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  1. We received our refund today in about 5 different credits. Requested refund online March 24 for April 25 cruise. All credits added up to correct total. Now to work on Aer Lingus...
  2. Just wondering, where would all the ships go if they cancel all cruises?
  3. Do they do the navigational talks on all TA’s or is this because you had to change course? Going on our first TA this spring and my husband would enjoy interacting with the officers.
  4. I believe if RC cancels they refund the money. If you cancel a FCC is issued. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  5. Thanks for all the responses! I guess I will be prepared for anything! Evandbob what a terrible experience! I have read about this problem in Barcelona and we will be vigilant.
  6. Thanks, but I booked directly with Royal. I found my original printout I made when I paid the deposit but it is a bit annoying to not be able to view it online.
  7. I knew I was nearing final payment but when I went into my reservation on Royal’s site, I couldn’t find an invoice anywhere. You used to be able to see what dining you requested, other preferences, as well as what you’d paid and when final was due. I had to go into make a payment before I saw a date. Is there no where in my reservation now that I can see these details? I know I could look on the invoice emailed to me when I made the original deposit but that took some time to find.
  8. My husband and I are going on our first transatlantic cruise at the end of April on Vision from SJU to Barcelona. What can we expect for weather on the crossing? I know the first part will be warm but wondering about mid Atlantic temps. Also know there are variables such as storms, but what have others experienced? Thanks!
  9. On the last couple of cruises we have found our luggage outside other cabins. Maybe, as some posters stated, they are placed in the corridors and then dispersed in time. We may have just been going down the corridor before that happened.
  10. I asked on our last cruise and they brought a plate of them every night! I had to tell them I couldn’t eat that many!
  11. I believe we got 4 bottles of water when we were Emerald. We didn’t request anything But these were in our room. At some point (first or second day?) we got a plate of cookies. Later in the cruise (12 night cruise) we got a plate of small desserts. We did turn Diamond during the cruise but as far as I have read benefits for that don’t come till the next cruise.
  12. Thank you RCCL Fan for the link to your review. It was very helpful and informative. We realize that the size of the ship is a very subjective thing and we can take people's recommendations but have to decide what we can and can't live with ourselves. That being said, we are very close to deciding on the Vision TA and hoping the great crew remains for the crossing!
  13. This is an interesting topic for me. We are considering a transatlantic next spring and are trying to decide between Anthem (Cape Liberty to Southampton) and Vision (San Juan to Barcelona). Leaning towards the southern route but are afraid Vision will be too small for that many sea days. We have not been on that class before. We’ve been on Anthem and most other classes except for Oasis class.
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