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  1. Not on the Breakway or Getaway. I don't know about the others.
  2. Want to make a clarification, i did not mean for my comment to come across as condescending but you are new to cruise critic and when someone says a particular ship is the worst service they have ever experienced, in the past we have seen similar things said about the NCL Epic, The Star and others and as a cruiser when i get on board i find that my experience is completely different. I guess we must always be careful when we say the " Worst service on any cruise" because it can be very subjective. IMHO. That said, i have had a few things happen on my cruises here and there, bad spa service, bad meal in a restaurant, lack of customer service but it does not mean those cruises were the worst ever, it just means they were lacking good service in a particular area of the ship. I hope your problem gets resolved and good luck on your future cruise.
  3. oh i hope not, i am on the Getaway for the next 19 days starting this Sunday, 😰😰but then again i take people complaints with a grain of salt. Is been my experience that some people will complain no matter what.
  4. is worth it. We always get the spa pass, is our only splurge aside from an excursion here and there. We usually book and inside stateroom or Balcony and not having to be on the outside pool area is worth it to us. We never get the spa balcony or mini suites, just because they charge a premium for those and they are not any different than your average balcony and/pr mini suite, so is always cheaper to just get the spa pass. Have fun.
  5. I went to Cagneys once and never went back. I now use my voucher at " le bistro. I found the steak at Cagneys tough and the the fries cold , the only thing i liked was their layer chocolate cake. I've found better steak at the MDR. IMHO.
  6. Hi. sail away is the luck of the draw, depending on availability you may get a good location or not. I for one have booked four sail away. 2 inside sail away and 2 balcony sail away. With the inside sail away, i received 1 mid ship on the 9th deck and 1 forward deck 11. Balcony sail away i received mid ship both times. My experience with sail away has always been good but not so much for others. When it comes to mini suites, hmmm is a little more tricky, since some can be under the buffet or near the outside pool. I wish you good luck.
  7. The things is, as a Platinum plus we are supposed to get what you describe above, priority check in, priority seats at the shows, seating at the restaurant, concierge help, but is all in theory, when you get on board is a whole other story. To me the free cruise even though is nice idea at the end is not free i have to spend thousands of dollars to get it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣....
  8. I agree. I am platinum plus and am in no rush to reach Ambassador even though i am 130 points away. There is no difference between platinum plus and ambassador, except the “ free cruise”
  9. yes, Me. I usually play 20 dollars on a sea day, during the day. I have won $300 dollars, another time 400 dollars. 100 here and there, but i never go back. I play my 20 dollars win or lose, but if i win i stop playing immediately :-)....
  10. not really, just a bigger bathroom and maybe a bigger balcony and sometimes in a bad location. I have always insisted that NCl start calling mini suites " deluxe balconies" because they are really not suites at all.
  11. Well, thankfully we never take the dining package, we use our dinner vouchers ( enough for us) and we find the Buffet and MDR acceptable. :-).
  12. Is the luck of the draw. I am bidding for a spa balcony on the Getaway mid fair range and so far nothing. I have offered same bid on other cruises and never get it 😢
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