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  1. Interesting moving some things to the app, when some people may not be using the app. I don't and don't know that I will either. Have to wait and see how this all works out, I guess.
  2. Having issues this a.m., too! Not a big deal as I don't cruise until April 2022. I did want to book my EZ air for one of those cruises but I can wait.
  3. I'm a bigger spender because I'm sailing single and like previous poster, paying double. I don't get the "bigger spender" insinuation. I've had people make comments about getting double points, don't care, none of their business. Do they want to pay what I pay? I take longer cruises, never 7 days, usually 14 or more and have never cruised with points as my intension. I'm Elite and whatever they decide to do is fine, don't care about the laundry, rarely use it. I like the internet minutes, exchange the mini bar, that's about it. Basically it is no big deal.
  4. I agree with previous poster, no way to judge. I took a positioning cruise from California to Alaska, late April, early May, weather was awesome, luck of the draw. We were 1st ship of the season, no other ships, it was great. I bought short sleeved tees as I wasn't prepared for warmer than normal. I haven't been to Alaska in awhile, but I would do first cruises or last, never what is considered ideal time to cruise.
  5. Sad news indeed, RIP. Ed Asner and Betty White only ones left from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Asner says to Betty, it's just you and me, kid! 😄
  6. Quebec is great to visit! Logistics of getting there, size of their airport play into it, too! I was surprised first time I flew there out of O'Hare, small, regional jet. I flew GB to ORD on a really small plane, thinking at least the next one will be big . . . not so much! 😄 I don't go to the Caribbean but I will do the NE itinerary over and over! 🙂
  7. I book my cruises way in advance, fussy about cabin location. Sailing single, paying double, 8 cruises I have booked for 2022 and 2023 pricing isn't noticeably higher than previous cruises. Three do have a casino discount. However, Baltic + TA and NZ plus trans Pacific wouldn't be booking them if I was looking at prices today.
  8. Just wanted to say this is where you can see the good side of the internet, we all know there can be a dark side sometimes. Sharing information is great, connecting with others in the same situation. Best of luck to all of you.
  9. Wowza! Things are good! Called my TA to ask about a Quebec to FLL cruise for 2023. Yes, I did whine about the website! 😄 My TA said, she's heard it all and then some! I booked Caribbean Princess, told her no FCC because my canceled Enchanted cruises are listed! Now they've disappeared, booking is listed (plus my 7 others)! All is well and I don't have to pay a deposit, which is $400. Happy, I am!
  10. Mine is o.k. today, it was not late yesterday. It has been a waiting and patience game, which I'm not necessarily good at being . . . patient.
  11. I'm still having issues. Princess sent me an email that I can book airfare for my April 2022 coastal cruises but I can't get in, even when I change passwords. I can fly direct to San Fran from MKE so I might not use EZ air this time, only problem is unpredictable Spring weather in the upper Midwest. Eventually it will work, I'm not concerned. I'm not going for almost a year, really don't care. I book through a TA so it's not like I need to be on the site. I have cruises booked through May, 2023.
  12. I started out with AOL, too and also lost post counts. I remember when the 3 main cruise forums put together group cruises and I did a few of those. Cruise Critic prevailed though, thankfully, by keeping up with the changing internet times, always updating, upgrading their systems. Good for them! 😄
  13. Congrats on your CC anniversary! 😄 Enjoy your cruises! Adjusting to a new lifestyle will be a learning curve but the tone of your post leads me to believe you'll figure it out and do well. Aging isn't an easy process sometimes but approaching it with positivity is a huge step!
  14. All this makes me smile, glad I don't deal with any of it. Traditional early dining, could care less what dining room, if a line forms, oh, well, don't care. Life is too short to be remotely concerned about dining issues. It's a vacation, I don't think Princess is stressful, the way patrons think they should or shouldn't operate seems to be self inflicted. 😄
  15. Finally got into Princess but not without some difficulty! 😄 Changed my password last night, got in, couldn't get in this a.m.! Just now tried my original password, success! Acknowledge message was different so maybe they're making progress! 🙂
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