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  1. Thank you. We are booked on the Serenade for October, so was wondering about her condition. I had other choices on newer Royal or X ships, but an aft facing balcony, cruising out of Tampa, and great prices trumped.
  2. The port pictures are lovely! Thank you! Where does this leg of the sailing end? I was also interested in learning about the ship's condition and maintenance, please? Does it seem very battered? Is it kept clean and up to date? Thank you.
  3. Abby, We just got off the Beyond. Just have to say WOW, and want to go back again! Your "live" will not make me miss it too much😁. Thanks for the review and pictures. We loved the Eden dining experience and that lobster casserole.....umm umm umm. Shows were very good, so try to get there.
  4. We just got off the Beyond. Our cabin was on deck 7 around the aft elevators. There was no popping, or any noise and it was very quiet. Just reporting. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. @TravelGirlinDallas Bethany, I remember you asking me to post about my cruise on the Beyond since you are going on it. FABULOUS. Hope that describes it. And our cabin was very quiet. Did not witness any of the noise that people are upset about. Deck 7, starboard by the aft elevators. Very comfortable room. I never close the folding doors to the infinite verandah and use it as a floor to ceiling ocean view room and that makes the room seem a bit longer. Bathroom was great. The ship overall is very nice. Lots of interesting art work. Food was great (food is subjective but I thought it was great!). Oceanview cafe food was fantastic (OB, Attention attention). Out of the 4 dining rooms we went to Cypress the first night. We had a 3 night dining pkg which we used on Eden twice, Rooftop garden grille and once we went to Raw on 5. Among that, I really enjoyed the whole Eden dining experience. Shows were great and I enjoyed them a lot. I believe you all will have a great time!
  6. I would love to know what you thought of the Eclipse vs the refurbished Summit. We are looking at an Eclipse sailing out of FLL and my other choices are Beyond and Reflection. The pictures look like it is in need of a lot of love. And has it been refurbished at all? I do see it got the blue hull and outside stuff done, but am interested in learning about the inside.
  7. I love your same old same old itinerary! πŸ˜† Recently Wonder (especially) and some ships have been modifying this itinerary from St Thomas to San Juan, blaming it on some fueling issue.... so you may not have the same old.πŸ˜‰ About St Marten, I am also in your boat...BTDT on all suggestions. How about going to Pinel Island and snorkeling there or vegging out on the beach?
  8. We disembark tomorrow. Short 6 day cruise and enjoyed a lot. Very nice ship. Food is really great....far superior than Royals food. We have been reading reports of noise in cabins, but ours is peaceful and we have not heard disturbing banging or creaking noises. We are thankful to be able to cruise.
  9. Bimini. Nothing much to see just the most goreous bluest waters. There is Hilton, a Resorts World casino attached to it, a Fisherman Village shopping area, and a tram that takes you around these places and the Bimini beach. Closest walking distance beach right down the pier is Paradise Beach where the water is a blissful blue, but it smells of poop since there a sewer water outlet right there. No facilities but chairs and umbrellas to rent, and snack trucks. We rode the tram around, walked for a bit and went back on the ship. HOT and sweltering is putting it mildly. In the first picture below, the building is the Hilton. Mainly catering to visitors/gamblers on the Balerea and other ferries that come from South Florida.
  10. I was just about to post.....when I came back up to the room after coffee a couple hours ago, boom.......the decorations were gone. I laughed so hard. They rectified their mistake. I am happy for the real anniversary couple......at least the poor guy will no more have to sleep on the couch.🀣
  11. This came as a surprise....Our anniversary is in September but some kind soul at Celebrity decided it will also be celebrated today.....
  12. It looks like Captain Kate has left her 15 year old cousin in charge as captain.......Captain Leo looks like a high school kid. We have seen him previously many times, and I swear he is growing younger than when we saw him. It is a sea day. Lazy day. Not crowded inside or outside. Everyone is chilling.
  13. Celebrity Captain's Club welcome party today at Eden. Drinks and canapΓ©s served. Top cruisers acknowledged. Some entertainment and acrobatics. They don't show numbers of CC guests on a sailing, like Royal does, so I have no idea on how many at what tier. Some people I spoke to were first timer Celebrity cruisers but long time Royal cruisers. Today is a sea day. Tomorrow is Grand Cayman.
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