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  1. We are! We took a weekend cruise back in December, because we knew we would be a few nights short when we got off the Harmony, so that we would be diamond for the Odyssey. I had a feeling that being diamond on the Odyssey would not be a bad thing.
  2. I was excited and a little giddy to see today, when I logged into my account, the nights posted from my last cruise and we are now officially Diamond!! Sorry I just had to share with people who would understand my excitement! 😀
  3. OP HERE : Sorry for seeming to disappear, I don’t Voom. I cruise to disconnect lol. Anyway, after getting a bit of run around on day 1 when we went back to our cabin to go to bed - the cups and stickers were there. No explanation just cups and stickers. So along with the basic beverage package, we were to get a meal at JR. yeah well we ended up back at GS to have that fixed as well as it wasn’t notated on the account but that took considerably less time than the beverage diabolical took. In the end, I feel like we got what we were entitled to it just was a bit of a pain. And I do realize all of this is “first world” problems but I also wanted to make sure people here knew that at least on the Harmony they had no idea we had a choice and to be prepared when getting onboard that you MAY have to prove you elected to stay in the DDD package.
  4. Embarked the Harmony today -I grandfathered into the DDD package back when they first gave us the opportunity to do so. Printed the confirm page. Get onboard and am told cups will be in cabin - No cups in cabin. Talk to 4 people all have no idea, Lee sending me from person to person. Last “white shirt” guy I talk to says there were changes after I made my election and when I ask why I wasn’t informed, he shrugged his shoulders. Sends me to GS who tries to send me back to him ... I showed every person my confirm and no one can make a decision. GS says they were told everyone got $50. I say well no but even so how come I don’t have the credit. They finally say they have to email corporate and they will get back to me but don’t know when. So a perk that I’m supposed to have on day 1 I may get on any given day between now and the end of the cruise or may not get at all. I knew this would be a problem and I guess I’m right. not at all impressed on how they are handling this either. I’m not asking for a free cruise I just want what they are supposed to give me. if you grandfathered in be sure to bring the confirm page (hopefully you printed it). Another cruiser didn’t print it and they are telling her without it she gets nothing!
  5. The new RCL procedures in place at Port Canaveral and Miami are super efficient, quick and easy. Last 2 cruise- we’ve never stopped moving, no lines or waiting, to get onboard and getting off - you walk up to an iPad like screen - you get a green light and off you go. don’t know which other ports have this but definitely way easier than the paper, talking to agents and questions route
  6. If you wouldn't mind sharing one more time, Id love to see the walking tour. please send to srsfunk at gmail Thank you so much
  7. Thanks! I knew if they did - it’d be expensive. I’m not even sure it’ll be an issue but thought I’d ask. Thank you for the info on quality- that is my bigger concern with letting someone different do my nails. I love my nail tech and have been going to her for years. I do normally get mine filled the day before we leave and it’s not a big deal but unfortunately due to a scheduling error (my fault) - I had to get them done last evening and am concerned about how they will look/feel by the end of the cruise.
  8. Does anyone know if they offer fills for Acrylic Nails onboard? If it makes a difference, sailing on Harmony. Thanks!
  9. Thank you so much! I was able to find this and Complete it. Hopefully it works. 🤞🏼
  10. So i just found out - we both have traditional dining, I booked through Royal, she booked through some sort of cruise voucher program/TA. So is there anything we can, need to, or you'd recommend we'd do before boarding to be able to sit together at dinner? or do we wing it and go to the MDR after we board and ask them to put us together? Thanks for the help.
  11. My nieces have decided to join us on one of our cruises. Wondering if it’s possible to link their booking Id to ours, so we can sit together, for dinner? Or do we have to do that when we get onboard?
  12. Our personal favorite is Seafood Atlantic. It is out by the cruise terminals, right along the water and is very close to Fishlips. They only buy their fish from local fishermen and do not have a fryer so all seafood is broiled, grilled or steamed (clams, etc). They also have non-seafood items on the menu. It isn't a very big place but it has outdoor patio seating (only), with heaters as needed. Love their fish tacos and the grouper sandwich!
  13. We will be in San Juan in January and cruise planner is showing the ships rainforest tour as "sold out", so hoping to get some suggestions as to which tour company to use instead? Thanks in advance! Sue
  14. Heck on the Navigator, they wouldn’t even let my husband wear his RX glasses up the stairs....
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