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  1. We have not booked anything and won't for a while. We are looking at a November 2022 cruise but not booking yet. We currently have an FCC most likely we will ask for a refund.
  2. We have 6 cruise certificates that will expire within the year which would have been used if not for this. I hope the certificates will be extended but if not c'est la vie. We will not give NCL any extra money for the time being. 🙂.
  3. I will have to say my favorite appetizers and meal are the escargots at Le Bistro and the Prime Rib in the Main dining room, there are other meals but those would be my main ones.
  4. It really depends on disembarkation. We have done Barcelona and we have always tried to catch an afternoon flight just in case, sometimes disembarkation goes slow and can create a lot of problems. Try to make it as stress free as possible. We have never had a problem but again we book afternoon flights. Good Luck
  5. I completely agree. My vaccine card is already inside an RFID protected passport cover.
  6. I was told that too by the nurse who gave me the vaccine. In fact, she advised me to take a pic of the card and keep it in my files, which i did.
  7. After our 3 canceled cruises we are now bidding our time. We are waiting to see if we book Transatlantics for next year. The prices are a little high but then again we know we can always re-book if the prices go down before final payment.
  8. I heard that Celebrity cruises drinking package the gratuities are included, is that true? I wonder if NCL will ever do that.
  9. We always decline the drinking package. We are not real drinkers and if we want something we just order it.
  10. I won't delete Facebook, but i deactivate it for long periods of time, it works, maybe in the future i will completely get rid of it, we will see. I for one am one of those that used to turn my phone off on my cruise and put it in the safety deposit box. I remember people telling me to use the NCL app for gatherings, reserving restaurants, text other friends etc and i said to myself WHY? for what? if someone needs to get a hold of me on board just call my stateroom LOL..or just make my reservations on board. I miss the days on the ship when i had no electronics with me, maybe my kindle to just read my good book 🙂
  11. I have never had twitter, in fact by checking friends tweets i realized how angry and unhappy people get on those posts, so no thank you...LOL. I continue to have Facebook and Instagram however I check them every now and then and is mostly to see the narcissism of some people, it cracks me up. I feel people take some things too seriously on those venues and forget to just log off, relax and enjoy life there's so much more to life than social media. IMO
  12. so now you can use 2 cruise next certificates for any type of stateroom, hmmm i guess that's good it used to be for Balcony and above.
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