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  1. It looks like Captain Kate has left her 15 year old cousin in charge as captain.......Captain Leo looks like a high school kid. We have seen him previously many times, and I swear he is growing younger than when we saw him. It is a sea day. Lazy day. Not crowded inside or outside. Everyone is chilling.
  2. Celebrity Captain's Club welcome party today at Eden. Drinks and canapΓ©s served. Top cruisers acknowledged. Some entertainment and acrobatics. They don't show numbers of CC guests on a sailing, like Royal does, so I have no idea on how many at what tier. Some people I spoke to were first timer Celebrity cruisers but long time Royal cruisers. Today is a sea day. Tomorrow is Grand Cayman.
  3. Which cousin has a better behind? Good morning from Coco Cay. Two biggies on the island. No crowding. Plenty of loungers. The only blaring music on the island that I am hearing is coming from the Wonder aqua show rehearsal going on. Reminds me of our discussions of noise levels in shows, some while back.
  4. You two .....if I have a ❄️ Martini, I will be acting like a ❄️ . My most risquΓ© drink will be double shot cappucino 🀣
  5. Captain Kate changed command with Captain Leo today. Will miss her. Have sailed with Captain Leo many times on the Summit. He used to be the youngest Captain of the fleet.....don't know if he still is.
  6. Good Evening from the Beyond. Martini shenanigans have begun. Martini Artists are showing their glass and bottle acrobatics.
  7. MJ I am very sorry for your loss. No parent should have to endure the loss of their child. I assure you I do not see any sarcasm in Tree_skier's post. So don't feel bad or that it was targeted. I see it as an innocent question. Hugs to you. I hope you have a fantastic mother's day. Love from your Cruise Critic family.
  8. I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best. And a Happy Birthday.
  9. I am thinking the same. I also look forward to her daily logs. Maybe she is busy getting her and Bug's toes painted so she can post for you?🀣.
  10. We are driving to Fort Lauderdale today, boarding the Beyond tomorrow for a 6 night cruise. Ports are Coco Cay, Grand Cayman and Bimini. First time to Bimini. Will post some pictures.
  11. I am not a beaded bling bling Mary Frances girl, but when I saw that one, I had to have it. Will bring it on Feb cruise, you can borrow.😁 Please return with a few $100 bills that you may win in the casino. Hmmmm, maybe will also give to our Lucky Sue to borrow if returned with some casino winnings in cash! Shall we get into business Sis?😁 πŸ˜†
  12. Some people in the south saw a little bit lights too......pink and green....and NO it was not Lilly Pulitzer doing a light show in her signature colors, or that rocket launch that we see sometimes from the back yard, it was that Mighty one up there. Not as beautiful as Sue's pictures, but like some random fireworks or colored lightening flashes. Then we had a drenching rain storm.
  13. Thank you Laura and John for the pictures. They are lovely! I hope you both are doing well. Laura, if remember correctly, you will be on a X cruise soon? Bon Voyage! Someone mentioned a building reminding them of Atlantis.....yes, that is the Atlantis Dubai.
  14. @FromSea2ShiningSea Helen, hope you feel better. Green apples and crackers may help. That Gelato bar......you get a free scoop (elite and above perk). I am loving your pictures.
  15. I would love to see a picture of @mking8288 dancing on ABBA tunes please, in vinyl bell bottoms and the full garb. 😁
  16. Love your nails. The polish looks very nice. Did you get them done onboard?
  17. Very sorry this happened. I wish you the very best for a safe and comfortable journey home and a speedy recovery.
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