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  1. We just got the notice this morning from our TA that our 10/28/2020 cruise on Sirena was cancelled. We were planning to reschedule anyway and have selected a cruise in October 2021 on Nautica to replace. This booking was originally supposed to take us to Cuba.... Haven't had good luck on this booking! LOL.
  2. Other than the Roll Call, I haven't seen one yet. I hope that cbb (Cynthia) will do one as she did the last time they did a RTW. Joe
  3. Hi - I posted scans of the 2022 RTW itinerary and pricing here:
  4. I have posted scans of the itinerary and pricing for the 2022 RTW here:
  5. Here are scans of the itinerary and pricing from the RTW 2022 brochure that I received in the mail this week.
  6. What a great itinerary on Princess - enjoy! My 2022 World Cruise brochure came in the mail yesterday. :-) Joe
  7. Do you wish you were on board? You provided such wonderful posts on your experience last year. 🙂 Joe
  8. Watching it now. Great shot of Insignia. https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  9. Departing today from Miami on Insignia. Wishing you an incredible journey! I hope someone keeps us up to date on your experiences! Have fun!
  10. We did a private tour. Used this guide (Delphine) who was excellent. http://www.provence-private-tour.com/about-us.html Joe
  11. Generally all aboard is one hour prior to departure. Not sure when muster drill would happen as I've never had this late of a departure on embarkation day. Joe
  12. That was my biggest pet peeve about Edge - it's not symmetrical side to side like most ships, thus the dead ends, etc. Still I liked Edge alot! Joe
  13. We often brought a drink in with us from the Elite Cocktail Hour. We never had a problem getting a table for two, which is our preference. That said, tables are close together so easy to communicate too which we often did as well. We pre-booked our reservations prior to boarding and never had more that a couple minute wait for a table. We did see those without reservations sometimes being told of waits of up to 40 minutes (they were given a beeper). We did not do any extra tipping. Joe
  14. We were on board for the 15 night transatlantic in April/May. We had all our dinners in the MDR's except for one night in Eden (which we won in the Newlywed/Not So Newlywed Game). Here are my standouts: Cyprus: Greek Salad (very good!) Greek Style Grilled Sea Bass (had a couple times....very good) Cosmopolitan: Seared Scallops (appetizer) Normandie: Alsatian Potato and Gruyere Tart (YUMMY - had every time I dined here) Beef Tenderloin en Croute (essentially Beef Wellington) Tuscan: No standouts for me. Not sure I ordered any of the specialties here. We found the dinners on Edge to be some of the best we have had on Celebrity - even considering back to the Michel Roux days when we first started cruising. Had a couple of misses on the lunch menu - Pad Thai - nothing like any Pad Thai I have ever had...... Enjoy! Joe
  15. For me the only real benefit of going from a B1 to an A (Concierge) would be the laundry benefit. But not for $200pp. On our last cruise (20 nights) we got a upsell from a category F (inside) to an A1 (Concierge) for $500pp. I said yes immediately. If I remember right that was over 75% less than booking into that category. There was no free laundry then, but I did enjoy the spa terrace several times. 😎 Joe
  16. Might help to say which ship you are sailing, as the restaurants are different between the Regatta and Oceania class of ships, and Sirena has different restaurants over the other Regatta class ships. As I have only sailed on the Regatta class ships, I really like Toscana. That said, the Main Dining Room will not disappoint either! Joe
  17. We did the transatlantic on Edge in April. We had an excellent experience in the four complimentary MDRs on Edge. My favorite though was Cyprus. Very prompt service and can't think of a bad meal. Is you are on select dining, do make your reservations in advance. We did and never had a wait, although others without reservations were sometimes quoted up to a 40 minute delay and given a "beeper". Joe
  18. Wonderful photos. The ship looks beautiful, but will take some getting used to for us long time R-Class fans. Having first sailed on Nautica (then the R5) back in March 2001 for our very first cruise. Can it be 18+ years ago! Joe
  19. <<<just read you have traditional dining>>>> My response for others with Choice dining: My suggestion is to definitely prebook. You do have to be on Choice dining and not traditional. On our transatlantic in April/May I prebooked all of our nights spread across the four dining rooms. We could come to the maitre d' and always be immediately seated. Several nights those without reservations we being handed a "beeper" and told waits would be 20-40 minutes. We also found if we had a reservation but wanted to go early, never was a problem being seated immediately. Joe
  20. Concur with others, we had no problem storing our large bags under the bed on Edge. Joe
  21. Welcome home to the ATW cruisers. THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. Fingers crossed we will take one someday soon! :-) Joe
  22. Won't know for certain until they post the new itinerary and pricing, but I compared to a 12 night RT Miami on Sirena, departing February 25 which doesn't seem to prove your point.... Our Cuba cruise, category F was $2099 cruise only for 10 night in Cat F. Caribbean cruise 12 night is $2799 cruise only for a category F. Taking to a daily rate, our Cuba Cruise $209.90 a day, less 40% would net to $125.94 a day. Caribbean cruise $233.25 a day, less 40% would next to $139.95 a day. Either was doesn't matter for us, as we are not interested in a Caribbean itinerary. Hoping there might be a discount for booking another itinerary rather than just cancelling. Joe
  23. We are booked on the 2/1/2020 Sirena cruise to Cuba. The following was posted today on our Roll Call that the 2/1/2020 cruise is "cancelled" and replaced with an itinerary of St. Barts, Martinique, St. Lucia, Antigua, San Juan and Bahamas, round trip Miami. Those booked who accept this itinerary will receive a 40% discount. As for us we are not interested in the Caribbean. This was a rebooking of a booking we made on board, so I'm hopeful that they will give us some leeway in not forcing the "repayment" of the incentive we received to book on board. I have another Oceania itinerary picked out, just waiting to hear from our TA. Joe
  24. We smelled sewer strongly in the hallway near our stateroom (8314) when we embarked. When we came back after exploring the ship it was gone. Only smelled it one other day (same area) when we were docked, can’t remember the port. Didn’t smell anything anywhere else on the ship. Joe
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