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  1. HA HA HA......😁 Now my good doc has not heard of Revenge in a Bottle, and he does seem to snooze/relax on the lounge chairs in the Solarium on his cruise? hmmmm....(yes, I have heard too many of those port talks !!!!!!!) Noooooo, do not worry, I would never dare!😁.....I promise, honest. Just Kidding.
  2. No no no. No need to feel that way. No apologies at all. πŸ₯° Now go enjoy your swim class !!!!!!😁 or bridge?
  3. No offense at all. Hence no apologies. πŸ₯° I just do not want to add to any confusion. You are in VERY capable hands of your TA. I know that he will help work it all out.
  4. @Norwaylady thank you for a wonderful report! I will be looking forward to and following your future reports.
  5. Sorry, tried to help. Will stay out of it. Your TA is absolutely the best and excellent and he will guide you best. No need to post here, because others only try to help and more the suggestions more your confusion. Good Luck!
  6. Jane, MCO is an international hub. You may want to research more flight options and book direct. Also revisit the Bright Line times from Miami to MCO.
  7. @Sea Dog Greg, I saw a very nice Christmas movie last night: Operation Christmas Drop. Based on a true story. No tissue box neededπŸ˜‰. I liked it a lot, although I am not a big holiday movie enthusiast. I thought I would mention it here so you can put it on your list of "to watch" or maybe you have already seen it.
  8. I am a resident in the Orlando area BTW. Rest your concerns it is not as you fear......No "street people, petty thieves, dopers, "..... You will be fine.
  9. @Ozark_Kid John, You are always in our prayers. I share the sentiments of everyone. Sharon, you are the best.
  10. I am also going to say thank you. I will share this with a relative who has this and perhaps it may help. And I will also say sorry that you got kind of run over on how YOU used YOUR time with YOUR doctor. Please do not feel intimidated. I wish you (and Sue) the best and hope you find some relief with your pain.
  11. We had the same good experience at Ana's. Very relaxing. No loud music. Decent menu. And they work on island time so factor that in. We did not book in advance. However, be very careful of the taxi drivers at the port. We asked to go to Ana's on Dickenson. Cab driver took us to another place on Dickenson and insisted this is where we should be. Would not listen to us. We paid him and walked down the beach to Ana's. We had been to Ana's a few times before and to the adjacent Sandals many times, so we knew.
  12. Agree! Did it with Royal and Celebrity. Very good.
  13. πŸ™„Oh please! Touristy yes, but the the rest is as "normal" as anywhere in the US.
  14. @Norwaylady You and Mr are looking very chic for chic night. Wonderful pictures!
  15. Looking forward to seeing you Dani. It can take anything from 3 hrs 45 mts to 4 hrs 30 mts from PC to Miami. There is the train (Bright Line) from MCO to Miami. If one is up to it. I think going to Miami (to catch the 1 pm flight, consider checking in for international flight 3 hrs ahead?) from PC on the day that the cruise ends may be a rush in this case. If you are flying back from Miami and looking at hotels for the night, it makes sense to look for one in Miami or closer and not in PC. Just some thoughts.
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