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  1. Same here for me! I could look for something for Oct. 2021, changing the Enchantment Med cruise again. I have 22 days RT Barcelona booked but Regal taking over Grand itinerary, I could do something out of Southampton instead. I like taking cruises from Southampton but I would not have booked one on the Grand. Eventually I will get to Australia/NZ but think it will be after I sell my house and get in a more manageable situation in terms of being gone. I've been gone 35 days before but it is a chore lining up either lawn care, snow shoveling. I live on a corner with a bus route so the public sidewalk has to be shoveled or the city charges you. Decisions, decisions, I want to cruise in 2021.
  2. I'm waiting to see what is up for the Regal and those Southampton itineraries. I'm booked Enchanted for Oct. 2021, Barcelona for 22 days but I do like sailing out of Southampton. I changed from April to Oct. as I'm not 100% optimistic about Spring 2021, or Med for that matter. Regal out of England would be great. I like flying to England, getting on the bus to Southampton, everything is so easy. I've been to Barcelona many times, too but I love England. Right now still shows Grand, until those are switched they won't put the Regal up as doing those itineraries. I'll just have to wait.
  3. There have, more ship specific than the whole list of changes although someone may have put this within a thread. It's good, I'm sure there will be much discussion about it as people have their preferences.
  4. I've cruised on the Regal and the Royal, love this class of ship. My favorite all time ship is the Emerald. I've been cruising since 1982, did miss the promenade at times. It isn't a deal breaker, and I take long trips. My 1st cruise on the Regal was 25 days and I was skeptical, transatlantic plus Baltic. The ship won me over though. Traveling as an older, single, cruising works out for me, I can safely get to cities I would not fly to, see on my own. I have places I haven't seen, Princess my preferred line and I've adjusted to the fact it might be on a large ship.
  5. Your list says Dawn and I thought Dawn went to P & O? Cruisers seem to like the smaller Pacific, I would think this ship keeps sailing. I would think the Star would stay over the Grand, based on age alone, not a fan of the Grand or Golden for that matter.
  6. Here is a couple of links, which may help to answer your questions. I like the balcony cabins mid-ship on Emerald, as there isn't really an obstruction looking straight out, only down. https://sites.google.com/site/royalregalprincess/home/8-emerald Also here is an older thread 9 pages all about various obstructed view cabins on Emerald deck:
  7. I had 4 cruises I cancelled and was surprised recently when I got the $400 back. Not that I can afford to lose it but the $100. deposit Princess does is a big draw for me.
  8. I'm with others here, I book with an agent and her price is always better than Princess, others places I check. I wouldn't hesitate to book a cruise for 2022 as long as it isn't a deposit higher than $100.
  9. I was booked for the Sky Baltic Grand Adventure 26 days, had a great price, $500+ OBC, but checked same cruise for 2021, got major sticker shock. It takes quite a bit to surprise me, cruising for almost 40 years plus sailing single, I'm used to high prices. For comparison, I cancelled a 35 day cruise on the Enchanted for April but re-booked part of it for 21 days, Barcelona RT. I had 2nd thoughts but found a similar cruise Oct. 2021, Barcelona RT 22 days. Extra day, not repeating Naples, only $50.00 more than April 2021. Better cabin, I had a balcony obstructed, now I have a deluxe balcony obstructed mid-ship, and those aren't really obstructed. After pricing the Baltic cruise, I was very surprised this Enchanted cruise wasn't higher.
  10. I'm turning into a skeptic, I changed my April 2021 Med cruise to a Barcelona RT 22 day Med cruise Oct. 2021. I got the same price, better cabin, my TA was able to transfer my $100. deposit.
  11. I like having a cruise to look forward to, always have 2 or 3 booked. I'm retired, cruising once a year, but 21 or more days. I miss cruising but common sense prevails, being in my 70's do not want to be trapped on a ship with an outbreak. I cancelled 3 long cruises, re-booked a portion of a 35 day one, but thinking with spikes happening, first wave of this isn't "over", and people throwing caution to the wind in some cases, will have an impact. I may cancel my April 2021 re-booked cruise, too!
  12. Checking my credit card this a.m. to see if something I ordered was charged, very surprised to see a credit balance. I cancelled 3 cruises in April was prepared to not see my $300., I was hoping and pleasantly surprised.
  13. I don't think anyone has any ideas at this point. If the ships start sailing later this year, cruise lines might come out with some details on how things will be handled. Until then everything would probably be speculation unless someone posts actually working for a cruise line. Travel agents might get info as those cruise dates appear to be a go.
  14. It is a very complicated situation, and generalizations don't cover it. Every state has different rules, when you talk world travel, different countries, it isn't just about the CDC and one persons choice, not at all. I'm not going to get into the "commending the leadership" through this, for what? I could sound off but we have been told, no politics. News this a.m. reporting about Britain and their rules, quarantine for travelers, etc., it isn't just about cruise lines saying they have a plan for protecting passengers. Do they and does anyone really know the answers here? Will it return, worse than now, is there going to be a spike as places open up for business?
  15. I've been using the same agent almost 20 years (possibly same one Coral uses), there is no way I would change or book direct through Princess. Having travel agency experience, sailing as a single, why would I not? Booking travel should not be "just pushing a button". Taking long trips, rarely less than 3 weeks, I want to book with someone traveling themselves, experience.
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