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  1. I used both regular GC and bonus GC to make a partial payment on a now cancelled cruise. Yesterday I received double of those $'s as FCC in my account. I asked for FCC not refund. They put half on my mariner # and half on DW #. Must sail by 12/31/22 as of today's T&C. Still waiting on the FCC from another cancelled cruise where it was paid in full using both GC and previously awarded FCC. You need to be an accountant to follow your $'s!!!! I was also told by PCC that most of my OBC from various awards should be returned. Stay tuned.
  2. This situation puts some of us between "a rock and a hard place". My July cruises are cancelled with no FCC refunded (Many $'s) I cannot book future sailings without the deposits returned even though a declaration was made to do so. All the future cruises and cabins I want are now taken by others that have their FCC. They only benefit I see is that the 1 year clock doesn't start until the credits are returned. I am now seriously looking at giving up and taking all money back. Unfortunately, that is a problem also due to the gift certificates which will only be refilled as such and can only be
  3. How did they handle Promotional (bonus) gift cards if you used them?
  4. I also applied large amounts to a now cancelled cruise using gift cards. On CCL thread some people are getting reloaded gift cards sent to them by FEDX not cash back to CC. It has been taking over 3 months from cancellation. My Q is what about the digital cards that were used? Also what about the bonus that was applied? I do not see any clarification on these out of pocket $'s anywhere in the T's & C's. Anyone?
  5. Not only did they cancel our Canada/NE cruise in July but HAL does not now offer ANY Can/NE cruises in 2022!! I may look at other cruise lines now as flying anywhere is out of the question.
  6. The "promotional" gift cards issued for 20% must be used by 12/31/2020 so they must be applied to future booking now. Primary cards have no expiration date and can be used while onboard. These T&C notices constantly change so buyer beware. Other "promotional" gift cards also have expiration date printed on them (10%) ones.
  7. When the gift cards were first offered they gave you 20% ($200 for $1000) Maybe this offer will return?
  8. I would be interested in how HAL handled your bookings that got cancelled. 1. Did they inform you that the cruise was cancelled by email? 2. How was your refund handled if you were paid in full? 3. I'm assuming that both cruises are still going but they would not let you stay on board? BTW i'm still booked as of today for the 7/3 departure B2B.
  9. I still have BTB bookings BOS to BOS 7 days each in July 2021. On Zaandam to Montreal which I have done every year. No word on cancellation yet and it is still available to book. Waiting for shoe to drop?
  10. So far no negative news on my 7 day BtoB BOS to Bos 7/3/21 on Zaandam. Same cabin same vessel. VoV was supposed to leave on 10th but they have added more 7 day cruises to Montreal. Here's hoping....
  11. Averaged CCL down every $1 to 13. Never a doubt on my part it was a good move. It will be awhile before we see 39 again though.
  12. I appears that the website tries to force you to specific cabins in the specified category. My suggestion is to go to another travel site and search for available cabins for same cruise. It works! Try A_A or O-----Z. You will still need to call HAL to book.
  13. Thanks for that info. Many of us are hoping that Zaandam stays in the fleet and based on this current maintenance that looks good for her sailings in 2021 and beyond.
  14. Is Botlek port in Rotterdam NL a drydock? Why has Zaandam been there for a week?
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