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  1. We had two cruises canceled this year and we decided to use our FCC to book a November 2021 cruise.
  2. We booked on the Escape next November using our FCC, it was a good price, plus we got prepaid gratuities which will give us another 567 dollars savings. We don't plan on booking anything else....
  3. The first time we went on a cabin crawl we were surprised how on some ships the Ocean view cabins are actually bigger than a Balcony stateroom, in fact it helped us choose an ocean view on our last cruise on October 2019, we were very happy with it.
  4. we have been using this insurance for over 10 years, we have used it before in with no problem, believe me we got this, but thanks for the concern.
  5. We asked our Travel agent who has done our travel for years and yes our insurance will cover it, otherwise we would have taken the refund.
  6. didn't people take insurance? insurance should cover this, ours does. We were thinking on taking the refund but we paid so little for our coming Jade cruise that we decided to take the FCC, if for some reason NCL goes under we will file through our insurance.
  7. I really don't care if they take the points away, cruise was canceled, did not earn it, by all means do what you must. Considering the loyalty program perks have been diminished through the years is pretty much worthless. Now, imagine if NCL goes under, those point will be worth even less. LOL
  8. it was obvious they were going to do this, nothing is for free.
  9. Us either, we love Transatlantics because we find the sea days so relaxing, ( if the sea is calm 🙂 ) . Some friends always ask me what do you do on those sea days and i say, you enjoy the ship, you read, sleep, relax, somehow it does not convince them LOL. Some people love the ports hopping, hmmm and is all good but we find it that we get home more tired than relaxed.
  10. We love Transatlantics. In fact, we used to do one a year since 2009. The best deal we have gotten was 599 for 14 days in a Balcony. We are currently booked for next November on the Escape from Italy to NYC, quite pricey, but using our FCC so the total will be manageable. We were on the Jade this coming October from Italy to NYC for 18 days, had an ocean view stateroom, the price when we booked it was 889, we booked it last October 2019. We always picked the best price and did not care what stateroom we got. We booked from Inside cabins to mini suites and always guarantees.
  11. me either. I hardly used the pools and when i did, i get in and out.
  12. I hate to say it, but in some way shape or form this is a stop and reset for NCL. Del Rio kept pushing and implementing sales strategies that was isolating some cruisers and with this they will need to find ways to get cruisers back and that includes former loyal customers. IMO.
  13. Yep, just got the letter. Our cruise on October 31st made it :-)....
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