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  1. Thanks, sadly don’t do Facebook, might get my son to take a look for me.
  2. Any advice on best location for the Junior Suites Explorer 2. There do not appear to be many reviews of these, so any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. Nice to see some different choices, hope it’s rolled out fleetwide before our March Quest cruise!
  4. We too are cruising on Quest in March and I am certain we were asked when entering our card details, how we wanted to be charged. However, to be absolutely certain, we will check with guest relations once onboard.
  5. We always opt to be charged in USD and for our bank to do the conversion, as it tends to be the International bank rate, whereas Azamara’s is an inferior conversion rate. It is sometime since we were on Quest, but we have been on Journey 5 times in the last few years and never had a problem. We are on Quest in March, so we’ll see if maybe the problem is with Quest. It is obviously not a problem across all ships.
  6. We are on the previous cruise to yours, Quest March 17th and we too are monitoring the situation. We only have about 10 weeks to our cruise so hoping Azamara make a decision ASAP. Having said that, the logistics of altering all these cruises is mind boggling, however I know that Azamara will be looking at all the possibilities and that the safety and security of all their passengers and employees will be their priority.
  7. We are on the March 17th cruise out of Dubai and have received the email to bid on an upgrade. We are in a V1 balcony cabin, we can bid for a balcony plus stateroom for from £75 pp. A club continent suite for from £300 pp right up to Club World Owners suite from £2110 pp. This is our first experience of the upgrade bidding process, it is about 18 months since our last Azamara cruise, so it’s very new to us and I can’t say I fully understand it. However we are very content with our current stateroom so will not bid.
  8. Xcelsior, sorry your cruise didn’t quite live up to your expectations. We are sailing on Quest in March and our Azamazing evening is in Oman, just wondering if ours will be the same as yours. I’d appreciate some more information about where it was held and what was offered. This is to be a relaxing cruise for us after a very difficult year, we may appreciate the opportunity to just relax on board if the Azamazing evening is nothing special.
  9. tring, thank you so much for all that information, it is very helpful. We do like a tipple, and £12 is a bit eye watering for a beer, as we are only there for one night we‘ll probably give it a miss. Will take a look at the hotel you suggest, it sounds like it may suit us.
  10. We read about this on another board, had no idea the QE2 was there, will take a look, thanks.
  11. Yes we were warned about the traffic, we land on Monday morning at approx 8:30, I presume the traffic will be horrendous at that time. Good to know that taxis are readily available and cheap.
  12. Marinaro44, thank you for the swift reply, I assume taxis are readily available.
  13. We are cruising from Dubai next year and are looking for a 1 night pre cruise hotel. Never been to Dubai before so any recommendations would be much appreciated. We will have a full day and night in Dubai as we arrive on an overnight flight.
  14. Welcome home Cinnamon, very interested to hear your final appraisal of your first Saga cruise. The disappearance of the post from said Saga representative, which I also read, is strange. I have to say, there are things I love, ❤️ but maybe too many things I do not love, so for us Saga, whilst looking interesting, will not be our go to cruise line in the near future. Never say never, but not as it is now! Thankyou for your very detailed review, it has been much appreciated!👍😁
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