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  1. My first impression is - Wow! I am So happy we choose to stay here pre-cruise. Fabulous Service, beautiful property very well appointed rooms. We will definitely be staying here again! When we get home I’ll post pics.
  2. Wondering if anyone has any pics of the new and not improved (from what I hear) fitness center on the Navigator? Thanks in Advance!
  3. We sailed out of Bayonne on Sept 11, 2010. At the end of the muster drill, while we were all still in our “rows” looking over at NYC, from our side of the ship, The Captain talked about remembering and honoring the fallen, then there was a moment of silence. Most people then orderly and quietly left the drill while others stood at the rail taking it in and most of the people had tears in their eyes.
  4. I’ll let you know! Super excited to stay here next month
  5. I live about 30-40 mins from Niagara Falls - 3 days in Niagara Falls, especially without transportation, during our beautiful summers is too much time in Niagara Falls so in December - not a good idea. As many have said here...almost all of the tourist stuff will be closed for the season. It will be cold, snowy (maybe- Although the Lake Effect someone mentioned really wouldn't be an issue) and there won't be much to do if you have no way to get around. The Casino is always open and there is a potential they may have a concert or show you'd be interested in. Im sure Im a little cynical but once you've seen the water go over the falls for 5 mins - you've seen it. And don't get me started if they are thinking you should stay on the American side of the Falls😞
  6. Um as a Buffalonian... I’d say in general Nope, Sorry! The beef on OUR Beef on Weck is thin slices ...the slices, when we had it at Park Cafe, were thick sliced. Since they are hand slicing it I don’t know if they can get it that thin without shredding it. Dont get me wrong, it was good but not a true Buffalo Beef on Weck.
  7. Im probably in the minority but honestly ... I'm a little sad that this itinerary doesn't start until after my Navigator cruise on 9/16.
  8. Glad to hear all the positives ...We are staying here in September!
  9. You are Correct, as a resident of a border state, I can confirm Enhanced Drivers Licenses have nothing to do with TSA PreCheck. PreCheck is Department of Homeland Security program that costs $85 for a 5 year period. You have to go through screening, background check and submit your fingerprints to apply and it probably takes about 2-4 weeks for approval, assuming there is nothing in your background to exclude you. By the Way - the best $170 I've ever spent (I'm in my 2nd 5 year period)!
  10. Interesting topic for sure. When we go on vacation, we have a house sitter and an alarm so I don’t stress about it. That being said I don’t typically post on Social Media prior to my vacation that I’m leaving, but heck ... I go to work every day so being bulgarized could happen whether I’m on vacation or not. Like some have said here, I’m more concerned about my credit cards/ accounts but even that everyone of them is as interested in protecting me as I am.
  11. A little off topic here but on the INDY earlier this month - we were told by the NextCruise Manager that the Oasis is coming to Bayonne in 2020 or 2021 (i can't remember which year). He made mention of it saying they were bringing Central Park to Central Park.
  12. We were also on the OPs sailing - No they weren’t enforcing anything in regards to dress code. The 2nd night was “formal” night. I’d say most were dressed a little nicer but not overly formal. The guys sitting 2 tables away were in jeans. The other days were labeled as casual.
  13. Just got off the Independence this past Saturday- there is a sign next to the changing room doors that says “changing room, Sauna and Steam room”. (One for Men and another for Women) I did not use them but the sign/doors are inside the gym to the left when entering on deck 11. Hope that helps!
  14. Where I’m from - No problem but I cringe every time someone asks what I do...99% of the time if I tell them ... they immediately say “Really?” And then follow up with a bunch of what do you think about X questions So if I can’t avoid the question; I have a standard answer that I use (that isn’t what I do)
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