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  1. AMen this is exactly what is happening to us.
  2. I wonder why they keep these old posts for so long, this thread is from last year, we need to check date before responding and let these thread disappear. I find it interesting that the monitors can delete certain things but not old threads..
  3. according to the many meet and greets i have gone to they say they check these boards often. In fact, even Headquarters check what we write here but somehow nothing is getting through to them LOL
  4. We liked the freestyle, itineraries and the competitive prices. However, the prices have gone up a lot you can still find good deals every now and then. We have been NCL loyalists since 2009 but we are now looking into Celebrity and MSC. Right now you can find a nice transatlantic for 398 dollars for 15 days, you can't beat that with other cruise lines..We love our Transatlantics.
  5. oh I see , ours right now is a 21 day cruise and usually our cruises are over 14 days so maybe they take into account the amount of days. We have fair bid on this one for one category and poor on the other.
  6. I will try to let you know. We almost always bid either for a balcony of spa balcony, from fair to good range but grand majority in the poor range and we have never won the bid. I heard some people have won in the poor range and fair bids so who knows what the guidelines are. In most instances when the price goes down we have moved up for free or just pay the small difference :-)....
  7. i am currrently in an inside cabin and was bidding for an ocean view, Balcony and spa balcony. I canceled the Ocean view bid just in case this is true...:-)
  8. We have been in Barcelona and we usually leave our hotel by 10 am. Eating options are , the buffet and the Main dining room. We eat at the MDR.
  9. sorry, i already responded on this thread....
  10. Completely agree with you. There is a Brazilian churrascaria here in DC which is similar to moderno, it costs 89 dollars per person includes 2 caipirinhas the food is the way is supposed to be.. I love the Bistro too, my only criticism is they changed the duck dish and i wish the onion soup was more authentic, I' ve had real French onion soup and it just outstanding.
  11. Yes, we only use our voucher. We have a cruise coming up on the Bliss but i heard that ship does not have Moderno, so i will be using it in Los Lobos, it will be my first time there so i hope is good. You are right it does vary, On the Getaway 2 years ago, we ate at Moderno twice, first time the meats were terrible, chewy, very rare and salty, we gave it another go and the second time around the meat was a lot better, more to our liking not as salty...My restaurants are Le bistro and Moderno, not big on La Cucina too many carbs, they changed the menu and not for the better.
  12. the meats at Moderno have decreased in quality, some are either too salty others like rubber. Moderno used to be one of my favorites but lately it has been a hit or miss, i think i depends on the ship. We love the salad bar and like others on here have said the pineapple is definitely a must. For dessert we like the 3 leches cake. I say give it a try.
  13. Hi, no, I've never won a bid on sold out in fact i have never won any bids. I keep trying though :-)
  14. We were on a cruise on the NCL Star to Alaska and when we got off in Juneau a group of Holland America people were there, a woman asked what ship is that, and the other 2 said a Norwegian ship, is the cruise line of the slobs...😅🤣
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