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  1. I think it is doable but I would not book a flight that early. If the ship is late coming in, or there is any hold up with disembarkation she could miss her flight. I would find it too stressful. The airport is close to the port - about a 10 minute cab ride, so if she still wants to take a chance on such an early flight, she should do self disembarkation in the earliest group. She would need to be able to carry all her luggage off the ship by herself and then grab a cab to the airport.
  2. In October we cruised from Rome to Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Greece, Malta, Sicily and Spain. No visa needed.
  3. We dined in the Tamarind on embarkation day on our last cruise. I would assume the other specialty restaurants would be open as well.
  4. Last time we were on a Princess ship they had the dispensers in the showers, not individual bottles. There was a shower gel in one, and a shampoo conditioner combo in the other. I have very fine straight hair and I don't like the shampoo/conditioner combo as it makes my hair flat and limp. I will take my own shampoo when I sail Princess in March. FYI - we have sailed in interior and balcony cabins, not suites.
  5. You can request distilled water in the personalizer. I don't think there is a cost. I don't know if there is a limit to how much you can request.
  6. We have flown YYZ to FCO on Air Canada twice is PE. We were very happy with it. I have heard that WestJet plans on introducing flights from YYZ to FCO as well. We have flown in their PE too, and were also quite happy with it. We always try to fly direct if at all possible.
  7. I love the mango posset dessert in the Tamarind. If you want a lighter dessert, the trio of sorbet is very good. One is lychee, one is lemony, and the other is basil. Sounds odd, but delicious.
  8. We have booked PE on our last few flights and to us it was worth it. My husband is 6"6" and the extra legroom was great. The priority boarding and priority luggage handling, included meal choices, alcohol, amenity kit etc were all appreciated. Our next flight is also in PE.
  9. We had 4187 on our last cruise on the Koningsdam and were very happy with it. The balcony is extra large. The half closest to the door is covered and the half closest to the railing is uncovered. We liked that as on sunny days we could sit in the sun by the railing. If it was rainy we pulled our chairs closer towards the cabin door. We liked that we were close to an elevator. There were no life boats below us so our view was not blocked.
  10. You might not be interested but there are many of us that are. If the review was just on the Regent board, many people that might like to read it wouldn't see it. Even though HAL is our favourite line, we do think about trying other lines. Reviews like the OP's help us by giving us info and insight into peoples experiences on different cruise lines.
  11. We had 4187 on our recent Koningsdam cruise. It was one of the larger balconies. We really liked it. We could sit closer to the glass rail and actually be out in the sun, or pull our chairs closer to the balcony door and be out of the sun or rain. We liked that the cabin was close to the rear elevators - so easy access to the Lido or MDR.
  12. We have only cruised on HAL and Princess. We like them both but like HAL just a bit better. We own CCL stock so like that we can get the OBC on both these lines.
  13. We have always found the beds on HAL to be very comfortable and no need to ask for an egg crate topper. Now the beds on Princess, that's a different story.
  14. We had the Rijstaffel diner on the Koningsdam in November. It was held in the Tamarind one night. We really enjoyed it and would do it again if offered. Sorry but I didn't take a photo of the menu.
  15. We had the premium package for our Mediterranean/Transatlantic cruise on the Koningsdam in October/November. We bought it so we could Facetime and What's App with our daughter and grand-daughter. Sometimes it was very slow and kept freezing, other times it was pretty good. We had days in mid Atlantic where it was almost unusable.
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