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  1. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! Data privacy - so important, but it seems 12 year olds know how to get around it. It seemed there were very few days I didn't have fun at work; maybe it was my attitude, but I really enjoyed my job. Now I have fun at home. I'd rather have fun on a Dam ship, though. I'm pretty sure we have a kazoo somewhere around the house - I'm not going to mention it to DH though, because he'll likely go and find it. LOL Well the cold weather did a number on my car battery; it wouldn't start, and after waiting 3 hours for a tow truck to come and boost it,
  2. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! We love watching the Nat Geo channel on TV; they take you to the most amazing places (kind of like a Dam ship). I think a library shelfie is someone who puts the books back . . . ? While I never actually had to punch a clock, in my early days as a clerk, it was my job to calculate the times on them . . . no wonder I need glasses now! Woo hoo, the weather has warmed up - this morning we're at a balmy -23C (-34C with the wind chill), and it's supposed to continue this trend through to the weekend. Pretty soon it'll just be sweater weather! LOL
  3. I am also saddened by the news of your friend; prayers for a peaceful passing for her. Smooth Sailing! Gerry
  4. I just logged onto the PE webcam in time to catch sight of a shirtless man on one of the lower aft balconies . . . Smooth Sailing! 🙂🙂🙂 Gerry
  5. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! Yay for the folks in Australia - we made some new friends from there on our last cruise. I love my spouse; I'm pretty lucky to have had him for the past 43 years. If you don't speak up, you allow others to control situations. I've never been reticent in that respect. LOL It's still u-g-l-y cold out today (-32C, with a wind chill of -42C), so yesterday's meal was changed from grilled chicken Caesar salad to hot turkey soup. After Christmas I took the turkey carcass, split it into 2 zip-lock bags and froze it for later use. One of those bag
  6. Good morning, wow, am I ever late to the show this morning! Maybe it had something to do with shoveling out our driveway yesterday in the freezing weather that put me into a coma-like sleep. BTW, it's still -33C (-46C wind chill) this morning. I'd like some Irish coffee, but will have some later; I'm currently drinking "Crazy About Nuts" tea - it's quite good. Interesting that Irish coffee would be suggested on Robbie Burns Day, a day to celebrate all that is Scottish. My foster-parents were Scottish, and actually called me Heather because my chubby face reminded them of the
  7. Happy Birthday @Cruising-along! Enjoy a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea! Smooth Sailing! 🙂🙂🙂 Gerry
  8. @kazuI'm sorry to hear Jose's sister now has been diagnosed with Covid. Please know she will also be in my prayers. Smooth Sailing! 🙂🙂🙂 Gerry
  9. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! A great combination of days to enjoy, but I'll pass on the beer cans, hope for a compliment from DH on something I've cooked, and look forward to a belly laugh watching a video of our grandsons. Let me begin with this: -35C (-31F), and a wind chill of -43 (-45F) is how we start our day this morning on the "frozen tundra". It appears the much delayed onslaught of winter has finally caught up with us. We've been enjoying temperatures about 20 degrees warmer thus far, but oh, yikes, now we're in it for the long haul. Time to bring out the down-f
  10. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! I love pie, but can't make a decent pastry, so I cheat by using the frozen pie shells - DH doesn't care, as long as it's pie. I've always had good handwriting and wish they still taught cursive writing in school. While I don't quilt, I had lots of quilting cotton for different projects that has been put to good use making masks during the pandemic. DH would love today's menu suggestion, as he really likes blue cheese; unfortunately, I'm allergic to it, so he only gets to eat it when we go out. I like Roy's suggestion of oven roasted chicken,
  11. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! To me brownies aren't brownies unless they're chocolate. I usually answer Sochi's questions with "Yes, I'll feed you." And, like @cat shepardI prefer hot peppers to hot sauce; I think the sauce has too much vinegar in it. Am I the only one here who, before coming to this thread, has to go to yesterday's to see what was missed? I don't usually hit the computer in the evening, so like to see what has happened since I last posted, and wow, some days there's lots of information to be gleaned! @kazu I'm sorry to hear your BIL's mothe
  12. @VMax1700, my heart goes out to you, how sad for you to lose your cousin. Please give your wife best wishes as she goes through her treatments. Smooth Sailing! 🙂🙂🙂 Gerry
  13. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! One liners are great; we have a love/hate relationship with the squirrels in our neighbourhood, and considering the amount of cooking I've done over the past 10 months, I think sweatpants are in our future! Yesterday was a write-off as far as getting anything done, as I spent most of it watching the inauguration. In years past, I was always at work and would see the Reader's Digest condensed version of it on the news, but yesterday was actually able to watch the whole thing. I felt bad that the newcomers weren't able to partake in the tradi
  14. Good morning, thanks for the Daily! A little late to the party today, as we've been watching TV from the moment we opened our eyes. It's an important day for America, and we wish every one of you the very best. DH loves buttercrunch - especially on popcorn, we both like cheese, and seriously, who doesn't like penguins? A good assortment of things to celebrate today. While I like the menu suggestion for today, I really can't cook a nice steak, and neither can DH, so we leave our steak appetites for evenings in the Pinnacle. It's a snowy, blowy day on the "frozen tundra", so I'
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