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  1. Hi Kskelley Some people are picky about their cabin location, but the main issue with a guarantee cabin is that your balcony can have an obstructed view. (a lifeboat) If this would be a problem for you, I would suggest calling them. Ask if you can pay for an upgrade. Make certain that you would keep any OBC's that were awarded with your casino offer with the change. This isn't always possible, but it is worth a try. have a great cruise
  2. Hi As Schoifmom said you can do that with most online search engines. Also, since most if not all of them are considered travel agents, we would not be allowed to name our favorites, as per this site guidelines/rules. If you do an internet search, you will find several (at least). Just spend a few minutes on each to see which works best for you. hope this helps
  3. Hi You keep going back to the idea that you are "wanting to pay more", but you aren't... You purchased a "product" that was a "package" which included the onboard credit. Now you want to make a change to the initial purchase but want to keep part of the original purchase. They are saying no. You are not so much rebooking, as making a "change" to an existing booking. Very often changes to existing bookings have restrictions. This situation seems simple to understand. Imagine going to a store to purchase something... "this week only" they will give you a $50 store certificate with any purchase. Next week you return to the store and say you changed your mind and would rather have another product that costs $10 more. You go to the cash to pay the extra money and they ask you for the gift certificate back. Does it sound reasonable? Exactly the same thing. You made the initial purchase then because if you waited the OBC offer would not be available. If the OBC offer was still available to you now then you would have been allowed to make the change as you wanted. In regards to the "spa interior" not being available initially, it may just not have been available with your specific offer, and now that you aren't looking with that offer it shows as being available. (this might not be the case but is possible)
  4. Hi Yes, you are right. However, some people think it's a dirty word and not willing to understand anything different.
  5. Hi It's not very hard to imagine. Think of all the reasons or issues that make you not want to or not allow you to travel for extended periods of time. Now imagine those weren't issues for you. Then the question is "Why not?". You can do what you enjoy. If it's travel, you travel. If you like staying at home, you stay at home.
  6. hi Like the others, after many cruises, I have to say that I have never witnessed a fight on any of them. (granted... they weren't all Carnival cruises) I think you might be concerned about something that is not likely to happen. If you did have a point maybe I would suggest something like... whatever town or city you live in, there likely are instances of fights. How do you avoid getting involved in those? Use the same strategy on the ship, and certainly, if you do see something, don't try and break it up, just call security.
  7. p.s. forgot... once you are on the ship you can change the sleeping arrangements to what will suit you. Just ask guest services for whatever keys you need. people do that all the time, I would wait until the guest service line is quiet.
  8. Hi Normally in this situation (without the minor), it would be easiest to just have the person not show up. The cabin fare would be lost and taxes and port fees would be refunded to the person who paid. In this situation I don't know if they would allow your daughter to check in to the cabin without your step daughter being there, even if you told them when checking in that she was coming later (lying). Here are the rules from Carnival.https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2544/~/minor-guest-policy The way I read it, it would be all right with them if your cabins were "separated by only 3 cabins". So, if your cabins are close to each other, I don't see a problem. If not, maybe see if you can get a cabin closer together. Either way, it will be sorted out, it's just a question of whether they will try to get more money from you. Again, either way, don't tell them you step daughter isn't coming. Just let her not show up.
  9. Hi Yes. That's what the roll calls are about. Also most cruise lines will have an organized meet and greet. I do understand that many people don't like the thought of having to interact with "strangers". It certainly comes out when threads about dinner seating are brought up. For the rest of us, you can meet people of interest on a cruise ship, and some of them are cruise critic members. It's up to you if you are interested.
  10. Hi I agree. If you make connecting arrangements though the cruise lines my experience has been that they will bend over backwards to get you on the ship. Twice I have had experiences where they (Carnival) held up the ship for me. Once it was for a bus transfer from the airport. I never did hear what the problem was, but the agent was staying with me and reassuring that the ship would not leave. This was from FLL to POM. I could see that the wait was taking too long (something was obviously wrong)and offered to take a taxi, but I was told don't worry. When the bus finally arrived there were a few others, but not going to the same ship as myself. It was almost 5 p.m. by the time I was dropped off at the port. They had someone waiting for us to take our bags. We were hurried in where there was 1 person in the terminal building waiting to check us in. There was nobody else around. As soon as we got on the ship they sounded the muster drill. That's not how I want to start my cruise, but I was assured it would be alright, and it was. The other time was a delayed return from an excursion. At least that is something everyone can understand. It was a full busload of people. They held up the ship for more than an hour. They ended up refunding the excursion price for our "inconvenience".
  11. Hi Yes. You can also opt to pre pay it. have a great cruise
  12. Hi It was just a smart comment. I guess n6uq thought it was funny. "Friends of Bill" is an AA meeting. They have them on every ship.
  13. Hi you say, "we are definitely drinkers". This says it all to me. These packages are made for you. It's quite easy. If you are going to drink 4-5 alcoholic drinks a day, you will at least break even. Consider you will be able to order any other non alcoholic as well. It appears that most who are in your shoes tend to drink more than they would normally, just because they feel they have "already paid for it". If this is a concern for you, the you would need to use some restraint. Otherwise, you say you already have the money saved. Tips are already added to the bill, whether you buy the package or not. You may give more if you choose. The cabin fridges are empty. If you choose not to buy the package... you can carry on 1 bottle of wine per person, and 12 pop cans. There are wine packages as well that you may purchase. You can also choose to buy a bottle (or two) of alcohol for your cabin. That works for some. On the ship everything is charged to your account (no cash). Off the ship you can use credit cards for any large purchase. How much cash you choose to bring onboard would depend on how much you like to tip (extra), and if you were going to gamble. In the casino the slot machines will allow you to charge you onboard account but if you want to play the table games, they will charge 3% if you want to do the same.
  14. Hi When I went I saw whales and bears. No Moose, but from what I understand, Newfoundland is the place to be.
  15. Hi I don't think there are any rules regarding etiquette on nodding. You might be taking greater offense than warranted. They could have just been mad at you and those around them. After all, if they really wanted a two top so they wouldn't have to interact with others, how do you think they felt when seated so close together. I take it this was a YTD dining situation. Maybe one of the couple suggested that this would be the best way not to be seated with others, and what do they get... someone nodding to them. 😃 Yes, possibly one of them was really pissed off at the other and everyone around and the other knew when best to keep quiet.
  16. Hi Like I said the Carnival PVP will not be able to help you with flights. If you ask to have one assigned to you, he/she will only be able to help you with things related to the cruise booking itself. At least if you have one they would be able to explain to you your booking rate for your cruise and what you are entitled to in regards to price drops. If you don't feel comfortable searching for air fares, hotels, etc... then perhaps a local travel agent might be more able to help you. If you do go that route, you might consider asking if they would be able to give you any extra perks if you were to transfer the cruise bookings to them. Not all travel agents will do this. It would depend on how much effort you are willing to spend trying to see if you can find a travel agent who might be willing to give you something extra. Finding the best price for air fares is only as hard as typing in your travel dates on various online travel sites, as well as also going to each possible airline (they sometimes have different pricing from other booking engines). As you already noted, you will need to wait a bit before pricing for your flights will be available. You will need to look at flight times as well as pricing. Many people are tempted to look at the cheapest option and not consider that you might not get to the ship on time (if there are delays) or you might not catch an early flight after your cruise (if there are delays). Hotels would be the same. You will need to decide if you should fly in the day before. Most people would suggest that you do, although many arrive the same morning without incident. If you will stay the night before, be sure to look at the threads dedicated to "Florida departures" on this site. You will be able to get ideas about hotels, restaurants, and things to do in your departure city. Don't forget to go to the Carnival threads on this site to ask specific questions about anything related to your cruise. Do this even if you have asked your PVP for information, before committing yourself to anything. It is not uncommon for them to give incorrect information. (some are better than others) hope this helps
  17. Hi Welcome to cruise critic. You are not being clear about what you are looking for. You say you are already booked... who did you book through? If you booked with a travel agent, then you are likely stuck dealing with them. If you did book directly through Carnival, then you can just call them and ask to be assigned a PVP. Are you interested in a Carnival PVP? If so they wouldn't be able to give you any help with "travel options". They will only deal with your cruise line booking. Again... what are you looking for? Maybe a local travel agent would be more helpful to you. Don't know, it depends on your needs. Again, be more specific in what you want. You mentioned that on your last booking you were being told that you weren't able to get price drops that you saw. That actually could have been the case. It depends on the "booking rate" that you booked with. Certain rates will give you different options/restrictions. Some will give you price protection up to 48 hrs. before the cruise, others will only give you price protection up until final payment. Some booking rates will make you pay a fee for any changes to you booking, others don't. You need to make yourself aware of these things. You can ask questions specific to your particular situation on the threads dedicated to Carnival cruise lines on this site.
  18. Hi Just wondering... does it matter?
  19. Hi there Welcome to Cruise Critic Have you looked at the "port of call" threads on this site? Look down on the main "forums" page. You will find threads for all cruise stops. There will be a lot of information on things you can see and do. It's been a number of years since I visited St. Kitts on a cruise and I can't remember what I did. I took a quick look on TripAdvisor and saw that there are a number of things that could interest most people. One thing people get to sooner or later if they cruise a lot is, don't necessarily confine yourself to cruise line excursions. There are many reputable companies offering similar or better options most often for a lower cost than those advertised by the ships. If you have never been there before, I don't see the point of not getting off the ship. As you said, after doing a lot of traveling, how many cities did you visit where you decided to not leave your hotel?
  20. Hi I don't know anything about the shrimp. As you point out the "rates don't really change". This is during the same time that I have seen the price of very many of the products I use/buy everyday going up. Now how do you think they accomplish that? It's been repeated over and over, not just for Carnival, if you think they are not the product you want anymore, if you want something better and are willing to pay for it, there are other choices available. You are the consumer/customer, talk with your wallet. Make your voice heard.
  21. Hi Gatorade is also sold as crystals. It would seem that would be an easier way to go than cans. You want to have a water bottle for when you go off the ship anyways, so why not mix your own.
  22. Hi pntnnc While I would prefer the St. Martín, P.R., etc... itinerary, I would suggest that you go to Bonaire, Aruba. The reasoning is that if prices are similar at this time, you should go. The more southerly route is generally more expensive and harder to find. You will get to go on the other itinerary some other time, and I am sure you will enjoy it as well. My feeling is that these sort of dilemmas would only really be considered something to really worry about if it were the last trip you were able take. have a great cruise
  23. Hi Candace Welcome to cruise critic. Since this is your first time cruising, I would suggest, if all other things are equal, pick based on price. Total price...some cruise lines include "freebies" (such as drink packages). These only have value if they are something that you would otherwise pay for. Get an idea of extra costs involved with things you might consider opting for on any given ship. Some ships have many bells and whistles (somewhat like a theme park), but many things may are not always included with the base price. You mention your husband doesn't want to go on the Breeze because he saw something on YouTube. I have been on the Breeze, It's a really nice ship. If he has made up his mind already, he might just make sure he has a terrible time (I don't know him). I would just like to point out that Carnival has built it's brand as a "Fun Ship", and that's the way most people leave feeling "that they had fun", this would include families like your own. People on all cruise lines are going to be "enjoying themselves". You can point out to him that NCL for instance, routinely offers included drink packages...do you think many of those people won't be "partying". The party atmosphere is more a product of short 3-4 day weekend cruises where very many onboard are specifically looking to "party". This is not the norm on any 7 day or longer cruise. These ships are large, if you see a crowd "enjoying" themselves too much, it's not hard to avoid them. good luck have a great cruise
  24. Hi So, your first 3 options suggest that you spend less than you earn and actually have money to buy things that you need/want. This is typically accomplished through budgeting and setting priorities. The other 2 options suggest you haven't gotten your financial house in order yet. Very often employed by younger people. If you try to employ those strategies too late in life, you will find it very hard to get to a point where you don't "need" to work. If you like working that's not a problem, unless you can't or aren't able to work.
  25. Hi The scooters are delivered to your cabin and waiting for you, and you leave it in your cabin at the end of cruise. I believe the only companies that are allowed to do this with the cruise lines are "scootaround" and "specialneedsatsea". You don't mention your situation. Are you traveling with someone? Do you need a wheelchair normally? If so, bring it as well. For debarkation and embarkation day you would be able to get around seated. Also if you will be having a tender stop, typically they won't allow you onto the tender with a motorized devise. Again, consider that even though you can get on and off a ship at other (non tender) ports with your electric mobility scooter, they are not convenient if you want to go somewhere (taxi), or join an excursion. Very often a manual folding wheelchair would be best. I believe most of the smaller chairs will fit through a regular cabin door, but verify this through the "special needs dept.". The dimensions for the chairs are listed on their websites. Most cruise lines will not allow you to leave chairs in the hallways. You likely will need to ask for an extension cord to charge the chair. I have only used "special needs at sea", but never had an occasion to contact them for a problem. From what I understand both companies are equally reliable. On this site, you can find more information under the "special interest cruising/disabled cruise travel". hope this helps have a great cruise
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