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  1. Hi As you mention, games like Scrabble, backgammon, as well as chess and go, will remain with us long after we are gone simply because people who invest the time to excel at these games aren't likely to stop playing as they get older but more likely to help and encourage a next generation.
  2. Hi I am pretty sure you are not able to use the gym at that time. They are doing continuous tours, their sales pitches, as well as draws for prizes. There are hundreds of people passing through the area. I would think that after muster, if all the tours and draws are done you would be to use the gym. I have never tried to go at that time on embarkation day. have a great cruise
  3. Hi If you are able to fly out of Toronto, as I said you should look online for Canadian TA's, either online or brick & mortar. There are A.I.'s in all price ranges, with flights on at least four major charter carriers leaving daily from Toronto. The all inclusive price would include air, resort, and transfers. If Havana is a draw for you, I stayed once at a resort that was about half an hour east of the city. The resort had a free bus that drove into Havana and returned every day. It was close enough that a taxi would be a reasonable cost, but wasn't necessary. I went into the city three times during the week. For me, it was interesting... different, but interesting. As I also said, the US $ has a very good exchange rate right now vs. CDN $.
  4. Hi As a platinum cruiser, as far as I have experienced, you didn't have to wait. You would be allowed to debark as soon they started allowing people off the ship. You should have received a zone # 1. It is unfortunate that you actually changed your zone 3 tags for a zone 6, but none of this has anything to do with the fact that you could have left the ship any time you wished... that is what they mean by priority debarkation. The only issue could have been that perhaps the zone 6 luggage wouldn't have been set up yet, but even that would have been unlikely. The delays are more often caused by the people that should be but aren't waiting, not likely a luggage issue.
  5. Hi There are steam rooms with aromatherapy, dry saunas, and a large jacuzzi. The other amenities that are provided are available in the regular gym/spa. If that is an environment that you would normally enjoy spending time at, the you would like it. If that is not an environment you would want to spend hours relaxing in, then it is likely not for you. If you are unsure, then you should probably do as Garf suggests and just buy a one day pass. You would have to determine what was best for you. Looking at the pricing (I put a link to the Carnival site for you), it would be unlikely that they would refund the cost difference if you did not enjoy the environment after the first visit. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1167/~/cloud-9-spa hope this helps
  6. Hi There are numerous all inclusive resorts all over the island. People are going to these resorts every day of the week, not only from Canada but many other countries. You would have many choices over where to stay depending on what you would like to see or do. Maybe not from your local airport, but I can go any day of the week and spend some time at a beachside resort. Like everything else there is lots of competition. Cuba was always for Canadians an inexpensive vacation destination, but there was always a quality issue. It may be worthwhile for Americans who live near a major Canadian airport to look into all inclusive vacation leaving from Canada. Something like a Cuba vacation can be very inexpensive, and considering our 75 cent dollar, it would really knock down the price significantly for you.
  7. Hi Juliemax, The lobster is generally served on the first elegant night. That's usually on the first sea night and in your case, that would be Sunday. have a great cruise
  8. Hi Carolyn Welcome to Cruise Critic As Grandma said, most cruise lines will charge double for you being solo in the cabin, less the port charges for the second passenger. While companies such as NCL have single "studio" cabins, you may find that they are often priced higher than paying double for a regular interior. A lot depends on the cabin rate you book with. Some cruise lines will on occasion, either have a lower or no single supplement, but not as a general rule, so you will need to do some research. It's great that you found this site. If you go to the main "forum" page, and scroll down you will see a section that says "special interest cruising"... under that heading you will see a link for "solo cruisers". Click on that link, read up on what others have been doing, and ask questions about cruising solo there. You will be able to get lots of information there about which cruise lines give you the best deals and when, as well as what others have found and their experiences. hope this helps
  9. Hi Just to remind everybody that there are casino rates that they offer that do not include the drinks on us card. You will get email offers/Ads that show you qualify for certain casino rates and that you will also get the drinks on us promotion...then if you continue reading it will go on to say "once you qualify" by gambling enough on that cruise.
  10. Hi Yes... that is because I wanted to point out that, that is what is done on these forums and that even you did the same thing. It is quite normal, so your suggestion to keep on topic, while suggested by the moderators, is not the norm. … and you are right in your observation, I did it again.
  11. Hi ...and yet neither of your posts respond to the OP specifically. It does look like you are more interested in responding to the comments of others. So, it would seem to be an open forum of opinions and comments, and like most opinions, we don't all agree. Within reason, we should be allowed to express them. This site allows you to voice your opinion to the moderators if you feel any comment is out of line. I am sure you are aware of this, without being told.
  12. Hi For me, as long as I know what I am entitled/going to get and I get it, I am happy. If a company makes changes, as long as I am able to make myself aware, it makes no difference (why should it). I have to assess my purchase like any other. Is the product something you want? Is the price something you are wiling to pay? Basically...it doesn't matter if they had chocolates, lobster, insert anything you want in this space, last time. This time is a new product. The questions you need to ask don't change. If the answer is YES, you buy the product. If a person complains about the product and yet continues to buy it, it's not the product's fault. They just like to complain.
  13. Hi Don't forget, you are looking at U.S. statistics. As mentioned, if smoking were more restricted by a given cruise line, they might find it harder to find employees. This brings up the unfortunate fact that smoking rates haven't dropped as significantly in other parts of the word. Even if the numbers are low on this continent, you have to still figure that if someone is married to one of those smokers, they too will only go where their spouse can smoke. I think until another cruise line gives it a try, like it was tried in the past, it would hard for the thought to be brought up again to completely ban cigarette smoking on a cruise ship. I don't know what % it would have to be, but I think you will see this happen when you can't find cigarettes sold in stores anymore, because it is not profitable.
  14. Hi Yes...It is standing room only but at times it does rival the comedy club. 😁 Of course it is hit or miss. You just can't count on getting the laughs.
  15. Hi I can't remember exactly, but I seem to remember that they likely stopped this because the certificates were being abused. Something like people were just booking cruises using the certificates for cruises they didn't intend going on, then just cancelling and carrying forward the credit. I guess the cruise line could have reworded the rules for using them, but just didn't feel they needed them at all. It is often the case that rules are changed because a number of people are always trying to find ways of scamming (bending/breaking the rules) the system.
  16. Hi Just wondering...why would you continue tipping extra when they are giving you poor service? I would normally ask...why are you giving 2-3 dollars per drink on top of the already added tip? Are you trying to impress someone? Yes. I think you did just encounter the crew on their bad days, for whatever reason. One of the main reasons people look at Carnival is for a low base price. If you see good value, then by all means try one of the newer ships. There will definitely more to do on them. You may enjoy them more. You will still get "loud" announcements as different CD's will be more or less exuberant in their announcements. If that's a problem, then maybe stick with a product you know and like.
  17. Hi Just to remind everyone that just about every company has a customers relation department. If you have something you feel important you need to communicate, you don't have to rely on getting an online survey, just write to them. Again, to remind people, there was a time, and it really wasn't that long ago, that this was the only way to reach someone.
  18. Hi Yes...the only reason I mentioned the possible limited ocean view was that once I was in a cabin where the only water you could see was if you looked straight down standing at the window. 😁 Most of the time you are going to get a decent location with a guarantee, but you can never tell. Typically, I would be booking an inside cabin, and would take an OV only if it were very little extra cost, mainly for the added space. The next cruise I am on, I opted for a porthole 1A cabin. Mainly because I am traveling alone and have been in these cabins before and don't mind the a.m. noise. I get the benefits of an unobstructed OV, with the cost of an interior cabin.
  19. Hi The main benefit is the price. The main drawback for an OV guarantee is that they can give you any OV cabin. So, it can be an obstructed view. Unfortunately, with some obstructed view cabins the view of the ocean can be very poor. So, the worst you will get is a cabin with no/little view of the ocean, but you will have a picture window and outside daylight. If this along with the cost savings is enough for you, then you will be OK. have a great cruise
  20. Hi Many ports of call have a restaurant, bar, or whatever, where you can use their wifi for the cost of a drink or even free. If you just want to check your email once in a while, just go to the port of call threads on this site, find where you can go and allow yourself a little extra time after your day ashore. hope this helps
  21. Hi Welcome to cruise critic. There are no separate lines in the embarkation process for non-residents. You just need to have proper documentation to be allowed on the cruise. This information is found on the Carnival web site. If you purchase FTTF then you are purchasing a "product" that does allow you some shorter wait times and different lines at security and check-in. The one benefit is this streamlined check-in process, with the ability to check-in when you arrive as opposed to being required to arrive after a designated check-in time. You also are guaranteed that your cabin will be ready for you to enter when you board (otherwise all cabins are ready at 1:30p.m.). You get priority tendering, if one of your stops is a tender port. You also have priority line at the guest services. hope this helps have a great cruise
  22. Hi You keep saying that, but you also have said that you have never liked Carnival and the only reason you sail with them is because it is your husband's preference. Have you worked that out yet? 😁
  23. Hi Just to remind everyone...in Bermuda, as well as many other locations, this is illegal. Unless you are willing to try the stupid tourist defense in court as part of your vacation, I would leave the sand and pebbles where they are. In recent years many countries have become much less tolerant due to damage done by ignorant visitors. If you do want some similar souvenirs, they are usually sold in stores and you might end up with some in your sandals. This would be the case in the U.S. as well.
  24. Hi If you want to eat "away from the masses", you need to get your food of choice and find a quiet place on your own.
  25. Hi Has your BIL cruised before? For normal mobility he obviously can manage with a walker but going on cruises isn't typical for most people. What I am getting at is, he might consider renting a wheelchair for the trip. Pretty much anything you do the ship requires walking to, and it is rarely short distances. If he gets tired because of his mobility issue, or if it starts to cause pain, he should have a wheelchair available. Have you considered what you will be doing for your ports of call? Unless he was planning on staying on the ship the entire time, there would be lots of walking...just to get out of the port areas. If you or your sister are able to help him if he needs, he would be in a much better position. If neither you or your sister would be able to help push him if he needed, then I would suggest renting a mobility scooter. This would restrict what type of excursions you might consider, but would give him complete mobility on the ship and in the port areas. With a standard folding wheelchair he would be able to join most any excursion. If you all get there at their check in time you will likely be boarding close together. As mentioned, their cabin won't be ready, but yours will be ready. have a great cruise
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