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  1. We were on Joy last year. Maybe it was the time of year we sailed (toward the end of Spring break), but it was very crowded. We liked Joy, mainly because we were in the Haven. We've been on Explorer, and I would say it was more crowded than her. Haven't been on Symphony yet,
  2. Thank you for your response, TeeRick. We'll be in a CLS and it looks like the Suite Sun Deck is close by.😆
  3. How's the suite area on Symphony? Any shade? How's the drink service? I know there's a hot tub.
  4. Me, tool Is it possible he's been located, alive and well, and we just haven't heard?
  5. On our last cruise out of Tampa on Serenade it was 7:00 pm. We had an early dinner and had about 15 minutes to spare to get a good spot.
  6. We did the opposite. We were Elite on Celebrity and became Diamond on Royal with 17 points.😍
  7. I've asked this before, but I'm still a little confused. If we are a suite and having dinner in Coastal Kitchen, can I order a cocktail from the dining room table and have it charged to our suite perks? Or do I have to go to the bar and order there and bring it with me. (I know it's one big room). We are Diamond.
  8. I believe you pay a corkage fee for the wine, even if you drink it in your cabin. You pay upon boarding.
  9. You can't bring water on the ship. Bottled water is not included in their drink package.
  10. Doesn't Court of the Two Sisters have an outside courtyard buffet?
  11. We've done both. We always take the taxi now. The boat....well, you have to wait for it to fill up. And fill up means squishing people in really tightly....all the while sitting in the hot sun. Our boat broke down on the way there. One recently sunk. Plus you are dropped off a ways from Atlantis. You have to then walk there, uphill. (Downhill on the way back...LOL)
  12. Does Apex suffer from the noise issue that plagues Beyond?
  13. The Haven has some larger suites that accommodate families, so if you're "unlucky" you might get a sailing with a lot of children. We were. The kids were always in the pool. They considered it theirs and any adults who ventured in got splashed a lot. It seemed on purpose. The Haven restaurant was great, even though the menu doesn't change. DH still talks about having lobster every day. They do have a strange water policy, though We were on Joy. We'd still consider booking another Haven cruise. We've also been on MSC's Yacht Club and liked that too. Royal Caribbean's Crown Loft Suite on Symphony is next. I'll let you know how it compares.
  14. I emailed my son who lives in New Jersey, but he's traveling so he was away from the quake, but my daughter-in-law was home and felt it. She said it felt like a train going through the house. They live in Asbury. (Not Asbury Park). When I lived in Long Valley, NJ, we had some minor earthquakes in the early '70s. The sound was more like a crash, not a rumbling.
  15. Is there a casino in Bimini. Is it open during the day?
  16. I don't usually print them. If I didn't this time I probably wouldn't have noticed a voucher for a free specialty dinner for two. So at least look through them.
  17. Yes, on the 30th day. Just as you all said.❤️
  18. Perhaps..... Although we've booked with them several times and never got specialty dining from them. We do have very generous OBC on this booking, but I'm not complaining if they want to give me more. Since this cruise has Labadee cancelled with no replacement port, I thought maybe it was from Royal.
  19. Received my cruise documents today☺️ Within the docs was a coupon for a Specialty Dinner for 2. Is this new? It was a welcome surprise for me. It says the reservations have to be made onboard, voucher can't be used for reservations made online prior to the cruise.
  20. It's been a few years since we've been on Celebrity. But otherwise I agree with you.
  21. Oh, I knew that. I just mis-read TeeRick's post thinking that mixed drinks were also available from 11 to 11PM.
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