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  1. On 6/15/2024 at 12:07 PM, RFerrington said:

    I had no idea that she was even in dry dock !  That's great news.  We will be on EN for the first time next week (6-22) and then again on a B2B 1-23 and 1-27.  I'm sure that at least she got a new paint job, which will help a lot I'm sure.  I doubt much else got done aside from routine maintenance.  That's ok...will just be happy to finally sail on her !

    I am really interested to read what you thought about the ship. Will you post some thoughts please?
    We last sailed her when she sailed out of Baltimore and also did the repo out of Baltimore (to Florida).

  2. 3 hours ago, firefly333 said:

    I had cheese and I guess biscuits last night myself. The best crack like I've ever had. Called crunchmaster... the publix here has new things to try. Someone in the store was putting goat cheese on them. Idk I even liked goat cheese but it was good. I got some vermont cheese which to me is a bit crumbly and honey ham. Idk I'd get that Vermont cheese again but all together I, loved it.


    Crunchmaster mulitseed even come in a protein variety. All kinds of seeds in them. 4 oz I think was 4.79 or something I thought was kind of high for 4 oz of crackers but the best I've ever tasted. I think the 8 oz of crackers were 8.99. But so good. If someone hadnt been giving out samples I'd have never tried them. 


    Sun is out here. It's a lovely fathers day. Happy fathers day to all the fathers.

    I am a fan of of that crunchmaster multiseed! Also available in Walmart, Sprouts and other stores.

    And I top it with brie..... The small ones snack sized. 😋

    I am happy to see that you are settling down and becoming a Floridian!

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  3. Necessary unnecessary information for Tea lovers:

    I heard that MSC is opening a Tea Bar on their ships, that will serve over a thousand varieties of teas and also carry water from different places/regions in England, especially for their British clients, who are not only very particular about the teas but of the taste of water for their teas. Apparently they conducted a survey and many were complaining about lack of tea variety, and not only bring their own tea but also water for tea.

    Sue and Graham, are you particular about the taste of water for tea? For example, does water from south London taste any different than from central?

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  4. 10 hours ago, Sea Dog said:

    Well tomorrow morning will be coming early and will be a little stressful. Alarm set for 5:30 to get up and get ready to go to the hospital for my scheduled MRI with anesthesia to see if I have prostate cancer. I don't think I do have it but it is the process to deal with my enlarged prostate. I am glad I will out as my claustrophobia of being in that tube is horrible to me. I have anxiety over any medical procedure but I hope this one will go good. No need for prayers or anything but I just wanted everyone to know what I am doing. Happy Friday and I hope all the dad's out there have a great Father's Day on Sunday. My son works on Sunday but texted me and is taking me out to lunch at one our favorite sushi restaurants on Monday.

    Greg, I wish you the best for today. And all will be well.

    Enjoy your Father's Day lunch.

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  5. Dh was watching a video (Don's or Tony's, don't remember) on what gets one banned from cruising for life. It shows that a couple was banned from cruising all cruise lines for good. Seemed that they put out a video on social media, bragging how they got free bottled water on every cruise. They showed how they open the bottles inside the stateroom, drink the water, fill them up with tap water, show how they sealed them back. It seemed they did this for a long time till they bragged on social media and showed their video. The cruise line got the lawyers involved and a ban was issued on all cruise lines for this "wise" couple.
    A similar ban was issued for another couple who bragged that that they got away with smoking by bribing the room attendant every time, till one guy went and reported them.

    How stupid can people get to first do something like that and then brag about it!!!!

    And don't touch that water bottle in the stateroom!!!😁 🤣

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  6. Jane, I am so sorry for what you are going through.

    What the movers packed ,like for example, furniture, they should have unpacked and set up. Boxes, I believe they do not unpack or arrange your stuff. So sorry to see such a beautiful table not handled well and broken. That dresser they should have unpacked.

    Take pictures and I hope you are filing a claim.
    Just throwing ideas: Perhaps your bedroom furniture guy may help? Or young students off from college? Perhaps ask at Publix, they seem to have lots of young guys and maybe someone knows someone who can help for some extra $$$?

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  7. On 6/6/2024 at 10:56 AM, Stockjock said:

    One more point to add to this thread is that they now show that I have booked an E2 veranda, which means that I get more captains club points. Pretty close to elite, so that in and of itself is worth $30 per person. If I did the move up program, of course it’s more expensive and I don’t think I get the additional points for the higher category of cabin.


    This will give me three points per night instead of two, so instead of 14 points. I will get 21, and I think I also get an extra three points for doing that Go Green thing where they make up your room less, so that will put me at 24 points, if my math is right. I wonder how much more it would be to upgrade to concierge class and pick up another couple of points per night? 

    Move Up does not give the additional points for the higher category, but upgrading to concierge or aqua (5 points per night) directly will give you the extra points plus the one day (5 points) of extra for Go Green. So do your math and watch prices. Good Luck!

  8. 1 hour ago, Ozark_Kid said:

    Garden doing good. 

    Thursday harvest...



    Yesterday morning Sharon brought in this Orange Kentucky Beefsteak. 



    Yesterday afternoon...





    We have been enjoying 



    We also pulled the last garlic Yesterday.   We got 215 bulbs this year.

    So far we have harvested 45 regular tomatoes 🍅 and over 100 cherry tomatoes!  The neighbors are loving it!

    Love the pictures. You  did great on the tomatoes!

    And that sandwich inspires me to make it! Tomorrow perhaps!
    I am happy to see you posting and think about you very often.

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  9. 1 hour ago, firefly333 said:

    When I called he said he needed a deposit. That attachment sent later says it was disclosed that this was a brokerage fee to sell the move to movers. Lie. Saying we need a percentage as a deposit is not the same as saying it was disclosed it was a brokerage fee just for selling movers the contract. It was a partial pack, meaning it was sold that they woukd partially pack up  y stuff. Movers kept acting like this was news to them. I was shipping 1 bedroom and a 2nd bedroom of stuff including 80 small boxes already packed. 


    Theh told me 2 to 12 days. Then it was business days, then it was business days counting from the delivery date I selected. I said friday may 31 would give me time to rest. Ok may 31. Twice the moving guy said he couldnt promise delivery that exact day. At no time did he or anyone else say to me the 12 business days starts from the delivery date. I think it's a  normal assumption to think the 12 days starts from the date of pick up. Didnt cross my  ind to ask when the 12 business days count starts. 


    Email said all drawers have ro be empty. Another lie. Movers said makes no difference to them. Just takes more wardrobe space and cubic feet and them packing work to hang up my tee shirts.


    I moved from a 1107 sf teensy 2 bedroom house. Most of it was a very long large kitchen. 2 small closets. 1 bedroom set plus a 2nd triple dresser. I had 2 built in desks in both bedrooms so not even a desk to move. If this was a large home I could understand but this was a tiny house to be near my parents I bought about 3 years ago in a very tight market. 


    How they have 10 stars on google someone is only submitting high or fake reviews. I saw someone above mentioned BBB. I will also submit a complaint to them. My stuff has sat on a hot truck 3 weeks as of yesterday. And including the new charges this 18 wheel trucker yesterday now is adding. If he cant park next to elevator and the $200 elevator fee. I was told for sure no charges for elevator. But I admit having 1 out of 2 out of service will be a pita. Still no call, idk how big of a job they had up in Jacksonville. It's just about Noon here. It took over 3 hours to pack in the first place because they were taking things apart and wrapping them for safety. Even the legs of my kitchen table were removed. It's a tiny eat in kitchen table though. 


    Hopefully I hear soon. I'd say it's a good hour from jacksonville to here. If they dont arrive soon they will be working in the dark. Allowing a  hour drive to here. Waiting still too hear they are on the way. 


    Jacksonville is at least 2 and half to 3 hrs, give or take to Cape Canaveral and Melbourne. And it really depends upon traffic, which is most of the time horrible near Jacksonville so factor that in.

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  10. 18 hours ago, HBE4 said:


    Ah, okay. Aug 2nd for me. No chance of crossing paths at the pier.  However.....(see below)



    Maybe.😊 There are a few other cruises on my radar & Bella 2.0 IS one of them.  I'm still focused on the August cruise with booking flights, excursions, pre- and post- cruise trips and the age old question of drink package or not? 


    But once all of that is settled, I'll start looking down the road further. Let just say that at this moment, there is a better chance of meeting than not meeting. 😇


    25th for us. No chance of crossing paths in August, unless I bump into you and your group somewhere in Orlando!
    But I (like many others on this thread) do hope to see you on Bella 2.

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  11. 5 hours ago, Momof3gurlz said:

    Happy to read you’ve found a way to get back to cruising that you feel comfortable with.  Does this mean we might meet you on one of the Bella cruises? 

    Yesteday was Andy’s birthday, the big 6-0.  We weren’t able to plan any kind of trip over his birthday weekend due to Jessica’s due date being so close.  We ended up just booking a night at Foxwoods, free with his loyalty card.  They also gave him $150 to use during his birthday month which we used to pay for a nice dinner in their steakhouse.  There was about $25 left if that $150 which he put into a slot machine.  Then this happened:





    A pretty nice birthday weekend I’d say!


    I also surprised him by booking a four night trip later this month to his favorite place - yep, Walt Disney World.  We fly down 6/24 and return 6/28, staying at Wilderness Lodge for the first time.  We are also flying Breeze Airlines for the first time, they had the best prices and flight times.  

    Happy Birthday to Andy and Congratulations on the win! Great birthday present!

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  12. 26 minutes ago, HBE4 said:


    Thank you


    This August!  Isnt that the best time of year to go deep into the Caribbean?😃


    While it seems last minute,  my friends have been talking about it & trying to convince me for well over year now. I had been looking at various other cruises in recent months but this one just felt right.   And being on CC, I've been able to keep up-to-date with all the changes since my last cruise. Plus the people I'm going with are frequent cruisers so I'll be following their lead.

    We are also going, end of August, on the Wonder.

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  13. 24 minutes ago, Cruisesfun65 said:

    We have not been to Coco Cay yet and have a big milestone celebration coming up. 

    Looking at the cabana prices, that's definitely a sticker shock, so I wanted to get your opinion on day passes. 

    Traveling with an 80 year old who needs to stay in the shade, I'd rather book a day pass in advance and not having to hurry off the ship to get a decent free lounge chair.

    Which day pass (with beach bed) would you suggest (not Hideaway beach with the loud music). Thanks in advance. 

    I would suggest the Coco Beach Club Day Pass for a relaxing day with an 80 yr old. However, there are plenty of shaded areas (for free) on the island, without having to rush out to hunt a chair. Plenty of lounge chairs available in shade.  If you want you can ride around in the tram first to get an idea of where you want to be situated, etc. 

    If you are booking the pass, do it from your cruise planner and look out for sales also.

    Good Luck and have a wonderful cruise!

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  14. 1 hour ago, HBE4 said:

    I do have a bit of good news to share. Tonight is Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals and had the NY Rangers advanced, I'd be attending the game at Madison Square Garden with 3 others. (Playoff tickets are usually sold in advance before knowing if the team will make the next round).  I just got my refund for the 4 tickets I had purchased.


    But that's not the good news.


    How much was the refund? Well, the good news is that it will pay for my recently booked balcony cabin for a 8 night Southern Caribbean cruise on Adventure of the Seas.  And the round trip flight to Orlando.


    First cruise in 5 years. First solo cruise.  Well, first solo-ish cruise as a group of friends convinced me to join them as well as their friends. So cruising with old friends while making new ones. First time visiting Aruba on a cruise ship (I've vacationed there at least 8-10 times in the past) and first time visiting Curacao and CoCo Cay. No Bonaire but I guess the Bahamas will be the substitute B for ABC islands. 😀


    I'm cautiously excited. First cruise without DW, the only person I've ever cruised with (not counting the last one when her daughter joined us), but there will be a large enough group(s) of people to spread myself around & mingle with. And when I need to retreat to the sanctuary of my cabin to process the feelings I know I will have, I won't be impacting anyone else's enjoyment or leaving them high and dry.


    So thank you Florida Panthers for knocking the NY Rangers out of the playoffs. An 8 night cruise is a nice substitute for attending one championship game. 😁


    Very happy you are going on a cruise! When is your sailing?


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  15. On 4/22/2024 at 11:00 AM, leaveitallbehind said:

    On a different note I believe RCCL Voyager and Freedom class ships have a large jetted hot tub in the spa.

    I remember they used to, but I think(??), they have redone that area and removed them when they added the panoramic ocean view cabins on that deck. I know Explorer had one long time ago and it was very nice!

  16. On 4/16/2024 at 9:39 PM, Ellaleah said:

    I am wondering if the spa on the Eclipse is worth whatever they might be charging.  I will be doing a 13 night TA next year.  I was recently on the NCL Bliss and they had a great spa which included a jetted pool, steam, sauna, snow, and salt rooms.  What might I expect on the aeclipse?

    Since you mentioned the Bliss, a comparison: The Spa on NCL ships is far nicer than on any of the Celebrity ships. Have been on both lines, several ships.

    On Celebrity ships the S class (Eclipse) and E class have a much better spa area than the M class. The Persian Gardens on the M class, IMHO are a bit sad. The solarium areas are nice.

  17. 13 minutes ago, h20skibum said:

    I don’t care that it is 6:40 am in Denver, I have been up for 8 hours, and this place should be open. 😁



    Our first class meal this morning. 



    Half hour flight delay for our SFO leg.  



    Very generous! Is this a two for one meal? meaning two people to share one meal?

    And that glass of soda looks like a medicine dosage cup!😁

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  18. On 6/5/2024 at 3:42 PM, philpcruiser said:

    I read on a FB group that one day there was a singalong to Queen.  Wondering if it was a usual weekly event.  Also hoped someone could post a few dailies so we could get an idea of the daily activities.

    We have had Queen and Abba singalongs on many of our cruises on S class ships. They will be printed in the dailies. These are very popular and very well attended.

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  19. 56 minutes ago, StanleyandGus said:

    I have a question, which I am sure with the depth of cruising experience on here some one can answer.


    We have booked a cruise to the ABC islands in April of 2025. Then we found out that Radiance is going to do a Panama Canal cruise in October of 2025. We have a courtesy hold on an aft balcony, because there don’t seem to be any Grand Suites left. That expires in 3 days.


    So, my son…he is single and relies on us to look after his (enormous) German Shepherd (he’s a nice dog, that’s not an issue) He is almost certainly going to be deployed overseas in 2025, for at least 6 months. The transition point is June or July, so we would lose one cruise, which is fine.


     I know the deposit will be lost, but what is the best way to keep one cruise? And can we transfer any money, minus the deposit, to the other cruise?

    It would be nice if my son could absolutely say when his deployment is, but he doesn’t know, and probably won’t until August.

    We have moved deposits before final payment. Once had to pay a fee of $100  for a NRD (cannot remember if it was Royal or X) which was "absorbed" in the invoice of the new ship and sail date. After final payment, they did not do anything.

    You can do a Refundable deposit, but I was told that it is good (money back) till final payment only. I cannot explain this very clearly, sorry.
    If you are booked with a TA in a group, it may be different.

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  20. 39 minutes ago, Keksie said:

    We have only been on one larger ship cruise and it has been a hot minute.  Starting to think about our Wonder cruise.  What is a good price for unlimited dining approximately?  How does that work exactly because as I have kind of picked up here and there you get the package and can then eat at specialty restaurants every night?  However, what if you want to eat in the MDR at least once and do you have to run around quickly first thing to reserve the restaurants and times that you want or can you do it online beforehand?  Thank you for helping me out with the logistics of big ship cruising.  Soon I will be tackling the entertainment portion but not yet. 


    I take it that you are talking about the Wonder (Bella 2 cruise).

    We paid $157 for unlimited dining last summer. Will never see that price again for unlimited. 3 Night Packages keep appearing (and disappearing sales/flash sales and what not) from between $137 and $154. The unlimited pkg is just too high IMHO and you can look out for the Black Friday or July 4  Cruise Planner/Flash Sales.

    Dining Pkg restaurant reservations are not bookable online pre cruise (although Royal claims they are working on something, but still the ability to book using a Dining Pkg has not been worked on). So you book as soon as you get on board. You book either via kiosks in the promenade or deck 5 as you enter, or you go to any restaurant and book your times and days from there. Many people rush to board first to secure these times, but we have found that there is plenty availability and even better at times if you go to the restaurant the day of. We are not among the first to rush onboard, and have never been "deprived" of dining times. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you are D plus and above, I would factor in the BOGO specialty dining in, while deciding to purchase an unlimited Pkg or the 3 Night dining pkg or not purchase any pkg at all and go with the flow.

    Entertainment will probably not show up this early in the cruise planner, not until 60 days prior to sailing, but there have been exceptions. Personally, and this is just me, but I was not too fond of any entertainment on the Wonder, I did like the aqua show but it was deafening. Their other show I did not care about. You have to see it and experience it for yourself. You can book your showtime online or you can go wait in the standby line, or just go 15 minutes before show starts. Now if it is a Broadway show (like Mama Mia on the Allure), I book online, I then go again on other showings15 mts before start and so on. Wonder does not have any Broadway shows. This time I will not be pre booking shows and will just go with whatever I am feeling like doing that night.

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