one has their own way of operating. Princess went 60 immediately, now other lines are having to extend because they went 30 days.
  6. I don't buy the safety statement as ships should comply with laws. Now some may think a horrible accident has something to do with Carnival or another line, but the human factor has to be considered. I took one Costa cruise and did not like the way they operated. Of the 6 lines I've cruised, Princess suits me best for that reason. Looking at Princess situation at docks, when passengers get on and off compared to others, it is rather telling. Some lines do the bare minimum, Princess usually does more.
  7. I have a deal for my Aug. Baltic/Sept. TA, I haven't cancelled "yet". Sailing single, never had this, $550. OBC, drinks, gratuities, balcony cabin, great price. My final payment is 60 days out, instead of usual 120 days for long cruises. If I cancel or they cancel close to the date and there is FCC involved, I could put it towards my April 2021 Enchanted cruise.
  8. Good point, Skynight. I'm surprised number of posts here not realizing it has nothing to do with their cabin steward. I've always had fast service on getting the mini bar handled, changed out for coffee cards or water, no problem. I don't call the minute I get on board, usually after dinner, or first thing following a.m. Trying to go through the cabin steward would be a major delay and most times they would say this is handled by room service. I've had nothing but positive experiences being elite but rather low maintenance, use the laundry now and then, being alone don't need much. I will admit sometimes room stewards are great, other times not so much. I try to think they are handling a great deal of cabins and is what I'm thinking I need really a high priority?
  9. Wasn't Princess 60 days already, whereas some initially went with 30 days? Princess doesn't have to say anything because they were already at this May date. I agree they have to discuss the Alaska, Canada situation.
  10. I turned Elite in 2016 between a TA and Baltic cruise, did get the benefits on ship for 2nd cruise but nothing else, no pin, no email, but I was most interested in the coffee cards! 🙂
  11. I'm thinking along the same lines. My Grand Adventure on the Sky is Aug./Sept., if canceled close to the leave date I'll put the FCC towards my Enchanted 35 day TA + Med cruise. I don't want to cancel but really have to see how this goes.
  12. Wondering the same thing. I have a Grand Adventure, Aug., longer cruises are due 120 days ahead, which is end of April. I haven't cancelled, thinking about it. Addition, Thanks for the link! 🙂
  13. I have 4 cruises booked, hard for me to judge when I look at current prices. I booked all of these with specials, plus a discount from my TA because she has group pricing usually. Seems like an increase but not major. I check my cruises all the time.
  14. I have a cruise for the Baltic & a TA Aug./Sept. I haven't cancelled "yet". I'm not concerned about the cruise industry. I don't have big amounts of money tied up, $100. deposit on 4 cruises but not concerned. By nature, I'm not wired to worry. Why? Do I have any input or say on what is happening because of this pandemic? I can only do things to keep myself safe, out of harms way and see what happens. I will have to keep an eye on my upcoming cruise, what is happening in the world but worry, nope.
  15. Double WOW, mercy, I guess I didn't realize it was total gloom and doom.
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